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Party City
Another great place online or in person. Check your state to find out if the have a physical location, or order online for your party needs. They can do graduation party supplies in your school colors!
These guys have the best stuff. I always buy from them. Way better than other companies.


I love party city I always go to it and its awesome ps wtf why is is this 4 it should be 1

Amazing prices and personalization. Very unique. Great service, too.
I'd personally like to announce, Shindigz is the store to buy from, they have over 34,000 customizable items at prices that are more than reasonable... One time I ordered something from party city and they completely messed it up, and still didn't give me my money
I like shindigz because, they have the best deals and prices for all kinds of celebrations like party's, graduations and more.

3Oriental Trading Company
Whether you're having a Luau, Birthday, Mardi Gras, Superbowl, Sweet Sixteen, or any other themed party, OTC has it all. They also have great arts and crafts supplies. It's the first place I go when planning a party. They also send out fantastic email offers. You'll end up wanting to have a party when you see all the fun supplies they have!
I just bought rubber duckies off of their website. They have quick shipping and awesome items.

4Party Supplies World
The name pretty much says it all. Birthday Party, Kids Party, Wedding Invitations, Mardi Gras store, Casino Party, Western Party, parties you haven't even thought of!

5Party America
Great place to get Pinatas, bachelorette party, icarly, world series, and even Twilight Party supplies.
They can do supplies in bulk, for big parties, wholesale, which is nice for those extra large get-togethers.

A great place to shop for parties online or in one of their many locations! It's a fantastic place to get helium tanks, which is great for when you want to add the finishing touches of balloons, but don't want to try driving with a million balloons in your car.
I can't say I've had the occasion to shop at a lot of other party supply stores as whenever I need anything party related, I always find what I need at Zurchers.


8Windy City Novelties
Their products are great but I really love their Facebook page. Their social media person really cares about every customer and takes care of them. Acts like a friend and gives great party advice too! Use that person for every party I have!
I have always had a great experience with WCN. They have cheap prices, thousands of fun products and their delivery is so fast! I ordered for my kids birthday party in the morning and by the next day they were on my doorstep! That was without having them rushed, just regular delivery! So happy with them!
Always has amazing products and fast shipping. Literally came the next day and it was for regular ground shipping!

9Discount Party Supplies
This site is by far (not even close) the best of all these companies. Still family owned and run, this company has the best prices in the sector (just do a comparison) and every time I have used them, the order ships the same day every time. I like this company who truly needs to be on this list.

10Das Cheap Party Supplies

The Contenders

11Party Supplies Hut
Great place for your babies first birthday party supplies, they have a variety of themes to make that first as special of an occasion as it is.

12Diamond Rental
For the more functional side of parties, they can provide you with chairs, tables, matching linens, tents, flatware, etc. Check them out, you'll be surprised at all they can do to help you out with your party plans.

14Anderson's Giant Party Store
They have an awesome selection of Iron Man party supplies, as well as other super-hero themed parties for your little hero's, as well as Jonas brothers for the girls!

157th Treasure
A great collections of affordable birthday Party, Kids Party, Wedding decorations, hen nights and baby showers gift items

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