Best Playstation 3 Games

The new "Cell" processor, Blu-Ray disc compatibility, a co-developed Nvidia graphics processor, 128-bit pixel precision, and 1080p resolution - The Playstation 3 is arguably the greatest gaming machine on the planet. But what is a console without the games. Here is a list of the best games available for the Playstation 3. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Great game, awesome storyline. The graphics are great and the story is impeccable. The ending says it all, but the campaign was a little short, still it deserves to be the best... But assassins creed 2 deserves to be in top 5, and it is at 13 or 14, which is rather absurd...
Greatest game of all time, hands down. Epic story, epic multiplayer- the only thing that could have made it better is spec ops and the spas-12.
I always look at a game, and rate it on the replayability. How much fun one has, to start at the beginning and replay it. This game has it, I love to starting from the very first and playing it over and over. Plus the multi player games are awesome!
[Newest]Great gameplay the story line is amazing the graphics is state of the art

2Metal Gear Solid 4
Metal Gear Solid 4 is the best game ever made!
It should have been on 1st, because Call of Duty is always the same like all the fps games all over the world! Isn't that right!?!
Remember watching the godfather when you were young and had a sense of nostalgia and sadness? This game has that feeling.
If the gameplay is repetive you'll ignore it with a tear bringing soundtrack. SOMEBODY TAKE OF COD4
I had a really hard time with this list as there are games on this list I think are better E.G. cOD4, Arkham asylum, Bioshock, Orange Box etc but I feel these are not PS3 games and rather console ports but MGS4 is a PS3 game through and through.

There really is no other game like it and you would be hard pressed to find another game this big budget with as much care and soul behind it as this. Sure there are flaws, massive flaws, the hours of redundant, non sensical dialogue and cutscenes relied on to tell the story, the awkward control scheme, the sometimes out of place and ineffective comedy and action set pieces but all that pales in comparison to just how original, complex and heartfelt this game is.

Almost no game is flawless, especially this one but all you have to do is remember the shadow moses mission, the microwave hallway, the final battle, the entire epilogue and all those flaws seem obsolete. This game is just on another level to most games.
[Newest]I don't care, I love stealth games, and this is amazing
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3Grand Theft Auto IV
nice game not ever seen this type of graphics in gta and good cars
Very good game... But if Grand Theft Auto 5 has sports car... Grand Theft Auto is very good game in the world
Call of duty modern warfare :S
Are you kidding me? What is that?
It is a joke? This game should be number one
[Newest]Lots of fun, various cars, Real-world based cities, and many other amazing actions

4Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
This beats everything... I never get tired of it, it just feels so amazing... Even if haven't played the first it still feels like you have...
I used to be the biggest fan of Call of Duty, but when I played this it blew away my mind. I can never give a game ten out of ten but this is the only game out of them all that is the closest to getting one. Best game ever 9.9
Absolutely a brilliant game, great story to the game, could be made into a film and win an oscar :P definitively worth while getting.
[Newest]Out of the so far three titles released, this is the best in my opinion.

5God of War III
The best action/adventure game ever even though it is an adult game it is still one of the finest and if you have seen this games graphics your jaws wold drop and the story is equally amazing, this should at least be there in the top 5.

I agree it is not a number 1 type game but still being such a big and successful franchise, I think it deserves it..

It is truly one of the best exclusive games for the PS3
You Must Play God of war3. There is so much fun. Awesome storyline. Awesome and non stop Combat. Better then God of war 1 and 2. Deaths of creatures like centaurs, snake women etc is fantabulas and the death of Poseidon was excellent no words to that
What a strong move!, a lot of fun, thrilling, great story, great picture, awesome enemies.. General Kratos is BACK! To kill zeus, the king of gods.. EPIC! Three tumbs! I COME TO KILL ALL THE GODS...
[Newest]Awesome game... Hands down the best ever

6Grand Theft Auto V
Yes this game just came out and yes it is worth the hype. The game is huge, beautiful, and just wonderful. The three main characters are great and the heists are one of a kind. For 60 bucks, you can't do much better.
One of the best of the grand theft auto series. along with grand theft auto san andreas but I think this game should be above grand theft auto 4 because gta5 has better gameplay and better graphics than gta4
This game's graphics make even Skyrim look bad, but I know of one that puts this game to shame: The Last of Us. I still love this game for it's online multiplayer.
[Newest]This game is sweet

7Assassin's Creed
the best franchise of the decade in my humble opinion.
I hope there will be more assassins creed games in the future.
Assasin's creed all the way to my view assasin's creed has the best quality and story ever that's what every body should know
This is an epic game. When playing it, let it be Ezio or Altair, you feel like you are watching a movie. It is an epic in itself.
[Newest]Best game in like 2 years

8Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
The graphics are great in this game, really fun. Also has Spec. Ops. which is like a sub for zombies. The campaign is, in my opinion, better than Black Ops campaign and the multiplayer maps are great, airport thumbs up, also online is really fun.
First game I got for PS3, campaign is EPIC, special ops is fun, a nice variety of maps and online is fun.
Most of the call of duty have highlighted this list- the map packs here are amazing. The story mode is so clever and intense, you fall straight through. Played this 10 times, and online never ceases to bored you - but please, get rid of HACKERS!
[Newest]This game has epic multiplayer!

9Uncharted: Drake's Fortune
Jaw-dropping graphics (with an HDMI cable obviously), amazing game play, hilarious yet lovable characters, very challenging at certain points, and wrapped all together with a story that is more shamelessly copied off for Indiana Jones than anything I can think of.


Most awesome game ever it has an amazing story
The best in 2007 the story
A 400-year-old clue in sir Francis drake's coffin sets modern-day fortune Hunter Nathan drake on an exploration for the
Fabled treasure of EI dorado.
But stranded on a forgotten island in the pacific ocean, nathan nathan 's search turns deadly. Huanted by mercenaries, outnumbered and outgunned, Nathan and his companions must fight to survive as they begin to unravel the terrible secret of the mysterious island.
[Newest]I have played every uncharted game that has come out so far, and I loved every one. great plot awesome back story, and over all just a great game.

10Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
BEST GAME EVER SHOULD BE #1. The graphics are fantastic and the story is the best, better than some movies. A 10/10. It was the sequel to uncharted 2 which was one of the best but it turned out to be better, but shorter, anyone who believes that uncharted 2 was better because it was longer is a dumbass, uncharted 2 was 12 hours uncharted 3 was 9 or 10 big difference.
Best game ever made, the gameplay, graphics, story and multiplayer are all perfect
This is a very nice and long game it takes a lot of time to clear this game. It has an amazing graphics (with an hdmi cable) this game is very enjoyable play and enjoy..
[Newest]Loved it! Played for hours!

The Contenders

11Call of Duty: Black Ops
Fantastic game!
The story mode with "Mason" is amazing!
The online play is incredibly addicting, can't stop playing it.
And Nazi Zombies! Endless hours of fun, gotta love it. BO all the way
Best game in the world! Can't wait for black ops 2 or Iron Wolf. Black ops is so much fun, the best and most addictive first person shooter and from any other genre game I have ever played!
This game really showed that Activision is always looking to improve the quality of its games. This showed its true potential for action.
[Newest]Zombies gets old after a while

12The Last of Us
Easily in my top ten favorite games of all time. Everything about it is just amazing. A true marvel. Naughty Dog is incredible. The only company that beats hem is Rockstar or Bethesda.
What is happening... How could this be number 21? I'm pretty sure this game was also number 21 on a list that was for best games... of all time. This is probably my favourite game of all time. A lot of people bought ps3's just so that they could get this game. Every single person I've talked to and every review I've read has also said that it was an AMAZING game. The Last of Us literally changed my life.
Laugh out loud it's so funny your are talking about stupid 12 year old kids and you can't even write a proper sentence laugh out loud... Some people are so ridiculous but how is this game at 52? Must be those stupid old 12 years old kids Hahaa
[Newest]I think this is ONE OF the best games I've ever played...
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13Assassin's Creed II
How is this lower than Assassins Creed 1? Sure AC1 was a overall better stealth game, but Assassins Creed 2 was a million times better. The gameplay was improved, there were way more interesting characters, the story was long and enjoyable. Altair in the original felt stale and bland, you can actaully relate to Ezio and how he develops as a character. I honestly do not care if this game is 1st, I just want it to be higher then AC1. Yeah but now focusing on the main topic this game is my favourite game because I had a lot of memories playing this amazing game. I am also a huge fan of history, conspiracy theories, sci-fi which AC2 seems to blend the three well.
The story of the game is the best of the game, you will not stop playing until you see the end of the game, the combination of sci-fi and true history make this game a masterpiece that you should have in your collection
I actually prefer this more than uncharted
[Newest]Ac 2 better then Ac 1

14Red Dead Redemption
Absolutely stunning video game which stays with me to this day; a year after I played this game. The world is so amazing, the story is so well-crafted and sad, the gameplay is so fun, and the characters so memorable that this game is just the best game I've ever played. No game has ever had such an impact on me, and I've never fallen in love with a game as I did with Red Dead Redemption. This is the greatest game I've ever played.
Number 1 with out a shadow of a doubt this game will get your blood pumping with its multiplayer matches
The best game free roam map on the whole of the ps3 genre
[Newest]One of the best games of all time, with Half-Life, Super Mario, FIFA99... Etc.

15Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
For me, Skyrim is the best game ever. Oblivion was incredible but Skyrim is outstanding, I've played it almost 2 years, and it's quite funny and random in some parts, every time I restart I change to a different character, it varies the game play so much you can become better at archery if you are a wood elf, or better at 2-handed weapons if a nord. There is always something different to do and something new to explore. I love it. Can't wait the The Elder Scrolls Online


This game deserves the first place
One of the best games of all time in my opinion

The bad:
Combat can be tedious
Lots of glitches
The good:
Over 100 hours of gameplay
Lots of side quests
Excellent graphics
Lot of cities, caves, mountains, waiting to be explored
Only true fans of the playstation realize the beauty and effort put into this game. On the eighth day, God created Skyrim, so that the people of Earth could have exciting adventure in the security of their home
[Newest]Skyrim is love, skyrim is life

16Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
COD4? Really? Shooting a gun for 20 hours is the best game? What the hell? Oblivion has different kinds of weapons, and a thing called a "story", it's for people with at least the IQ of a 5-year-old.
Wow coolest ever. Days and days of quality playing. Infinite possibilities in the open world
Playing it right now at 5am! Honestly can't describe it. All I can say is the only reason you didn't vote for this is because you never seen it being played or your a moron
[Newest]Its the best here in qatar.. For me I think.. I wish I see more games like that

17Resistance: Fall Of Man
Can you name another game with flamethrowers, mutant humanoids, angels, giant spiders, rocket launchers, tanks, magic grenades and twenty foot long miniguns in it, no, you can't.


Resistance is just a perfect game if you have just bought a ps3 it shows of every feature of the console. Graphics, AI and brilliant gameplay. It is a cross beetween Doom and call of duty. It contains the best arsenal of weapons yet to hit ps3, and some of the best looking enimies (if you can call them that)

I own a copy

This game is the best it has laser guns such as the sapper (acid launcher) bullseye, auger etc and human guns such as the carbine. and name one gun that comapares to the hailstorm it's a giant laser death machine its projectiles bounce off walls and it can shoot auto sentries and the games enemies like the chimera look boss and there are so many species in the game of the enemy. it was one of the first games I bought and is my favourite
[Newest]My favourite first person shooter series! :, )

18Battlefield 3
The guns in this game is more real than in Call of Duty. Call of Duty has no good graphics



What is battlefield 3 doing here.
This is ten times better than Call of Duty (children online daycare) right?
MW2 is only full of hackers trickshoters and kids with mics.
I now this for om only 12 and own Call of Duty 4 to blops 2.
The only good Call of Duty is Call of Duty 4.
[Newest]Come on people, at least put this on the top 10!

SO FUN! I think this one is better then the second one.
The narrator has an awesome accent!
I love how you can find goodies and dress up the sack boy!
I had to restart the whole game because of data loss, but I was ok with
AND the tools in this one are WAY more simple then the garbage "advanced" ones. So if you can't get my message, all I am saying is this is one, cute, awesome, fun, and creative! YOU MUST PLAY THIS GAME IN YOUR LIFE TIME!
I love playing this at my friend's house, it's the only game that would make me buy a ps3! Steven Fry (I think that's his name) is in it! The things I like doing most is slamming my friend in the face with a frying pan and trying to destroy him with a gigantic banana!
This game lets you be as creative as you want and the levels are really fun to play too. The second LBP has worse levels, but better objects and whatever to build and customize with. And yes, I love the English accented narrator.
[Newest]REALLY FUN! I love this game!

20Tomb Raider Underworld
Beats Uncharted any day. As well as a fantastic storyline that will hook you until the end. 10/10
Number 1 on my games list.
Great Epic action play, best graphics, and great sound effects. the feeling is definitely one of the best of any other TR game. does surpass uncharted and assassins creed by far...


21Virtua Fighter 5
it s so cool and so reallist when I play that in like the I was in the game


You are cool but don't play a lot that's bad for you okay dud :P so I like your game I will see if'ts cool okay? Friends
By far the best VF game and one of the best PlayStation 3 games ever

22Fallout 3
Needs to be in the top 10 at least. With over hundreds of hours of gameplay, fallout 3 is one of the greatest games ever made
The game of the year edition allows an expansion of the game play to maximize a game that shoild always be part of a true gamers shelf. Why is this game treated so poorly in the polls.
So many hours are clocked in this game and I'm still yet to finish it.

23Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Awesome love the game 1 of the top zombies games ever
This game is very addicting and interactive! Multiplayer is very exciting, too!
How is Call of Duty 4 in the top and this isn't? Seriously, there is something wrong with you people
[Newest]This game is my favorite game I have

24Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time
Arre you kidding me? This is the most fun cartoon style game of all time. I was actually disappointed that I finished the game but I was still content with the epic gameplay, weapons, gadgets and everything. Should be in top 10
This game has major replay value!
This series needs more attention.
[Newest]It's a cheesy game

When I looked at this, I couldn't believe this wasn't in the top ten, honestly this should be in the top three. It has legendary graphics, nice storyline between the good and evil path, and tonnes of fun!
Got this for free as a part of the welcome back program way back in 2011. What a fantastic game. The whole way through the game I kept thinking: "I can't believe they gave me this for free"
How is this game not in the Top 10 or Hell even the Top 20? Great take on the choose your path genre with one of the best platforming engines I've seen in a game.


26Killzone 2
Love this game, great online, great story, great killing people, this answers Halo xbox 360
How did this get beat by multi plat tittles this game is awesome can't wait for the ps4 to continue the story
Over rated game with crappy Halo-like online play. I love shooting someone 300 times just to get them to drop.
[Newest]Is a great game it has good graphics it feels like I'm killing a real man

27Far Cry 3
Best game ever, shooting it out in paradise and it has the best map editor
Come on, does flamethrower, drugs, and dubstep sound familiar? Best game ever.
I liked this game so much. it takes you more closer to reality

28Devil May Cry 4
Awesome Game... You will play it again and again... This game is far better than all... Just play and then comment..
Devil May Cry 4 should be one of the first places, because story, effects are great


great animation, greaphics, sound, voice over, effects, storyline, etc


29Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
I liked this game. It was really fun until I beat it. Then there was nothing to do.
Should be higher than this

30Batman: Arkham City
How is this masterpiece at 63, it should be in the top 5 at least, this game is severely low just for the fact it is a game either no one remembers it or they haven't played it. Its 10/10
Feel like a superhero. Iam not willing to kill even in a video game. That's real super hero Batman. I love this game for the story line and graphics. I will call this flawless

31Resident Evil 5
This game should be in the top ten! Why it isn't scares me and defiantly makes me worry about the future of the gaming industry!
Excellent game. This game should be first.
Awesome graphics and story. Every one needs to play this game

Oh my god, before I didn't get the whole gist of this game and how it was so ground breaking but after I played it for 25 minutes I nearly shat my pants. Rapture is amazing. No other video game world is as unique and original as Rapture. Not even Hyrule, Skyrim, Los Santos, and Arkham.
I could write a whole essay why BioShock is the greatest game ever. It's just amazing.
This game defines perfection


[Newest]Awesome gameplay! Still looking for a similar epic adventure.

33Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
tom clancy is a deffent to get game.
completed it and wish there was more to do even though there are loads of levles
It is a really really fun shooter to pick through a variety of weapons and get to shot some bad guys and the way to get guns you just don't get them all at once you got to earn it whit points like marksman points or CQB points or assault points.

34Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
Totally epic game. Love to play it over and over. Modern warfare 3s campaign is the best campaign on any game. I absolutaly love it. Plus the graphics is like next generation. Plus survival mode is just mint it's like zombies with guns, airstrikes, and juggernauts. Awesome
Best game I have ever played. Especially survival, it like nazi zombies but with air support.
Should be in top ten. Ghosts has best campaign, but it sucks everywhere else.

35Gran Turismo 5
By far the most complete, precise and challenging of any car video game. With an excess of 1000 to collect, you will never get bored! The essence of the game is definitely MULTIPLAYER!
Best game on the PS3. Sure it took forever to launch but it was worth the wait. It has the best graphics, the most realistic physics in any game.
I think every body should get this game 'cause it make professional drivers so that way no accidents will happen
Maybe driving schools should teach driving with this game
[Newest]My favourite video game of all time


36Infamous 2
Great gameplay, improved on the previous game in every way and the story and plot twists were surprisingly amazing only 2 others games have left me with such a shocked feeling (end of HL2 episode 2 and twist in bioshock) plus it's really 2 games in one due to the karma system. Top game!
BEST GAME EVER. BEST GAME OF THE YEAR LITERATELY LOVE IT! TRY PICKING A BETTER GAME BUT YOU find one. Love the characters Cole is hot if you want an amazing game Infamous 2 is the one
A great exclusive and is INSANELY fun. Invite some friends and have a great time. Just play this game, the powers and the gameplay are just awesome.
[Newest]InFAMOUS 2 was a lot better than 1 inFAMOUS was good but two is better

37Assassin's Creed III
The assasins creed series is awesome, especially this one
Amazing game. Fantastic story. And pretty huge frontier.
YES PLEASE. 9.1 out of 10
What! I was playing for3 hours?! Di don't feel that long...

38Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction
this game is so good because it has explosive weapons and awesome cool tech gadgets and a good hero story with ratchet and clank from the future. I give that game a 8.9 for the rate continue for more RACFTOD newer games than that!


Amazing game, one of the best ever, i couldn't stop playing it!
Amazing graphics and i love the story and everythings the best!!!
love the game,has sweet graphics and is by far the best Ratchet and Clank.

39Battlefield 4
BATTLEFIELD 4 IS THE BEST GAME EVER WITH FIFA 14, Grand Theft Auto 5 AND Call of Duty 4!
And yes I'm a 14 year old girl...
I have only played the game a few times and it is already my favorite game of all time.

40Heavy Rain
Heavy rain is so amazing... It has a wonderful dark theme... Awesome this one... It is one of my absolute favourite games... Must be in- at least-the top ten
Heavy rain is one of the best online ps3 games, it should at least be in the top 3 or something. By the way, take of Call of Duty 4
Heavy Rain must be in the top 10 at least! One of the best I've played, good graphics, good animations and excelent story
[Newest]My best game laugh out loud!

41NBA 2K13
Great game. Amazing gameplay and graphics. Very realistic

42Portal 2
I don't think this is just the best PS3 game. I think it is the best game of this console generation.
Such A Great Puzzle Game!

43Call of Duty: Ghosts
I don't like this game
Stop hating it's a really good game!
Amazing there is no way in the world you could fault this
Amazing game

44Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix
Yup no argiment best game number 1 shute up best game

45BioShock Infinite
Bioshock infinite has a great story and fun gameplay and beautiful settings and graphics and the idea is interesting, unique and great if you can understand the plot thoroughly
One of ps3 truly great titles different and engaging

46LittleBigPlanet 2
little big planet 2 is so fun and so many levels to beat because little big planet 1 was amazing but little big planet 2 is eavan better I think it one of the best ps3 games ever.
One of the only good games on PS3 comparably to the sea of useless crap that everyone seems to play

This game kicks butt! Oh yeah, um its me from the LBP 1 thing well I changed my mind! So uh yeah!
[Newest]Look its the best game ever if you have online so basically the best game ever!

47Mortal Kombat (2011)
Just awesome 2D game with 3D graphics. I love it so much. This game should be much higher on this list


Absolutely brilliant game. I spent ages on it, trying to complete the trophies, story mode on the hardest difficulty, the challenge tower and the online is brilliant.
Best game ever! Why so low? Should be in the Top 5!

48The Walking Dead
Telltale is an amazing developer for storylines and the Walking Dead is one of the best in this area of story telling.
I love this game. Get it now

" Arguabley, one of the best games for the ps3. This game changed the way games are palyed. I mean seriously, 74 awards worldwide including GameSpot's Best Shooter of 2005 award. It has to be a good game to have that any awards."
Im going to get this game herd it rockes ass.
Never before has a game made me shake, until now

50Dark Souls
No News to say this game is epic. Easily you play 300 hours without getting tired of it. Actually you always want more.
This game is amazing, I played over 500 hours. I can't play any other game because none I have found can live up to this, except of course demons souls
#38 really? This is not only the greatest ps3 gme but the greatest of the past generation and possibly in the top three games of all time.

51Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
Awesome game for online battles... BIG naruto fan...
The best game in the world. I'm the biggest fan of Naruto. Action and adventure together. GREATEST GAME EVER.
Great game... Everybody should play

52Batman: Arkham Asylum
Why so underrated?!
This game has excellent graphics, story and gameplay.
I've payed most of the games above, and this exceeds the majority of them.
I would say that the Call of Duty games have more replay value but this game is so unique and much better in terms of the campaign.
How could this Amazing game be this far down on the list?


Buy this game... People having brain will buy this game... To me it deserves a much better rank than this... Play it.. you wont regret
[Newest]This Game is AMAZING! Why is it so UNDERRATED!

Great racing game with vehicles ranging from road rash esque bikes and Atv's to trucks to rally cars and a whole other mixed bag of vehicles and dont forget its challenging and brutal difficulty!
top ten at least! this is full of fun! smashing everyone up!


Great if you love racing games

54FIFA 11
Football and FIFA is always great. These games are the legendary games. The FIFA series
Good game and GREAT graphics
Although it comes out in a month, I can tell this will be legendary.

55Call of Duty: World at War
My first time playing Nazi zombies that's when I knew I was hooked for life
Gave the best experience of all the cods, come on guys mw2 is nothing compared to this beast.
Very good game for zombies

56Mass Effect 3

57Battlefield Bad Company 2
This should not be compared to Call of Duty, those are 2 different games. COD is Run and Shoot while BFBC2 is all about Tactics.
This game has 100 times better graphics than COD. Gameplay is better but storyline is not as good.

Still, it should be #1!
Best multiplayer on ps3! This game should be at least in top 10, cod franchise is overrated. In BC2 online you need real skill and play with team.

58Prince of Persia
Is the best in the world
Prince of iran, king of the world

59Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock
Best Guitar So Far Loved It!


Best game ever. So little is said within the confines of the game, but so much emotion and meaning is conveyed in this stellar 2 hour journey. And what a journey it was...
This Might Have Been Number 6 If I Didn't have got Caught Up in good parts of RDR.

61Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
PES 2008 is the greatest soccer game on PS3 and one of the greats!
The most realistic football game of all times

It's a creative fun game you can build houses and redstone stuff like a working computer
I love Minecraft! I play it from 2010 and I'm not tired!

63Demon's Souls
This is a travesty - probably the most individual and important PS3 title there is! Should be a lot further up the list if not at number 1. If you haven't played it give it a try - if you can find it...
Demon's Souls being down here is very sad. It really should be in the top 10 AT LEAST. A definite breath of fresh air to the rpg community.
The best rpg I've ever played. It should be definitely in the top 10. The only games in my humble opinion capable of competing with demons souls is the elder scrolls series.

64NBA 2K12
The most awesome game of nba...
We can play with all the legends of basketball

65Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
I like the game it's outstanding

66Mass Effect 2
A really great game for any fan of RPG's, Shooters, and player driven games. The depth of this game is HUGE and the gameplay is really fun. I never played Mass Effect 3 so I don't know if its better or not.
How is it not number 1! The best rpg to date. Awesome deep story with we some characters and some of the best action around!

67Tekken Tag Tournament 2
It is a great game with awesome fighting skills of all characters and tag combos please vote for this game guys
Only the peoples which has enough skill and brain for playing tekken, love tekken

68Killzone 3
I love this game. It has very good campaign

69Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

70FIFA Soccer 10
Soccer Rocker LETS ROCK! It is awesome and better than stupid Call of Duty
as a soccer fan I just can't get off this game


FIFA so below
The creator of this list is truly a foolish fellow.
And by d way where'e WWE smackdown vs. raw 2011


71Skate 3
Take over the city or make your skate park. Anything is possible.

72Tomb Raider
Best Game I have ever Played. Best PS3 game without a doubt


73Fight Night Round 3
Everything is awesome except the career mode which is a little fake seeings you vs people that are dead and people that don't even exist. Would be better if current boxers were included in the game. other then that awesome game, definitely worth getting!
FNR3 has to be the greatest and most realistic sports game ever made!
Mind Blowing graphics, a more than slight step up from round 2.

74Dead Space
This gm should be in top 10... Part 2 should be in top 5
This game is perfect, scary thought
This game is awesome! Why is it last place

75WWE 2K14
Not really a good game

76Assassin's Creed: Revelations

77Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

78NBA 2K14

79Need For Speed: ProStreet
Wicked game with awesome life like upgrades and huge list of cars, however lacks the free roaming nature of previous need for speed titles.
One of the best games ever I think it should be in the top 10 this is coming for a game make its self.
Creator of:Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.

80Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe
The Best Graphics and playing the Joker just rocks!


Maybe my favorite video game ever!
I hope they make a ps4 version


81Need For Speed Carbon
Its excellent !! definately worth mastering it...
WOW !!
I beat it twice in 4 days it was so fun !
Its pretty hard but fun.

82Resistance 2
Great animation, graphics, effects, sounds and mind blowing monsters!
An amazingly sequel, with brilliant online.


Great online, and I love the splicer


83WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010
It's totally awesome in every mode pure AWESOME


84Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
I also agree Naruto UNS 2 is a good game

85Call of Duty 3
Call of Duty 3 is, sadly, the last in the 'old era' of the series - and it DID NOT disappoint.
I have this game.Absoultely non stop action very good immense!
great game, had me hooked for weeks

86Madden NFL 10
Putting the CPU Skill down and making yours go up will make the experince ten times better.

87Fifa 14
Best game I ever see wow

Amazing game, vast open multiplayer maps, beautiful scenery, tight controls w/ the six-axis, servers are usually pretty easy to get into! I play this game CONSTANTLY!
awesome game, hard at first, but after a few games, it is addictive. Definatley a must buy game for 2007.
got this three weeks ago and not looked back it keeping me from buying cod4... must get it soon

89Orange Box
People nowadays have forgotten how good HL was, it was the best FPS game of all. It is way better than Call of Duty, or boyfriend, really, this game rules!


91FIFA Soccer 13
Love the career mode, not so much ultimate team

92Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

93MLB 07 The Show
an insane game to playy if u r really into baseball

94The Darkness

95Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

96Madden NFL 25

97Deus Ex: Human Revolution

98Army of Two


100Soul Calibur V

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