Anne Curtis

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she is the great example 4 being sexy..alluring beauty,well-dressed woman,a great actress..

..nice body figure..
..all the dress or clothes will fit to her what ever it is..
...she's look pretty what ever she do, with or without make up..look fresh or look haggard..
..i'm with you anne!

Shes totally Perfect! Fabulous, Elegant, Outstanding and with Beauty and Brain. Multi Talented.

The most beautiful, sexiest and kind inside and out.

Very sexy, smart, lovely and helpful.

The Philippine's sexiest woman is known as the Philippine's sweetheart, the beloved and the famous actress. She's no other than the gorgeous Anne Curtis-Smith!

She has a sexy body, pretty face and an attitude that fits everyone's mood. She can easily capture a man's heart and she does it effortless and perfectly.

Anne, compared to angel and Marian? Well, what's sexy with Anne? The body the lips and the entire package.

Beautiful and gorgeous, miss anne curtis!

Because she's perfect to me no matter if her mouth is big, Peace :DD


I love ate anne because the way she dress the way she smile.. She is beautiful inside and out sweet loving daughter ;) and girlfriend to her boyfriend

That's why she is my idol ;) the best model the best actress everthing to her is the best for me...

I guess anne was at the rank 1... shes sow sexy than elimanated girlz!

She's very nice... She is so sexy.. Whatever she wear she's still look perfectly amaZing

Anne curtis deserve to be the # 1. Perfect and beautiful...IDOL! Go! Go! Go!

She is beautiful inside and out! I Wish I Can MEET Her Personally!

I LOVE HER TO DEATH! And no one else. She's a TOTAL PACKAGE!

She's Hot
She's Sexy
She's Pretty

Ann curtis is the most sexiest, perfect! Beautiful..

Total package of an almost perfect woman..

No one can beat her! She's effortless sexy

Anne Curtis is the sexiest woman for me.

Classy! Brain and Beauty like no other!

Shes so gorgeous.. Very nice person..

She's perfect and very beautiful