Best PlayStation 2 Games

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The Top Ten

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Great story.
Superb characters.
A huge map.
Lots of gameplay.
Variety of vehicles.
Your other negative arguments are invalid.
It's loads of fun & a great story. Should be made into a movie.


Nothing Better Than Bunny Hoppin Flying Planes And Hitting The Gym
Hey I completed this 100% like 10 times


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2God of War
It has got the best story, best soundtrack, the moves are perfect, in action games it must be on top, really an awesome game I have ever played.
gta and resident evil are epic, but god of war is the best in ps2.
Awesome game play, awesome story, awesome graphics, 'EASILY' the best ps2 game ever made!
[Newest]It's the best game I have ever seen. It has got a story that is incomparable with any other game. Graphics are awesome and sound effects are excellent. The moves, the combos and the magical powers are just awesomely designed. Hero is given the ultimate capability of being a god. The game is for those who love action more than anything and in my opinion it is the best and the greatest game in all the history of games
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3Resident Evil 4
very nice game with cool graphics, fight ^^ tough
its a best ps2 game ever.
its more interesting than gta.
no other game can defeat this game.


awesome. I like when it comes to kicking the enemies, suplex them, or just cut their heads off. hahaha!
This a video game port!
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4Kingdom Hearts II
I love this game... It is so creative... Kingdom hearts is the combination of Final Fantasy and Disney characters... Explore new and familiar worlds featuring over 200 Disney characters or more.. But you should also beware of Disney villains and their devious intention... You can also team up with Disney heroes as you battle evil... And the greatest is you can see stunning graphics and authentic voice overs... Created by squareenix and Disney interactive..
Simply one of the best games ever released on the PS2, two unlikely worlds combine to make a result that turns out to be absolute genius, but be warned the game is extremely difficult at points but just as rewarding at others.


Best story line ever, don't focus only on disney characters, the main storyline is just awesome and has great characters, simply the bes
I love it love it the gameplay the story the secret bosses I love it
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5Shadow of the Colossus
This game is the leading example of how video games can be changed from a mere form of entertainment to a refined beautiful art form. Shadow of the Colossus is the number one game for anyone who is not sold on the idea that video games are not art or are still kid's toy or adult's why to escape life. This game is so great that Roger Ebert said that if he were to play any game to get the full video experience he would play Shadow of the Colossus.

This game and Silent Hill 2 are some of the games that make anyone slap themselves in the face for not taking video games for seriously. I love this game. It's challenging, it looks great, the world is huge, its fun to play, and even though it may not have much of a story but even that is still memorable.

Why this game is at NUMBER NINE is a testament to people who haven't played good games. AND WHY IS TOMB RAIDER EVEN ON THIS LIST!


Shadow of the Colossus has what is perhaps the most risky on-paper design we've ever seen. With only 16 enemies to fight in the game and an enormous world that is practically devoid of any actual tasks to perform, it doesn't sound like the making of one of the best adventure games ever released.

But Shadow's beauty lies in these empty spaces. It was designed much like a fairytale -- you're left to fill in the gaps with your own ideas of how things came to be, what the reason for the events are and so forth. The battles and events that are there are some of the best we've ever seen, with characters and creatures that look like they're straight out of a dream. Shadow of the Colossus is touching, mysterious, beautiful, desolate and even tragic, and these elements make it one of the most original and awe-inspiring games all of time.


If I could name one game that shouldn't be out of that list, that is Shadow of the Colossus for sure! But I still think it should be higher on the list, since it was (and still is) one of the few games that I can call pieces of art. This one however is a masterpiece, since it has a unique design, and the imagination of the creators of the game has no end, espessially the colossi are amazing!

Just to say, if you haven't tried it so far, you should. I still remember how much time I' ve spend playing this game again and again, and I've never regretted it!


What is this doing down to 5? Under God of War?
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6God of War 2
It is a best action game. I like this game very much. I like in game is we want find secerts and powers. Because of this extras are to find ways to go and to find many greek powers.
I still can't believe how good this game is; the production values are through the roof and it's never anything less than epic. Get it in the top 10!


It got best ps2 game of the year and I can't believe its not even in the top ten.


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7Final Fantasy X
Grand theft is cool... But this is MUCH BETTER... This should be in number 1... Or maybe they haven't played this yet... Poor guys
The PS2's first blockbuster RPG is still one of its best. Final Fantasy X, as we could only expect from Square, was an utterly gorgeous looking game, with stunning landscapes, a wild array of color and artistic license, and some incredibly attractive-looking character and monster designs. Still, these aspects have become the status quo for the FF series. But this time, we got voice-acting for the first time in the series, and it didn't suck!

We got a huge modification/upgrade/alteration to the battle system and the supporting cast delivered a slew of cool, goody accents. Best of all, the storyline and its ending are among the best of any game in any genre of the last generation. All in all, Final Fantasy X pretty much delivered flawlessly on the PS2, and we loved every minute of it.


A very good game no question the ending is kind of sad that's why they recovered that in X-2 still a good gameplay and story
It is a game which touches your heart.
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8Mortal Kombat Armageddon
I voted for Resident Evil 4 and Grand Theft Auto but now I must support this awesome game. MK Armageddon had some monotonous fatalities but the whole gaming, konquest mode, graphics, arenas were cool. This is one of the best MK games




Good game but it is very bloody witch is a good thing because I like bloody games



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9Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Played and beat this game for the first time this week. The current generation consoles are still waiting for a game of this caliber and will likely continue waiting until the release of MGS4.
This should be number one
The reason why Grand Theft Auto-san andreas
Is nr 1 is that its the best selling
Game on the ps2. Just because it doesn't
Give it a reason to be #1.
I dint like this game
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10Tomb Raider: Legend
Mad game! definitely deserves the current spot in the top 5!
Tomb Raider LEgend is the best of the series! It is also good on the PS3 HD Remake!
It's the very best game I have ever played on pc lets see on ps2 the end begins from now I want this game on ps2 wholeheartedly let's see...
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The Contenders

11Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Best Grand Theft Auto game of all time! Tommy Vercetti stomps on cock-a-roaches like CJ!
Great game and fun gameplay, if you like to jack golf carts and mortocycles, then this is the game for you. THIS GAME RULES


Great game no dout about it, it should be in first place.


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Best game ever created in ps2... This should be seriously in the number 1 spot
I love this game so much because you can do the stuff you can't do in school in real life! It's even better on the wii because you actually punch


It is very god than Grand Theft Auto SA its missions also very easy I finish that all with in 4 days
[Newest]This game is the greatest game out there, it's grand theft plus a fantastic storyline, definitely a top contender for a great game
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13Jak II
The best game ever. All of the jaks are good (OK, tlf was a bit of a letdown) but jak renegade was far the best, and by far the best game ever, let alone ps2. THIS IS THE EVOLUTION OF FREE ROAMS, PEOPLE. NO AC, NO BATMAN, NO INFAMOUS, NO Grand Theft Auto, NO SAINTS ROW, NO- you get my point. But, the thing that makes this game, is NOT the crimson guards coming after you if you hurt them, is NOT the funny script and immense story, is NOT the hijacking vehicles and going insane with them- but the levels. The insane, god damn fun levels, that gave you a challenge, yet a proper sense of epicness after you've done it. The fights, the simple jump and punch- just gives you that incredible feeling that no other game has been able to give yet. J^^D is coming back february to ps3, with jak 1, 2 and 3 on one disc, with trophies and 3-D. YEES!
Combines perfect amount of platforming and guns and zoomering and everything in one game. It's hard, but just so much fun
The Jak series are great games. No questions asked


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14Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi 3
I think nobody has seen this game, it deserves a definite top 5 spot, amazing and superb graphics best ever cartoon game... ///////
Amazing fighting game with good relevance with the cartoon series... also a great game-play.. my favorite game ever since I played it...
Not only the best dragonball game, but the best PS2 game ever!!
Dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 is the best gaming
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15WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain
The absolute best wrestling game ever, it was a tough choice between this and san andreas but this wins just because it is more child friendly and less aggressive
Awesome game real looking wrestler nice graphics and I love this game it is the best game I ever played bra n panties are cool and very nice

Awesome game man first when you play some matches you will find it boring but after you play like more than 10 games you might think that this game is the best ever game you have ever played
The new game shouuld be like this game only.
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16Kingdom Hearts
Fun when your a little kid.
Great gameplay, and amazing storyline. If you haven't played this yet, play it. It will change your life. Just because there are Disney characters in it does not make it a game for just kids, it is so much more than that.
My favourite rpg series of all time, alongside with Pokemon, amazing story and great graphics, best for the ps2.
I don't think there is any fantasy and rpg game better than this (except final fantasy)
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17Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
Though Insomniac Games hit pay dirt instantly with the first Ratchet & Clank game, it wasn't until all the concepts of a platformer, a weapons-based shooter and the lightest of RPG elements that let all those weapons and health level-ups come to a head that the series really became a must-have. Make no mistake; if you own only one of the Ratchet games on the PS2, make sure it's Up Your Arsenal. The sequel, Deadlocked, lost much of the charm of the first three games, and earlier efforts just didn't gel as completely as Up Your Arsenal, nor did they sport its online modes.

The game's length, storyline, weapon variety, different modes and ability to re-play the story through a second time were all a hoot. As if that weren't enough, you could unlock a neat little peek behind the scenes of the game's underlying tech in the Insomniac Museum (a returning feature from the previous game).


It is a really fun game with challenging opponents and levels I think it is the best game EVER! It is real fun it could even make top 3 in my opinion (y)
The weapons are awesome, the level are awesomes and boss battles are awesome overall this game is awesome
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18Jak 3
As good as the second was, this topped it.


Even better than the second one
If I had a choice of getting the top 13 ps2 game or jak 3. I chose jak 3

19Devil May Cry 3
Picking a reason why Devil May Cry 3 is a frickin' awesome game is kind of like picking a single reason why you like pizza. Maybe it's good cheese, a tasty sauce or crispy crust that draws you to a good pie, but it's the sum of the parts that keeps you coming back.

Devil May Cry 3 is like a great pizza - a pizza comprised of 32 missions, five difficulties, tons of monsters and multiple weapons.

Following Dante, a half-man half-demon who just can't seem to stay out of trouble, Devil May Cry 3 puts gamers through one of the most challenging games PS2 owners ever popped a memory card in for as the hero blasts bad guys, solves puzzles and tries to meet up with his brother.

Armed with his guns and sword - and four styles of play - Dante breaks out dozens of attack combinations on his missions and leaves you in that funky-place between challenged and frustrated.


This game is one of my favorites. This game should be in the top 10 at least.
Devil may cry 3 is very nice game
This is world my best game
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20Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones
This is the greatest game I have ever played. Graphics are awesome, great story line, good amount of strategy required. It's a must must try game. I'm lovin' it...
Best Action and Best story... I love it
This is the best game that I have played. It has best story line ever
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21Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando
A grate sequel to the first Ratchet and Clank game. But this game topped it with its upgraded weapons and new locations. Awesome game. One of the ps2's best.

22Jak & Daxter
While there's a massive fault line that gamers gather 'round to holler and scream at each other about when it comes to naming the great platformers of our era (or any era for that matter), Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is among the elite. It represents a stellar culmination of 3D platforming elements, many of which are have been used before, and yet it still feels fresh and new even after all these years. The words "endearing" and "likeable" don't even begin to do it justice.

Besides, even if Jak hadn't spawned two successful sequels and a couple of cool offshoots, Naughty Dog's excellent PS2 rookie would still have made our list because it warmed our hearts, and created a game that was raucous, subtle, beautifully animated, and never made us feel as if we were collecting things... just how a platformer should be.


Better then the second and third one.
There are no words to describe how good this game is.

23Gran Turismo 4
Gran turismo 4 is the best driving style game among all consoles and by the time it arrived it was almost a revolution in its group. Because although the console was play station 2 but it provided a whole lot more graphical supports for the players.
This is really driving simulator, more than 700 cars added to this game, and I like the B-Spec. You can play for 24hours endurance, or switch it to B-Spec mode, and you must to train your driver to driving consistently..
Gt4 is the realest ps2 game from all the sides... Driving style or graphics
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24Need For Speed Most Wanted
Best Graphics... Burnouts... Illegal Street Racing... Cool
Come on who didn't love this game


Feel the speed... Cop chasing is awesome... You should really need speed to ride the cars...
Great Graphics, controls, variety of cars, blacklist members who you just want to kill, just excilarating.
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25Star Wars Battlefront II
Fun game where you get to choose your class and play on all of the Star Wars planets. Also, you are able to play as Jedi and Sith.


I love this game so much! Great graphics for the PS2. And Online rocks! Make number 3
Star Wars is amazing and this is also the first game I ever owned for PS2


Better game than the other 81. Kingdom Hearts is for babies. Star Wars Battlefront II is the best FPS for Ps1 Ps2 and Ps3. So awesome, this game is better than most of them, so if you say this game sucks, then go play Kingdom Hearts, babyface.
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26Tekken 5
Whereas every PS1 Tekken game was a bona-fide hit, the series didn't fare as well on the PS2. Tekken Tag Tournament, a launch title, felt less like a true sequel and more like Tekken 3. 5, and Tekken 4 was an aberration in the series that threw away many of the features of the past by including slower gameplay and environments that were walled and tiered. Tekken 5 brought the series back to its roots and nearly perfected the gameplay. With lush matching graphics to boot (the game managed to impress on the PS3, too! ), Tekken 5 is one of the best fighting games of all time.


This is the best fighting game ever made to PS2 and I can't belive it's not in the top ten
It's the best fighting game in PlayStation. I love its characters & moves. Easy to learn, not so hard to master and you can't get enough of it.


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27Silent Hill 2
Does not need and introduction, It is the game all other horror games want to be and deserve to be in the top 20 at least!


Among the greatest games ever created and one of the best stories to grace the medium, it's a crime that that this game is so far down the list
It has a great storyline and one of the best theme songs ever!
This may not be my favorite Silent Hill game, but for what it is Silent Hill 2 is an utterly fantastic masterpiece.


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28Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
Without a doubt, in the 3 greatest games of all time list! and also a gripping story line, deserves to be in the top two! screw Resident Evil 5!
This is a great game, I'm a ps3 player and can't wait till number 4, metal gear solid guns of the patriots.
Considered by some to be the first postmodern video game, Sons of Liberty takes everything gamers loved about the original MGS and flips that upside-down. You don't play as Snake, instead you play as Raiden, a wimpy looking character that reminds me of somebody I know... hmm, todays average gamer! The twists get a little crazy towards the end, but it is all worth while in this thought provoking experience. Game mechanics are also the best out of the 3 MGS games.
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29Guitar Hero II
The newer ones are way better but this just rocks!


when I play this game I really feel like playing the guitar


No question this should be at the top of the list


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30Final Fantasy XII
Should definitely be higher. Such a big game, so much to do, can easily put 200 hours into it and still not be finished. Great story, good characters.
Great graphics great storyline Great gameplay I love this game it is so fun
The best game on PS2 and also one of the greatest FF games in history! It's unique and is unlike any other game in the series and it is offputting at first but put the time into this game and you won't regret it! The characters are fun though they don't see as much development as I hoped. But its strength lies in the gigantic world. The world of Ivalice is the greatest world ever created in a Final Fantasy game. Not to mention the soundtrack is an absolute MASTERPIECE! It's a perfect mix of ambient and orchestrated music but it's simply perfect... I don't even know how else to put it.
Most unique final fantasy experience!
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31Tony Hawk's Underground 2
Best skateboarding game ever! So much fun. The levels are epic and they get better as you complete the game. You can unlock awesome characters to play as, (my favourite being Shrek) and customize pretty much everything. You can build your own skate park which (my favourite feature) and explore others. Its so much fun and freemode allows you to discover all sorts of new tricks which uses most of the buttons on the controller, what most games fail to do. GREAT FUN. Played this for hours on end as a kid.
It's so fun and could never get bored with this game


This Sould Be NO. 1... Yeh


32FIFA 08
Good game with very cool graphics

33Ratchet & Clank
I thought this would be number one, it's an amazing game! So full of freedom and variety, and imaginative too! Modern games have become reality's b****.
Great a series that gives you many great adventures
Fantastic game! Needs to at least be in the top 20, are you serious..48?
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34SSX 3
SSX 3 is a great game to play! I played it and it was super fun! I can't wait until SSX Tricky comes out!
Ahh this game is definitely a special game from my childhood memories. I loved playing this game with all my friends. I'd say I liked the soundtrack the most.. just gave the game a good experience.
BEST GAME EVER! This is all I can say
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35Call of Duty 3
Awesome game! Best Call of Duty for ps2

36Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2
awesome game the fighting is amazing
its well worth the buy because the 2nd hand game is only 3 euro

37Devil May Cry
Devil may cry rocks! The graphics are cool and the story is good.

Dante and virgil rocks!


Dante is the best video game character ever


Final fantasy x was okay but devil may cry was a better game
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38Dynasty Warriors 3
My all time favourite game, the graphics aren't amazing, but graphics don't mean anything, its just how much fun you have. I used too play this with my best friend co-op mode, it was just pure fun, definitely try it if you haven't
This game is ausome. No game can compare this game

39The Simpsons Hit and Run
Best game of all time I serioasly think it is one of the best games in history if you don't have this game yet get it right now
Ya man this game is a classic it is like Grand Theft Auto for kids buy it for everyone
Why the hell is this 80?!?! This game was practically my whole childhood in a nutshell!


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40Burnout 3 Takedown
Criterion Games' racing series really hit its mark with Burnout 3: Takedown, providing perhaps the most white-knuckled driving experience to ever hit a gaming console. The series' perfect control mechanics were dialed in with this release, giving gamers perfect control of a vehicle at 220mph and allowing them to barrel down highways and side streets so fast that you almost need otherworldly abilities to stay calm. When mistakes were made, Hollywood-derived crashes became the result.

Burnout 3: Takedown's fantastic visuals allowed for some of the most devastating crashes we've ever seen, and the result is that the game managed to reward the player with plenty of eye candy when they made a mistake. Add in some great online play, the ability to take out other cars, the fan-favorite Crash mode and you have the total package. Simply put, we're not sure how arcade racing will ever get any better than Burnout 3: Takedown.


Why is this so low? Should be higher than every other PS2 racing game, including GT4 and I loved that game. Every other website I've seen rates this game in the top 10.
Best game ever You can completely destroy other cars. Multiplayer mod look awesome!
My favourite game of all time- still play it today!


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41WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011
This is good game you should vote this
This is actully a great game. Love it...
I hop is number 1 game on world
The greatest WWE game ever
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42Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
Simply, the best stealth action game you may ever play, even better stealth than MGS, this game entertains me more that any other (even though I play PS3 Games).

In this game you get to chose if you want to be a silent assassin who interrogates people and kills them quietly to accomplish his missions perfectly, or you may chose to be a sniper or combatant that turns the mission area into a war-zone, or maybe a mixture of both!

This game is almost like Metal Gear Solid 4, and it should be at least on the Top 10, all game rating sites and it's editors have worshiped this game and it's whole series!
One of the best games I've ever witnessed, the extreme stealth and assassination impact is awesome.
There are so many things to do and so many ways to end your objectives, and the equipment and gadgets are just epic.

I give this game a 10/10 for Stealth, 9/10 for shooter, 8/10 for Action, 8/10 for story, 10/10 for graphics, 10/10 for Game-play and Entertainment.


Such a beautiful game. Such a poor rank.
This game deserve higher rank than this!
The graphic, music, and story is PERFECT!
That this game isn't in the top 15 at least is a crime. Anyone who knows about this game would agree this is far better game than most (if not all) of the titles above it on this list. This is my second favorite game of all time, and though I certainly don't think it's popular enough to be considered the best it should just be way higher. Fact.
omg, this is the best videogame ever made, pure genious


I am gravely saddened that this game is not given the proper praise it deserves.
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44Max Payne

Very very fun its cool many enymies and 4 soldier templar, luger, seargen rico, and hackha

46Mortal Kombat Deception
The game have fatality and different moves attack
Best Mortal Kombat! I own a ps4 but I bought a ps2 only to play this game

47Gran Turismo 3: A-spec
Should Be In Top 5, Made Playstation A Must Buy




The best game in the Gran Turismo series and The best game on ps2


48Dynasty Warriors 4

49Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
The games above are really good but this one is best
It's awesome game that you can play with your friends
Its very exciting and cool

50Crash Twinsanity
Best Crash Bandicoot game on the PS2- it still had all of the fun from the original games, and it wasn't completely pointless like COTT and MOM. THEY NEED TO GIVE CRASH BACK TO NAUGHTY DOG OR TRAVELERS TALES!

51Ultimate Ninja 4: Naruto Shippuden
The Best Anime Game of PS2!


It is the best ninjas game that I ever seen
The best gaming is Naruto 4
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52Soul Calibur 3
Not only do you have the arcade mode like usual, but you also have a story mode and you can make your own character!


A fighting game filled with action and adventure. It had characters you could relate to, a fluid combat system and a truck load of content. A game that never gets old.

53Hitman Blood Money
It is a very greate and
One of the best games ever made for PS2 And Pc!
Hitman agent 47 it is best silent asassins

54Prince of Persia: Warrior Within
Prince of persia warrior within is a fantastic game. I like it very much an superb adventure game
Prince of persia warrior within has a two ending with water sword & without water sword the track sound is very energitic, the kill movements are fantastic
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55Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3
This is a man who looking for kids video game this is the one
The best dragonballz games to me

A silent protagonist and a scared princess who speaks an unknown tongue must escape a nearly-barren castle filled with uniformly shadowy figures. Somehow, it comes together as one of the most engaging adventures ever. Ico forges such a strong narrative and memorable characters with little dialogue and the simplistic gameplay come together into an unforgettable stylized storybook tale.


57Ratchet Deadlocked

58WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008
Best Roster, Soundtrack, coolest wrestlemania (wrestlemania 23) and one of the few to feature jeff hardy
I love thes game he is my favorit video game

59SOCOM U.S. Navy Seals: Combined Assault
A perfect modern war combat game and surely the best strategy-shooter game of all time, addiction runs through your vanes as soon as you start playing it.

1st, 2nd and 3rd person shooter modes are available as you scroll through them easily.
The amount of freedom it gives you is unmatched by any other game!
You pick your weapons, attachments and equipment for you and your team according to your mission's Intel "the way you see it" and then you start the action.
Graphics are perfect and too realistic, the game effects get you occupied with the game, and the missions are thrilling and you'll never get bored.

This game is an example of a perfect shooter game that you'll never regret.

60Dynasty Warriors 5

61Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Great Exploration, beutiful world, fanyastic bosses espically the final one and one of the best games. Jak 1 is the best ps2 game. Great soundtrack and awesome powers.

62Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
Nice game!

It should be number 1
I can't say a word man its awesome! Who are all seeing this should play as multiplayer
Very very wonderful games
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63Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams
Come on guys.. If you want to play a magical game that is so dam addictive that you just have to get all of them then this is the game for you.. I believe it to be the best game of all times..
Cool game. Worth every mint spend playing it. Well I hope it goes up at lest in the first 10 instead of tomb raider bs

64Marvel: Ultimate Alliance
This is the reunion of almost all marvel universe! AWESOME!

65The Sims

66Tekken Tag Tournament
Tekken is my favorite game series and t is my favorite tekken game after tekken 4.
This game are awesome new fighter players and tag your second player

67Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal
I'm very surprised this isn't higher on this list. This is easily considered the best Ratchet and Clank game.

68The Godfather
I LIKE IT 99.9%.
One of few games that gives you complete freedom, outside of when youre doing the main quest. Too many things to say about this game. just buy it lol
One of the best games made... Does justice to it's brandname! Feels like Grand Theft Auto but isn't! :P... For crime/action lovers it's a great game! The shooting, fighting everythin's amazing! =D
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69Time Splitters: Future Perfect
A very great game. The story mode has the perfect amount of humor and the arcade mode really brings out the kid in you, with the ability to play as robots, pirates, and dinosaurs.
Cool game, amazing weapons good characters, graphics, vehicles, maps. I simply love this game.

70Sly 3 Honor Among Thieves
One of my all time favorites check out the other games in the series check it out it is aweso

71Dynasty Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends
I love this game beacause this is the history of Japan in real life!

72Urban Reign
It's the best game as it, s are like mafia style
I like this game but not much but it is very entertaining
It fights are superband awesome
Although it is not having good graphics but still it, s a nice game

Master piece of fighting games,
Wonderful graphics, and have many more fighting skills
With many to beat. And it has many stages to complet.
If you ones played you never leave the game

73Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

74FIFA Soccer 13

75Justice League Heroes

76SpongeBob SquarePants: The Battle for Bikini Bottom

77Guitar Hero World Tour
it is the best guitar hero game. it is hard to stop playing it.


This Is A Great Game. Very Addicting and has some awesome songs on it.


78Sonic Heroes
What this should be number one this game is awesome that's just makes me angry

79Destroy All Humans 2
#69? I know this isn't the best ps2 game ever, but it is so underrated. Should be in top 15 at least.

80Need for Speed Underground 2

81Virtua Fighter 4

82Call of Duty: World at War Final Fronts
The best ww2 game ever

83DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Every character in this game has awesome moves. There is also lots of events to participate in
The best game and my favorite with epic graphics and epic story. Almost all characters present to be unlocked. Awesome moves and transformations
And survival and multiplier modes. It especially would be loved by the dragon ball z kai fans.
Awesomest game ever played on ps2 console. The one game one must play
More comments about DragonBall Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3

84Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition Remix

85Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock


87Monsters vs Aliens

88Test Drive Unlimited

89Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
Maybe I'm not giving this game a chance but, well...
Graphics= All Right
Gameplay= Needs Getting Used To
Story= Great
Variety of Vehicules= Good
Variety of Weapons= Moderate

It's trying to be a bit bigger than it really is to be honnest, but the idea's good.

90Red Faction
Excellent gameplay and inspiring atmosphere.
RED FACTION! Laugh out loud! This game is incrediblely fun to play, some really wicked weapons (My favorite's the Rail Driver) and some really cool vehicules. I love the way that you can just go "No door! Oh well." and select your rocket lzauncher or charges and blow a whole right through it (There should be more games in which you can do that in my opinion). The graphics however, are borderline to PS1. In cutscenes, the game is prone to jagged or rectangular edges. Also, look at the mouth of people talking in cutscenes.
The multiplayer is fun to play and therei s a good selection of maps.
I enjoyed this game very mjuch and I think more people should buy it and it should bde at least in the top 30.

91Jak X Combat Racing

92ATV Offroad Fury 4
It has all the x games moves stunts and tricks especially the superman move

93Devil May Cry 2
Awesome game and very hard game!

94Ghost Rider
Pretty easy, plus I've beaten it in 7 hours!

95Medal of Honor Rising Sun
Machine Guns and Welrod rule in this game
Its an aewsome game from my side. One should must try

96Sly 2: Band of Thieves
Fun Game, great boss battles.
Best platform game and one of the best games for the PS2.


How is this not in the top ten! Excellent story and voice acting, exciting fight scenes, fun stealth missions, and top notch gameplay. Overall this is the ideal PlayStation 2 game!
Nice gameplay, good graphics, very attractive game even for the older ones, it should be in top 10

97Crash of the Titans

98Spider-Man 2

99Madden NFL Football 2005

100Bratz the Movie

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