Resistance: Fall Of Man

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Resistance: Fall Of Man


I got this game from my friend, best ps3 game I have


this is a fantastic game!!! marvelous!!! spectacular!!! once you start you dont want to quit till you finished it or till your eyes bleed and have veins all over your hands!! excellent!
I beat iit in 2 days. This game is so good. It's an exciting shooting, good story, and very VERY good details. basically this game OWNS!
The first game I got for my PS3 when it was released. I can say that during that time, this game was not disappointing.
Great game completed it and great online games! Awesome Graphics and creativity! Brilliant
Best game ever the only game that could beat this is resistance 3 BEST GAME EVER! :)
the man saying that this is going to be the best ps3 game for a long time
Great game all around, online is the bomb, one of best online ever.
oh man I was shocked to see the game that is better than all games
great game!
"like halo and call of duty mixed"
Got the demo looked a little corny... but is fun
Great game changed my view on fps's forever!
I was hooked for 12 hours straight non-stop
My favourite first person shooter series! :, )
Best game to play in any mood when your happy or sad but I like mostly the weapons it gets hard in the end but as you approach the ending youll wish to restart it
couldn't stop playing it for days
THIS IS BEST. I have finished it two times. Its even better to play the second time with new guns. This is it you don't have to buy anything else. I once killed five people with a sniper in a row this is EEPIIC

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