Best Places to Do Kickboxing In Utah

Kickboxing is one of the funnest, best ways to get/stay in shape. It's a workout so fun, you don't realize you're working out.

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1Ultimate Combat Training Center

I absolutely love this place! I have been working out at UCTC for over two years now, at least 2-3 times a week, and the workouts never get old. The atmosphere is upbeat and instructors genuinely care about their students. The members are also very welcoming if you are just starting out a beginner.

I take classes there and it's awesome! My fitness level is higher than it's ever been and I keep improving. It's a must try for sure.

I could not agree more with all the comments below... This place is AMAZING, with AMAZING people!

Not only great owners and staff, but a place that makes you feel like family.

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2Muay Thai Institute
3TITLE Boxing Club
4Sandy Martial Arts
5Xcel Fitness
624 Hour Fitness
8Factum MMA

Well managed gym! Smart and cunning staff great location good price

Awesome instruction... Not just a cardio workout, you'll learn how to fight

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