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161Mirror's Edge

Game Provides Good And Thrilling Adventure...


162ModNation Racers

Should be the best game or the
11th best because of its creativity it like lbp in every way but you get to race and customize tracks cars etc.

163FIFA 08

The best football game on the market. The graphics are awesome with EA HD. The commentating is in a league of its own. The gameplay and realism is excellent. The ball isn't "on a string" like other titles. Worth every penny!

164Heavenly Sword

Visually excellent game. Game play wise it's in a league of its own, the sixaxsis parts of this game are really fun to, I recommend this to anyone.

Visually excellent game. Game play wise it's in a league of its own, the six axis parts of this game are really fun to, I recommend this to anyone.

165Battlefield: Bad Company

This is a great game. If this is an awesome game then how good will battlefield 3 be? AWESOME GAME MUST PLAY!
Redford: and sweetwater, just shut up
Sweetwater: but I didn't say anything
Haggard: YOU DID NOW!
Sweetwater: that's not fair
Redford: SHUT UP!
Memorable moment

Uh Yeah much better than Call of Duty, only reason Call of Duty is the number 1 is because its pop culture...

Better Than Cod, Just That Know One's Heard About It... I Own Both By The Way - rjhype

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49 really? It's the my 2nd favorite game. sure it was short but it is damn well awesome. lot's of gymics abilities and stuff to break kill or ride on. Come On! - nightblazer534

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167Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Awesome game!! A massive adventure,i was hooked for days,tricky in places,bizaar and different demons and masters constantly.

168F1: Formula One Championship Edition

This one I believe is for those serious gamer who does not want to win a race in the last lap just by pressing boost button

love formula 1! nd what a great experience I've had when playing this game... so realistic! - kameel

this is a really cool game with fantastic graphics and sounds!

169Pro Evolution Soccer 2010
170Pro Evolution Soccer 09
171Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

Indie / download titles are being overlooked in this list

172Twisted Metal

One of the longest running PlayStation exclusive titles is back and better than ever. Every vehicle is balanced so if you join the online crowd a little late, you will still have a fighting chance to survive.

173Saint's Row 2
174Driver San Francisco
175Dragon Age: Origins

I would play this game over and over. Simply Amazing!

176Iron Man 2
178Crysis 2
179Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Core Fighters
180Watch Dogs

This is a good game but graphics are not so right on the PlayStation 3.

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