Top 10 Places You Aren't Allowed to Visit


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1Area 51, United States

This air forced test site is so closely guarded - chrome7base10

Area 51 is a nuke testing place, bomb testing area in canada - PewDiePie

2Mezhgorye, RussiaV1 Comment
3Room 39, North KoreaV1 Comment
4Pine Gap, AustraliaV1 Comment
5Metro-2, Russia

Purported secret underground metro system in Moscow - chrome7base10

6Lascaux Caves, FranceV1 Comment
7Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican City

Actually most of the text can be ordered up. - chrome7base10

8Bohemian Grove, United States

Looks like an innocent campsite from the outside, but to get inside - chrome7base10

9Disneyland Club 33, United States

An exclusive members' club for VIPs in the heart of Disneyland. (new orleans square) - chrome7base10

10RAF Menwith Hill, United Kingdom

This U. K airforce base is the worlds largest electronic monitoring site. If a plot is hatched or a missile is launched - chrome7base10

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1. Area 51, United States
2. Mezhgorye, Russia
3. Room 39, North Korea



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