The Philippines' Sexiest Woman


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The Top Ten

Angel Locsin
Because she is beautiful, sexy, nice, kind, and lovely to...
Because she is smart and active...
Because she is my idol...
She's like an angel falling from heaven.. Her face portrays kindness..
She has a nice bust perfectly balanced with her butt. :]
[Newest]Lovely and beautiful, sexy nice person
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2Marian Rivera
For me marian rivera is the sexiest women on this list and she deserve the no. 1 spot because she is very sexy look at her performances on amaya a very sexy role so marian deserved it


Marian rivera is the sexiest women among the all candidates on this
List so marian rivera deserves the number one spot
Marian is not only sexy but also has beauty inside & out! Go marian
[Newest]She deserve to be the sexiest woman in the Philippines 😊
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3Anne Curtis
Love anne curtis <3

She's perfect for me.!
She got perfect face
She got perfect body
She goe perfcet brain.
And her boyfriend is the luckiest because he has everything for a perfect girl and it is anne curtis
Simple words to describe why she deserve to be the Philippines Sexiest Woman. As of now, "ANNE CURTIS is the Philippines SUPERSTAR based from E! News Asia where she will have a special documentary and the FIRST and ONLY filipina actress to be featured. She is also the "FIRST filipina actress to endorsed a well-known & expensive shampoo product that also endorses the likes of J.Lo, Beyonce, Penelope Cruz, etc., which is L'Oreal". She is also the "FIRST filipina actress to reach 1 million followers on twitter and now it reached 5 MILLION FOLLOWERS and still counting". She is also the "FIRST filipina actress who is a non-singer but end to be successful one by having a Blockbuster Concert locally and internationally. With so many first to mention. ANNE CURTIS deserves to be the "NO. 1 Sexiest Woman in the Philippines" because aside from what I just said she also have the heart of an angel who cares for the poor and help people in need and act as a role model to the youth and she has the curves the body to die for partner it with her effortless seductive look by just looking at her face your mouth will open and chant this words "God she is so SEXY". My words are not enough to describe such amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning human being that God has created. That's why let's put Anne Curtis to the top and make her No. 1.
[Newest]Anne Curtis is the sexiest!

4Toni Gonzaga
True sexy and beauty is inside and outside and toni is really best, really gorgeous, really sexy.. Toni is sexy, you're no. 1..
Miss toni gonzaga is gorgeous and also sexy she so a package shes pretty, talented and a good role model to all the teens out there specially when she hosts in pbb
The sexy legs are driving me crazy!


[Newest]She is very talented and has a very good attitude

5Cristine Reyes
Cristine your the best sexy all of theme your cute, beautiful and you deserve the number one in vote, list... Cristine... I love you
Perfect: ) love much her body and face..

6Sarah Geronimo
Sarah Geronimo is the best among the best.. She so beautiful and nice person... No one like Sarah G. A humble and thoughtful person and
Down to earth...
She's the best!
So adorable!
Very sexy and gorgeous, I like sarah because she is so humble and... SARAH GERONIMO is a great and she is a one of a example of a beautiful model... I love you sarah you're the number one all the time.
[Newest]She's the best in everything...

7Kim Chiu
Even though your last it's okay. It's okay cause you already took what they have now. Don't worry maybe your next again I love you kimmy
That is okay kim. You will be the sexiest woman in my eyes.
[Newest]She has a sexy body and we can't deny it. Thanks to her daily session in the gym, she already has a proportionate body figure.

8Maja Salvador
Most beautiful woman I've ever see. When I see her, I immediately wanna marry her. IF I HAVE THE POWER TO GET ANY WOMAN I WANT IT WOULD BE MAJA SALVADOR!
Maja is the beautiful for me cause she's so nice, humble and beautiful

She's the one for me cause she's one of my idol...
Maja!... Your xo beautiful.. You know that... Idol forever... You deserved to be #1...
[Newest]Maja is good looking lady... Simple and beautiful... She's my idol..

9Sam Pinto

10Bea Alonzo
She deserve to be at the top.
She;s so smart. She is very good in acting.. Bravo..
Simply sexy especially now that she has someone to inspire her
bea is simple and beautiful
[Newest]I like you to be number 1 spot of the most sexiest woman in th Philippines...

The Contenders

11Karylle Padilla
Karylle is so sexy in her own ways...
Karylle is beautiful inside and out.
..Ana Karylle is beautiful

12Jennelyn Mercado
Wrong spelling it should be JENNYLYN she's so pretty and NICE
Hot mama.. And she win as hottest actress last year...
And have a beautiful face... Very prety in person...

13Solenn Heussaff

14Kristine Hermosa
Kristine Hermosa she is still pretty and sexy!


15Iya Villaña
She is beautiful and sexy..

16Jessie Mendiola

17Katrina Halili
What happen to this survey. Toni gonzaga and sarah geronimo are the top 2?! You got to be kidding me, katrina halili should be in number 1


I like her very much.. She's really hot... I like the way she acts, especially in marimar...
Katrina halili is the sexiest for me from all your cathegories. , except if she will appear in 'MARIMAR',. I hate her there..

18Maricar Reyes

19Erich Gonzales
Erich definitely gorgeous and sexy all the way!
She is talented actress.I love the way she act and a versatile actress.
She is hot and sexy

20Bangs Garcia

21Lovi Poe

22Myrtle Sarrosa

23Ellen Adarna

24Judy Ann Santos
I think she really did well when it comes to imoprovment.....from being chubby to fitrum model
a true sexiness! working out hard for a slimmer and sexier body!
She deserves to win! :D

25KC Concepcion
She is very versatile, well rounded, can--sing, act, dance, speaks different languages, photogenic, model, great in theater movie screen T.V. , athletic, sexy, international & world class personality, educated, more... And last but not least a Christian woman
For me she is sexy...

26Sarah Lahbati

27Rochelle Pangilinan

28Kris Bernal

29Nadine Lustre

30Angelica Panganiban

31Shamcey Supsup
Because she is so beautiful and we know that she is so adorable... her body was so sexy
She is sexy and beautiful

32Yasmien Kurdi

33Melai Cantiveros

34Venus Raj

35Yam Concepcion
She Sexy! I Love Her so Much! I wanna meet her so badly
Looks like anjanette abayari

36Jinri Park
Prettiest korean pinay so lovely and beautiful...

37Lucy Torres
For me, she's the most sexiest mom in the philippines
If she poses in a men's magazine, that will be a best-seller
Beautiful face, flawless skin, luscious legs..

38Roxanne Guinoo
hhm...simple but smart i like the way she smile, she moves,very brilliant lady from kapamilya network she really rocks...many guys who attempt her 2 be her love team
talented,sweet and pure unlike katrina fake

39Shaina Magdayao
She is simple and elegant, she sexy.

40Ehra Madrigal
She is the sexiest, her body is so hot, balance between chest and bottom, her voice is so cute, for me much more cute than angel locsin, and her smile is really a CANDY for me


42Rica Peralejo
rica youre so pretty and talented.


43Lauren Young

44Michelle Madrigal

45Regine Angeles

46Dionne Monsanto

47Bianca Gonzales
she is beautiful but super thin
Because she is beautiful simple girl

48Nadine Samonte

gosh charice have killer legs and most of all very talented and amazing singer
Very sexy and very talented young songstress.


Seen her legs? They are to die for. She is also appealing. :)


50Valerie Garcia

51Angelica Dela Cruz

52Wendy Valdez

53Rhian Ramos

54Rachelle Ann Go

55Ara Mina

56Jennica Garcia

57Winnie Cordero

58Pia Guanio

59Iwa Motto

60Pilita Corales

61Gwen Zamora

62Ritz Azul
She's so simple that makes her beautiful and sexy..
When I saw her in chanel five I was sooo amazed in her beauty... She has a simple face, perfect body and I think she has a unique personality... How I wish, when GOD give me a chance to have a beautiful face I choose her, because I really like her.

63Megan Young

64Yosh Rivera

65Neri Naig

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