Top 10 Pokemon that are Furry Bait

Those Pokemon that infatuate people for some reason. Regardless if you are a furry or not.

How this list considers certain Pokemon furry bait:
> They are bipedal animals/creatures who might have strong humanoid characteristics. (Anthropomorphic)
> They are popular for all the wrong reasons
> Main reasons why people love them if because of the furry bait characteristics (even if you don't realize it)
> It's hard to safely search them online without coming across inappropriate imagery
> Designed to be attractive intentionally, and even seductive

The Top TenXW


Oh great, another one of these lists. Listen, kiddos, regardless of how kid friendly or safe it is, someone on the internet is going to make it dirty. Hell, NSFW Dora or Caillou (as much as this community hates them, I'm aware of) exist, and you guys would think of that as terrible stuff just meant for kids. You guys need to stop acting like everything is safe from the internet's dirty persona or "furries" (which aren't even that bad in comparison to other stuff). - Swellow

Try telling that to the people who literally spam porn of these Pokemon all over the internet and them come back to me. I'm refraining from saying anything too inappropriate for that reason. - Ruee

Thanks, internet. You've ruined this pokemon forever. - Zach808

I like furries, a lot. There, I said it. I love cartoons and I love animals. Put those together and yay. Now you know something new about me so I'll just leave here and never return. - Mcgillacuddy

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No, it is not "furry bait". It's actually one of the better designs of Gen 7. Pretty good statistics, too. Go back to hugging Sceptile. - Swellow

OK, fine, my last response was too negative, hence why I delete it, but my point still stands; Nothing on the internet will be safe, and Salazzle is an example. Besides, girlfriend didn't intentionally make it seductive. - Swellow


I dislike this Pokemon for that reason. - eventer51314


Both Braxien and Delphox are furry bait but Brazien seems to be more of furry bait than delphox. Easier to NSFW of, more favored than Delphox. Literally is in Pokken Tournament over Delphox...huh, I wonder why. - Ruee


Admin, why the hell is Pheromosa categorized as a person rather than a character as an item on TheTopTens...? - ModernSpongeBobSucks

True. Especially since there had been rumors of Pheromosa actually being Lusamine due to their similar appearances. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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8LucarioLucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.

Just look at it how it moves its right hand whenever you feed or pet it in Pokemon Refresh. Doesn't that look seductive? - ModernSpongeBobSucks


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11BlazikenBlaziken, known in Japan as Bashāmo, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.
14Lycanroc (Midnight)
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