Top Ten Philippine Basketball Association Players


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The Top Ten

James Yap
He's indeed the man with a million moves, a player who can play double time with extra efforts
He's the best... He has most votes in pba all-star always
Because he's a living legend of pba rigth now like tim cone said in an interview
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2Mark Caguioa
Mark Caguioa is the heart of the PBA and the inspiration of barangay ginebra fans...
Mark caquioa, the bes.
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3Jimmy Alapag
He's my idol in pba... He can deal in 3-point shots... He is the best point guard ni the country...
Best example of greatestt PBA player.. Know his role.. Unselfishness plays and great mind to be a team captain
Yeah! Idol ko kayo tropang texters. No. 1 kayo sa'kin. Hehe
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4Jayjay Helterbrand
reign in blood has a few out of this world songs such as angel of death but seasons in the abyss is consistently incredible
He moves faster.. And he shoot the ball well. Your the greatest player in the history.. Keep it up jayjay.
I love jayjay helterbrand.
he's so cute and a good shooter.
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5Alvin Patrimonio
Alvin" THE CAPTAIN, THE LION HEART, THE FACE and the SMALL BUT TERRIBLE " for me nobody can replace him until now in the PBA or the active players in the PBA! I start watching Alvin that time at the Coney Island team until now in the SMC as a TEAM MANAGER! ALVIN is like an IMPORT player I'm remember that time when THARON MAYES as a import thrown out from the game and ALVIN take charge the team as a import and he got win the team! Akalain nyu yun team played without import pero naipanalo nya pa rin!
if you say Michael Jordan in NBA I can say also Alvin Patrimonio in PBA, He is only the player who stick in one team because of his leadership and "LION HEART" performance in every night of the game and he leads the team into several championship..


Alvin for me is the best among his co players in his time.. He is my idol at all time, a four time mvp.
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6Johnny Abarrientos
Honestly I never like basketball, until I heard the name Johnny Abarrientos. He proves to me that basketball is interesting and full of excitement. I remember during our high school days he is always the topic of every basketball fanatic and the PBA those days is much more better to see it in action or on T.V. screens live unlike now most of the viewers rather play it in video games or just click to you tube to watch PBA games. which means the PBA of the 90's are more interesting and exciting to watch compared to the PBA of today. All the people of different ages and levels of life are in one voice PBA. and Johnny Abarrientos is one of the most watch player not only by Filipinos but also around the world specially NBA players.
MVP awards... he's move.. his jump.. his speed... his pulse ^^ his quickness... his ability and his attitude! what else could we ask for?
johnny is the best, if james yap is the best why he could not do it in international scene. Johnny is the jordan of the Philippines.

7Robert Jaworski
he is the living legend and he is the one responsible of making rp basketball great among the other country here in asia
BIG J no need for intro. He's the best he give his spirit and soul every time he played. Came from rag to reiches. That's why he knows the masses. There will never be another robert kjaworski.
Big J is the greatest pba player of all time

8Dondon Hontiveros
He is my IDOL since MBA time... I hope and pray that when he come back to play this coming Sunday, he can help the team to win through his defense and offense.
He has the best shooting form!
If he's hands was on fire, it's hard to stop him from shooting beyond the arc! His quick and unpredictable 3 pointer jump shots made him a feared player in the court. When he's cold don't his brilliant defense makes him more respected than other point or shooting guards.
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9Cyrus Baguio
He is the best hangtime move in the pba and the jump shot
A great skywalker with the ability to entertain basketball fans
For me Cyrus baguio because he is the best among the rest
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10Allan Caidic
Greatest shooter of all time not really the greatest player but among the top 5
The greatest shooter the country has ever produced. Period.

The Contenders

11LA Tenorio


12Vergel Meneses
He is the greatest player who ever played in the pba. His moves is so beautiful to look at, indeed very smooth and so elegant. Vergel meneses you are the great. I really miss all your moves in the court.

13Arwind Santos
.. Arwind santos is the best.. He's so humble, he don't think about his own award he always play as a team.. For him the win of the team is much more important than he's own awards as long as he plays hard for the team.. Go go arwind.. U will always be my MVP..
Best moves. MVP forever. So down to earth, nice guy, and so much more good characteristics that helps him be a good IDOL to me. You rocks!
The great moves quite similar to EL Presidente Ramon Fernandez, not to mention his MVP's awards.. Of course his character, his sharpness and his lovely side moves attempt leading to great points.. And he's kinda handsome
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14Gabe Norwood

He's good in almost every basketball positions and is great in slam dunk! Plus he has cute dimples =)

He is the best player who can play multiple position.
and always creates mismatches!

15Kenneth Duremdes

16Benjie Paras
The power of tower, no one can beat this guy. MVP and rookie of the year!
No one can match to the tower of power even the invasion f fil am. I watch him scoring outside and dunk face to face to much taller guy, l

17Danny Ildefonso
I think he's the best guy who played the Power Forward and Center spot from the year he entered the league until now despite of the fact that age and injuries affected him so much. RAISE THE ROOF!
Magilas! Yung kuya ko eh
he's my idol
i choose danny because of being a 2 time MVP

18Ramon Fernandez
What I know is his lastname is spelled as fernandez. well, he's one of only two players who owns 4 mvp awards. and I thought it was 5 actually. he was robbed the last time when the pba made a history out of benjie paras being roy and mvp at the same time. many will agree that don ramon is a 5x mvp. and the best ever pba player.
Greatest filipino basketball player who ever lived. Who else can play like an elite point guard eventhough his natural position is a center?... What an icon! There will never be another one like him... PBA should retire both of his # jerseys...
because of his amazing performance many MVP's AWARDS, those triple double figures scores in every game wonderful
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19Jojo Lastimosa

20Calvin Abueva
Because he is the beast and he is the next LeBron
He is the best. if the stats is matter the most, he is the second rookie of the year mvp.
Strong and fast and small power forward of all time
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21Bong Hawkins

22Peter June Simon
I like he move on the court... Good in three points shot, inside or outsides... Very good in free throw
Hey! I love you! You're the best!
For me, he id the best player in his team...
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23Gary David
He's the one no one can defeat him go idol
Because he's a good shooter in the pba today..and he's a three time scoring champion..
Because he is averaging 28.2 ppg and he can make a more than 5 3-points per game

24Ricardo Brown
Si ricky brown ay magaling na point guard sa PBA history... Naglaro siya sa Great taste

25Nelson Asaytono

26Paul Lee

27Ray Parks Jr.

He is the future of PBA. He'll be a potential No. 1 pick. And if I'm the team, I'll choose him over Ravena because he can shoot, dribble, pass and definitely rebound.

28Asi Taulava
Asi taulava is the best for me because he is a good blocker and rebounder
54 points ina single game
Most dominant center in the pba

29Larry Fonacier

30Kelly Williams

Kelly williams is the lebron james of the PBA. He stands 6'6 which is tall for a PBA player, who can play four different positions as center, PF, SF and off guard. Great defender, rebounder and scorer. Any player from 1-8.. I dare you.. you're nothing against kelly williams.

31Kiefer Ravena

32Sonny Thoss
Tim duncan of pba

33Alex Cabagnot
Because he is a great clutch player, he is a versatile player that's all

34Marc Pingris
Magaling sa depensa at may teamwork

35Danny Seigle
Only because danny seigle is a fil am thata why he never win rookie mvp award in 1999
The dynamite Danny best of the best PBA player ever Charlito Pamil

36Lebron James

37Japeth Aguilar
Nba type of play

38Ryan Reyes
Ryan Reyes plays with his whole heart and is all out in his games. He may be the best defensive player I know for making every match ups with him very challenging. He also creates turnovers though steals, who would guess how he does it! Aside from his defense, he is also a great offensive player, scoring the threes and aggressively driving down to the ring with his amazing moves and foot work. Ryan Reyes is the best. Go Talk 'N Text!
He took the best stealer and defensive player of the PBA.

39Jason Castro
Idol ko yan walang mas bibilis kay jayson castro
The fastest pba player for me. Siya and tunay na future ng pba.

40Samboy Lim
In an Asian Journal, an author from China went to the Philippines to get a perspective of the Basketball Scene. After the visit, the author wrote that Samboy Lim is the Michael Jordan of the PBA. It was also mentioned in an article that Ron Jacobs, the famous coach of NCC/San Miguel in the International Arena, sent Samboy to the States for an operation. Ron Jacobs said to the doctor, "Please fix Samboy. He is my Michael Jordan." Even PBA commentator Joe Cantada addressed in the 1990 All-Star game that Samboy is the Michael Jordan of Philippine Basketball.

41Junmar Fajardo
His a dominant center right now in the PBA..he rock all the cebuano fans,..

42Atoy Co

43Chip Engelland

44Beau Belga

45Willie Miller

46Olsen Racela

47Ric Ric Marata

48Carlito Flores Jr.

49Chris Ellis

50Jervy Cruz


52Solomon Mercado

53Joseph Yeo

54Cliff Hodge

55Ranidel De Ocampo

56Snow Badua

57Richard Del Rosario

58Sunjae Fagaragan
He can dunk a 12-foot basket he can block peoples shots and make three pointers ultimately one of the best in the mobbers
He could knock out dwight in a fight and he is the best he is 4foot 5inches and can dunk over shaquille

59J.C. Intal

The most explosive high flyer of the PBA. Also a great shooter, I bet he is belong among the top 5 PBA SF, what more can you ask for?

60Adam Parada

61Ronald Tubid

62Jared Dillinger

63Ryan Cruz

64Ryan Arana

65Rabeh Al-Hussaini

66Nonoy Baclao

67Lawrence Dapon

68Jayson Cuyugan

69Chanden Ignacio
He would mob you

70Justin Melton
This guy is a small player but he can dunk. He is also known for his stealing ability. crucial three point attempt. He has a good offensive and defensive mindset.

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