Grand Theft Auto IV

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Grand Theft Auto IV


This game is a disaster when you use weapons.
It should be in number 1, and assassin's creed...
I think shouldn't even be on the list at all.
This game is so fun when you pass so many missions
In this game. It gets so much more intense when you pass a lot of mission. This isn't specified in the booklet of
Grand theft auto 4

I think this should be number 1 insted of Call of Duty. I mean don't get me wrong I love Call of Duty but Grand Theft Auto's replayability just beats it the game never gets boring and if you play with friends it's a 100 times better.
Best open worlded game ever! Deserves a 1st place! For every one which haven't bought the game jet - Buy it! It's a most have game for PS3! Can't wait for the Grand Theft Auto V!
Grandtheft auto is a awesomely cool game and I play it all the time and my friends play it to and they say that they love it also and after I finish playing it my thumbs hurt and all of my other fingers hurt.
If this game was not made made ps3 woldnt have the reputation that they do 2day putting it in the number three spot is just a complete mistake if there is anywhere it should be it is number one
Grand Theft Auto 4? Number 1? You're the one who must be joking, Grand Theft Auto 4 is one of the most boring games ever, at least in call of duty there are checkpoints in missions, and you don't have to double tap the "sprint" button just to run.
1st. it has amazing graphics 2nd. you can have sex & it shows you 3rd. it lets you have online girlsfriends 4th. you can do anything you wnt to... literaly...
Its the best game I have ever played it has good graphics and great missions it have to be number 1 game of the world. Its fun to play Grand Theft Auto 4.
Amazing if you want to do missions, shoot people go to pubs/clubs or just drive around! Amazing game not to be missed!
Story line was ok graphiics were like a cartoon, and the driving ( for a driving game ) was rubbish played once and got rid of it awful, should have had the driving experience from burnout paradise along with a few stunts mixed with GTA4 would have made the game great.
Top game but not such good graphics compared to other games like uncharted 3, call of duty modern warfare, etc
It's a fun and nice game this game should be number one
I hope Grand Theft Auto 5 is much fun as Grand Theft Auto 4!
Too addictive, story's long but intresting, crazy characters, overall, Top knotch game.
This game is the best it is ten times better than call of duty 4 cod4 makes me throw up it trash
My favourite game I have ever had played it two weeks day and night just to know what happens next totally addicting and fun
This would have been Number 3 if I had made this list before the release of GTA5. Great Game.
Grand Theft Auto 4 is so nice because the graphic quality is high and has super cool cars.
Nice game not ever seen this type of graphics in Grand Theft Auto and good cars too
Very Long Game, Good Cars, Good Graphics, My favorite game of all time. 10 stars
It is a very great game but if they make it more realistic it would be the best
Amazing game 10/10 5/5 brilliant it takes Grand Theft Auto to a whole new level perfect I love 11+ age though
this game is awesome these are the good things about it the shooting and the killing and the sexual content
It is a Rockstar game they put the most time and detail into every game.
Awesome game, graphics, story... I could go on but it is AWESOME!
I LOVE crashing around in cars, getting chased by cops, and doing missions!, good job playstation!

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