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Parokya ni Edgar


Their songs are nice and WELL-COMPOSED... Especially LOVE SONGS.. And there songs are nakaka-RELATE... Dapat nga cla number 1 eh...
Not a Filipino but was introduced to Parokya around 2000 when I say them play live in Manila, This band is highly creative and unpretentious band who appear to make enjoyable music with a slight slant of comedy in many of there songs.
Music should be fun and should be made by people who have fun and that is definitely Parokya ni Edgar. The fun they have is even contagious to the people listening to them, THAT is definitely powerful!
THis band was so cool.. I admire them all because of their great friendship.. The undying spirit of their friendship.. Because of it. Their band was still well know today..
I love this band.. Parokya best band for all season.. Great songs and lyrics.. Songs that you anyone.. ANYONE can relate.. I bet that every aspect in your life, there is a song by PNE that you can relate to.. Keep supporting this band.. Best band in the Philippines yeah rock on m/
Parokya band is the best band since I was 8yrs old, And I was really amazed of their songs, parokya band keep rocking' and don't stop composing parokya band. Rock N' Roll!
Almost 20 years na and parokya but they're still hitting the charts every time they have new singles.
All your songs are amazing. Every people can relate to your song. Keep it up. Hope to watch to live. ^^
Even the vocalist have a sex scandal, still one of the best band of all time in the Philippines
They just rock that is why I like their band
They keep on rocking other people's life that's is also why other people like their band. All in all I think this band is the best.
Parokya ni Edgar... The best band! Eraserheads should be erased from people's heads and be replaced by Parokya ni Edgar... And Parokya ni Edgar has better songs(the best songs I say)
The band is versatile and their introduction of rap and rock combined was a major hit. :-)
The best band ever in the Philippines! And still there band is still alive :D
Oh YEAH! Pinoy bands like these relates TO the peoples lives living today
The jesters of Pinoy Rock! They made us laugh and rock at the same time!
I love parokya ni Edgar and I really love there it Much...
I love parokya ni edgar... next time parokya ni edgar will be a top 1
Because the music of parokya ni edgar are relate in my life
So amazing band ever, their songs and their personalities.
There songs was really amazing. I can always relate om it.!
Please produce more songs..
Best Band For me. Songs that I can relate so much :D
.. "my One anD OnLy yOu" I Love tHis sOnG gUys'.!
Their songs are amazingly unique and I like it.
, , I like parokya because they make me rock

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