Top 10 Best People Who Have Covered "Good for You"

"Good For You" from Selena Gomez is really impressive and sensual song we've ever heard but there are many awesome covers from YouTube Singers.I hope you agree with my List.

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1Sofia Karlberg

She already have more than 2 millions views on this covers and the most impressive part from the song is her voice and all the instruments. I'm in Love with this one. - KanyeWilliam

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2Stuart MatthewStuart Matthew (HC), better known as professionally as Stuart Matthew, is an India based YouTube singer and songwriter. Matthew was hand-picked by MTV as an MTV Artist in early June 2015 after being considered as Top Sexiest Vocals. In early February 2016, Matthew was nominated for Best Pop Artist in more.

He may not have million views but this cover version made him hand-picked by MTV as MTV Artists. His sexy voice will make you fall in love. - KanyeWilliam

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3Andie Case

Another Sensual Cover from her. I regularly watch her cover but this one is amazing. Her sexy voice made her more famous even. - KanyeWilliam

4Craig Yopp

He is simply awesome. I mean his beats and the most incredible is his voice which impressed me a lot. The best cover artist till yet. - KanyeWilliam

5Elie Lieb

The Incredibly talented man. This Cover is so amazing and so so sensual. - KanyeWilliam

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6Alexi Blue

She have always been perfect and this cover was beyond amazing too. - KanyeWilliam


The Upbeat version which is so powerful and amazing. He is impressing whoever watching this version. - KanyeWilliam

8Jannik Brunke

His voice is cute just like him and this acoustic cover version is cutest even. You should check out. - KanyeWilliam

9Paige Poggione

The best cover from her. She is amazing. - KanyeWilliam

10Toby Randall

He is youngest in this list and every time he make me fall in love with his voice. - KanyeWilliam

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11Sarah Close

Shes an amazing singer

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