Top 10 Best Pokemon Available In Pokemon X & Y

July 29, 2015 - This is based on stats, attacks, appearance, availability and awesomeness. Please no little kids yelling about how Pikachu and Charizard are the best just because they've never played any of the games and have only watched the show.

No people, only Pokemon. And Pokemon that aren't new but are still obtainable in Pokemon X&Y are okay too.
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The Top Ten

Lucario. What makes lucario so awesome? Well, it looks awesome, it has awesome battle capabilities, and it is just awesome in general.
I like lucario its mega evolution is awesome and his aura is powerful
A Pokemon with more weakness then pregnant women

Super fast, and gets STAB from any move he uses with Protean, and gets TWO signature moves! Water shuriken always goes first, and using greninja's speed, Mat Block can protect your WHOLE TEAM so they can attack or set up freely. Overall a very interesting, strong, and competitive Pokemon
Greninja is a beast in battle, and absolutely amazing.
I own one and I liteally destroy with it and since I'm going to change it to a shiny greninja that look like a ninja I'm going to destroy everyone


It is a ROYAL. LIVING. SWORD. Need I say more?

Just by looking at this guy (or girl), you KNOW this Pokemon's gonna be awesome. It looks awesome, it has pretty good stats, and it can punch a hole in a team.

My personal favorite starter. It is a WIZARD for crying out loud, its stats are pretty good, and it's pretty powerful too.
It is my favorite starter and my favorite fire psychic type





The Contenders



Very powerful and by far my favorite Pokemon. and plus you know you can't resist the cuteness of goodra
Goodra is the 4'th strongest Pokemon from Kalos, and unlike other pseudo's, he is very nice and hugs his trainer affectinatly.

Mewtwo is the best Pokemon by for he can learn almost every move and is off the chart with stats eny one who would disagree I will Sheryl destroy your lucario general eny day as well as the rest of Pokemon competition should bow down to a higher power

AWESOME! I use it in every battles and it barely loses. I even used it to battle the elite four and the champion. It can also mega evolve.



Gale wings. Talonflame's signature ability, which gives priority +1 to flying type moves. Let's go a little deeper shall we? Talon flame is fast already, but when moves like Brave Bird and Roost always go first... Add a life orb on to that sucker and Brave bird has around 240 base power after applying STAB. This means you are getting a 1-2 hit KO move.. That goes FIRST. And since he's super fast, even if you use a not flying type move like flare blitz (also about 240 base power with life orb) still has a good chance of going first and killing the opponent


20Charizard X
Don't you mean Mega Charizard X? You forgot the Mega part.


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