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101Rock Band 2

A handfull of songs and a band to master it, fun never comes short in every tune.

102WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011

What the heck is this doing here it is so good enough said.

The best boxing game ever created on this planet

103Fight Night Round 3

Everything is awesome except the career mode which is a little fake seeings you vs people that are dead and people that don't even exist. Would be better if current boxers were included in the game. other then that awesome game, definitely worth getting!

FNR3 has to be the greatest and most realistic sports game ever made!

Mind Blowing graphics, a more than slight step up from round 2.

104FIFA Soccer 12

Best graphics ever! Feels as if you yourself are in the game!

Great game, brilliant multiplayer.

105NBA 2K11
106NHL 14
1073D Dot Game Heroes
108FIFA 11

Football and FIFA is always great. These games are the legendary games. The FIFA series

Although it comes out in a month, I can tell this will be legendary.

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109Mafia II

FIFA Soccer is boring Who needs Christiano Ronaldo when you can have Vito Scaletta? Why kick a ball around a crappy field when you can mow down gangsters with a Thompson 1928?

Shows you the ups and downs of the gangster life. In the Mafia

Vito Scaletta is way more ruthless than Kratos. Vito has an iconic Thompson 1928 SMG for Christ's sake.

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110Army of Two
112Need for Speed: The Run

Enjoyed this game over and over, good online too1, not so keen on the none racing action

113Call of Duty: Black Ops III
114Alice: Madness Returns
115Need for Speed: Undercover

Had the PlayStation 2 version. - playstationfan66

116Max Payne 3
117DEF Jam Icon
118WWE '13
119WWE '12
120Madden NFL 10

Putting the CPU Skill down and making yours go up will make the experince ten times better.

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