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21 Whispers Whispers

THIS IS THE BEST PASSENGER SONG. it will make uh feel nostalgic and happy, its just pure heavenly music slowly gaining pace, its such a nice treat to the ears, never tiring songs, please vote and make this the number 1. this one deserves it.

Absolutely amazing song. Cannot wait for his new album. Builds up slowly and the finish is beautiful

One of his best works. It gives me so much peace that I just can't explain. No other song had made me feel the way it does.

Are there other songs like this?

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22 And I Love Her

One of the best song that explains start of beautiful love. You remember her and you relate a lot with a smile.

Awesome...slow meaning full go with the flow

23 Anywhere Anywhere

This song released this year 2016,and this song is good,will be on top 10 soon,if people start listening it - zxm

24 Walk In the Rain Walk In the Rain

Something about this song is just purely magical.

Touches the deepest recesses of your heart...

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25 You're On My Mind You're On My Mind
26 Things You've Never Done Things You've Never Done

Mind blowing. Heart rending stuff!
"... The only failure is never to try..."
So if you are a true passenger fan you would definitely try it out.

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27 Darkest Days

Most emotional song I ever heard, this should be in the top 3

28 Coins In a Fountain Coins In a Fountain V 1 Comment
29 Hard to Say I'm Sorry

Passenger's best song I ever heard. It should be in top five. Awesome lyrics awesome music and the voice just awesome

30 Walk You Home

I have all Passenger's albums and this is the song I keep coming back to

This is such a unique and unbeatable song, it's one of his oldest but it's one of the best.

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31 Diamonds Diamonds V 1 Comment
32 Catch In the Dark Catch In the Dark

I live this one! Should definitely be in the top 10

33 Bullets Bullets

In my opinion, this is one of Passenger's saddest songs. While it is not extremely relatable, it is very upbeat and tells a great story. It is about the father of one of Passenger good friends who began collecting bullets when he was nine years old and one day had almost all of them stolen from him. What makes this so upsetting is that the bullets could not be used and we're completely useless to everyone except the man who had developed a big attachment to his collection. This song makes you realize how insensitive people can be and makes you feel very sorry for the man who had his most prized possession taken away from him. Not only does the story behind the song make it so great, but the song is very catchy and fun to sing along to

34 Blind Love Blind Love V 2 Comments
35 A Thousand Matches
36 Rolling Stone Rolling Stone

Love all of Mike's songs, but this is a personal favorite from 'Whispers'.

37 Romeo & Juliet

Cover From Dire Straits, but I prefer Passengers Cover of the song, new song but should move up the list

38 I Hate I Hate

This is an AMAZING song, very relatable and great for venting your own emotions too! It should definitely be much higher up the list.

Love the lyrics, this is full of great lyrics. Good job.

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39 David David

Imagine listening to this song at 2 am in a smokey room on top of a tall building next to everyone you love

To be honest, it's a hard choice between 'David', 'Holes', 'Wrong Direction', and 'Heart's on Fire' for me, but I think the emotion and honesty conveyed in 'David' is able to edge out the others for me. Gotta say though, I love Mike and every song he does, and many of his songs have a special place in my heart. Keep it up, mate.

40 The Way That I Need You The Way That I Need You V 1 Comment
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