Top 10 Best Party Games

Let's set the scene: You walk in the house to find all your friends huddled together. They all welcome you. You were the last to arrive, and they've all been eager to start. What were they playing you ask? Who knows? What SHOULD they be playing?

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1Cards Against Humanity

Just bought this today! Why?! I like laughing my ass off. This is the best creation ever to mankind! I play this with my buddies 2 to 3 times weekly.

As the tagline reads: A horrible game, for horrible people.

And deep down inside, we all know we truly are. - higgsboson2142

2Beer Pong

Yeah I've got a 5 of hearts, and a Queen of Diamonds, and A... Well this is a flush right? Or is it... Or no... Wait... It is... Oh screw this we're playing Go Fish. - higgsboson2142

4Mario Party

Take a break every ten minutes to avoid socking each other in the face. - higgsboson2142

5The Ouija Board

What you need: 1 ouija board and planchette, 1 serious guy, 2 scared players, 1 guy trying to be tough, 1 guy that moves the board to be "funny", and you.

Night set. - higgsboson2142


Remember when you were thought of as weird in the 8th grade for knowing a lot of long drawn out words? Well look at you now. - higgsboson2142

9Truth or Dare

You can almost feel your young teen-self queasing with excitement. - higgsboson2142

10Pin the Tail on the Donkey

At 5 years old, this was intense. - higgsboson2142

The Contenders

11Slip 'N Slide

It would be better yet on natural rubber.

12Ping Pong

This game is fantastic! Not often does one find such a good blend of movement and mental skills.

13Capture the Flag

It's the party version of violent war. It makes for a good adrenaline rush!


Here's an activity that makes everybody smarter.


Twister congratulates the fit and gives everyone a laugh. Plus, it beats sitting down all the time!

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