Top 10 Players (Of All Time) That Should Have Been On the Dream Team


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1Kobe BryantKobe Bean Bryant is an American retired professional basketball player. He played his entire 20-year career with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association.
2Bill Russell
3Kareem Abdul-JabbarKareem Abdul-Jabbar is an American retired professional basketball player who played 20 seasons in the National Basketball Association for the Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers.

Kareem is only under-rated by people who think basketball was invented in 1991, not 1891. Anybody who has been around the game for awhile knows just how great he was.

Kareem is so underrated in my top ten all-time he is 5th - 2storm

4Wilt ChamberlainWilton Norman "Wilt" Chamberlain was an American basketball player . He was born on August 21, 1936 in Philadelphia and died on October 12, 1999 in Los Angeles due to heart failure . more.V2 Comments
5Shaquille O'NealShaquille Rashaun O'Neal, nicknamed Shaq, is a retired American professional basketball player who is currently an analyst on the television program Inside the NBA.

When talking about the real dream team there is only one guy in the top 10 that is an American and played at the right time to have been a dream teamer. Hands down that is shaq. He was not a pro yet, nor was that guy from Duke that was on the dream team. It would have made much more sence to have shaq on the team then any non pro at the time.

There are some names in the top 10 that were on the dream team, so how is it they are the best players that should have been on if they were on it?!? Then you have some guys that would have been 50-60 years old. While Kareem was great he was way to old. My favorite is the grammer school aged Lebron votes. Are there really that many bron fans that think he could have won gold with his juice box in tow?

6Julius Erving
7LeBron JamesLeBron Raymone James is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.
8Hakeem OlajuwonHakeem Abdul Olajuwon, formerly known as Akeem Olajuwon, is a Nigerian-American retired professional basketball player.
9Oscar RobertsonOscar Palmer Robertson, nicknamed "The Big O", is an American retired National Basketball Association player who played for the Cincinnati Royals and Milwaukee Bucks.
10Isiah ThomasIsiah Lord Thomas III is an American retired basketball player who played professionally for the Detroit Pistons in the National Basketball Association.

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11Moses Malone
12Stephen CurryWardell Stephen "Steph" Curry II is an American professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association.
13Reggie Miller
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1. Kobe Bryant
2. Bill Russell
3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
1. Kobe Bryant
2. Shaquille O'Neal
3. Wilt Chamberlain



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