Best People to Troll In Minecraft

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We all were one at some stage. Fun to mess with

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2SkyDoesMinecraft Fans

Or pewdiepie fans... or just dumb little kids in general - MoldySock

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Rig a house with traps?

6Your Minecraft Rival

I did gave my cousin an enchanted armor almost like mine same like the enchanted sword,and she was going somewhere when I hit her back and she panic and hit me even harder than I thought,i fought back and we were both at the same health that are left that is 4 lifes.We hit each other and when our lifes is only 2,We both hit each other at the same time and the game crash

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7Die Hard Hunger Games Players
8The Person You're Supposed to Be Teamed With

Oh... Sorry, I though you were someone else. No, I didn't push you into lava purposely!


You'd have to be a trolling god, but well worth it

10Younger Sibling

My cousin was so scare when I hit her with a enchanted sword with sharpness IV,Flame III,and smite II,she got killed two times by me

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