Those Band are good but for me SlapShock is the best pinoy rock band and makes the world rock. Not only their music are amazing but they are also making a history in rock music. Slapshock makes every filipino proud through by playing their best and quality rock music.

One of the few yet most successful pinoy bands who went international. - aeromaxx777

This band reminds Me of Linkin Park. 'Cause they're Rap-Metal as well.

I love this band! So much! Ariba metal. Go slapshock! You're #1

I love slaphock! All I want is you 2 be a number 1 pinoy rock band

When I listened to Slapshock's Agent Orange--that's when I started to idolize rap metal.

Oh man! I was born and raised in America and have been looking for some good rock/metal bands from the phillippines and these guys are IT! I prefer the scream over the vocal but these guys are a 10 in my book!

The original pinoy hardcore-alternative rock..

I really really love them. They 'are really great. I love the music.

The biggest band in the phillipines

Proudly Filipino Metal Band! Keep it up!

The Best Band For Me! Support Slapshock!

Best filipino band I've never seen..

I love this band

Cool slapshock can compete in international metal bands hehe.. Long live bros

Slapshock, is like rage againts the machine