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61Mortal Kombat Deception

Best Mortal Kombat! I own a ps4 but I bought a ps2 only to play this game

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62Call of Duty 3V2 Comments
63Tomb Raider AnniversaryV1 Comment
64Resident Evil: Dead Aim

I played it when I was a kid it was Scary and SuperCool

This game is a little short, but good game.

65Urban Reign

It's the best game as it, s are like mafia style
I like this game but not much but it is very entertaining
It fights are superband awesome
Although it is not having good graphics but still it, s a nice game

Master piece of fighting games,
Wonderful graphics, and have many more fighting skills
With many to beat. And it has many stages to complet.
If you ones played you never leave the game

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66Grand Theft Auto III

In my opinion with a couple of mods this could beat vice city,I like this game because, Rockstar put there heart into it,so to me this is way better than vice city.

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67Pac Man World 2

Great game! Game gets more and more challenging! I've only beat the whole game once.

Underrated Pac-Man game with OK Platforming and decent level design. Give it a shot if you love Main Series Mario Style Gameplay in 3d instead of 2d.

68Road Trip Adventure

One of my favorite games ever!

This should be at least 10th

69Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
70Mega Man X8
71NBA Live 06
72The Simpsons Game
73Tekken Tag Tournament

Tekken is my favorite game series and t is my favorite tekken game after tekken 4.

This game are awesome new fighter players and tag your second player

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74Final Fantasy XII

Should definitely be higher. Such a big game, so much to do, can easily put 200 hours into it and still not be finished. Great story, good characters.

Now why is this so low in the ladder, it has got to be the best one there is, I have also played thirteen but it wasn't as good as this one. This one was just amazing, and the story line was perfect.

Great graphics great storyline Great gameplay I love this game it is so fun

It's the second Most Favorite game but only Pharos is hard its easy to finish if you give me a few days and a week or less or more

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75Simpsons Hit & Run

Cartoony fun with good taste and fun gameplay, the memories I have as a kid playing with this are what I go to in order to cheer myself up.

76Test Drive Unlimited
77Star Wars: Battlefront

It's the game that began the series and get the fans so ready for the second one

78Zone of the Enders
79Madden NFL Football 2005
80Bratz the Movie

I love this game, I will love if there is a new game of bratz

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