Top Ten PlayStation and Xbox Fails

To honor & their amazing videos, Top 10 Playstation Fails & Top 10 Xbox Fails, we're about to talk about the top ten failures of both Xbox & Playstation.

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1Red ring of death

The Xbox One better not have a red ring of death like the Xbox 360.

2Playstation Network Hacked

Remember when the PlayStation 3 was popular & someone hacked the network? HUGE FAIL ON PlayStation! This is the number one PlayStation fail.

3PSP Go & Playstation Vita

Sony just doesn't know how to get portable gaming right.

4Disk destruction

Xbox FAIL! Don't tilt the Xbox 360 because if you do, it will brake the disk.

5Always on DRM

This is an Xbox fail. Why do some of these games require an Internet connection?

6Puzzling Advertisements For The Playstation 3

Seriously, Sony? Why would these commercials make me want to buy a PlayStation 3?

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PlayStation:PlayStation 3 Pricetag
Xbox:Xbox Live, hard drives & other overpriced accessories
Do you know how much these all cost?

9Motion control

PlayStation Move & Kinect are both copies of the Nintendo Wii.

10Limited backwards compatibility

Some PS3 models have no backward compatibility. Meanwhile, the Xbox 360 has only a few list of original Xbox games you can play.

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11The yellow light of death

"Please no more of that"

12Xbox One
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