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21 Cassidy and Butch

Cassidy treated Butch way nicer than Jessie EVER treated James, so Neoshipping way better than Rocketshipping!

Cassidy couldn't even remeber butch's name in some episodes but I think they'll look cute together

No, you're just a Jessie hater that fail to see the full picture. - Trivona

22 Brock and Nurse Joy

Brock knows which one is which and can tell them all apart is always real sweet with them all! Also, he has a English dub song on them.

I thinks it's sweet that he can tell all the joys apart and a bit strange

That one nurse joy that helped hatched brock's egg I think she'd be a good match for each other. I don't remember the episode, all I know it's in dp. Anyways, Brock helped her get confidence back and showed her that she can do more by helping wild pkmn with their injuries. And now that he's a doctor I think they'd work well together.

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23 Dawn and Zoey

Awesome girls got along really well and balanced each other out really well

It's really cute actually, I didn't watch DP but I looked on the Bulbapedia article and it looked cute.

"I don't have a problem with gay shippings, but this is just nasty."
U obviously do as if u didn't I wouldn't thing two girls who r not related in any shape or form being together as 'nasty'

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24 Tony (Ralph's Nidoran) and Maria (Emily's Nidoran)

Both didn't care about their's trainers hate and just wanted to see each other (but would not betray their trainers even though they wouldn't let the see each other)! So sweet and cute! And 100% canon!

I don't know about this episode but it sounds great

25 Brock and Duplica
26 Sylveon and Umbreon

I never really saw any of the Evee evolutions as like, a dating relationship, I always thought of them more as siblings. My OTP is Vaporeon x Wortortle.

Siblings for the eeveelutions makes sense. Flareon/ninetails, jolteon/megnetric, umbreon/mityena, espeon/houndoom, leafeon/Persian, glaceon/delcatty just some I like

27 Calem and Serena

They look cute together, and they're NOT an anime ship like almost every other ship on this list. And Calem is much better than Ash.

I only choose this because I hate serena who doesn't deserve to get ash.

People say he/she friend-zoned you I didn't see that at least with Serena she seemed real interested in Calem

Anything is better than amourshipping...( I repeat pokeshipping is the best )

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28 Ash and Clemont

No. I swear, people are insane these days. - RiverClanRocks

I swear down... what the heck is this ship?

Literally even when everyone gets pissed at clemont's inventions, ash still fangirls(well, boys) over them

I never saw this... erase from memory... ASH AND SERENA FOREVER!

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29 Ash and Anabel

Not only did they get along well and had fun together, but Anabel had a crush on her as well. What main girl had both of those going for them?

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30 Gary and Dawn

It was so cute how Dawn was wanting him to recite a poem! I love this ship

They got along so well in the episodes they were together.

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31 Red and Yellow

Best shipping should be canon with a new book in the manga.

Hell no! This is my least favorite ship!

Best shipping with so many hints. Yellow shows her feelings so many times in the manga. Even though it's one sided, Kusaka said Yellow is Red's Valintine. There are just perfect for each other. It should be canon!

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32 Ash and Pikachu

This is not only a ship between two completely different creatures but Pikachu and Ash are both boys.

... Is this a joke? This better be a joke. Is this how low we have sunk?

Please tell me this is a joke. I don't want to believe in this.

Pikachu's only true love is ketchup... and ash's only love is serena (fingers crossed! )

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33 Clemont and Korrina

Voting to comment.
1. Age gap: Clemont's about 13 and Korrina is somewhere between the ages of 18 and 22.
2. No signs of a romantic relationship: Just because Korrina told Clemont about her past doesn't mean a romantic relationship,
3. Clemont is too awesome to have a girlfriend, - RiverClanRocks

That one episode where Korrina tells Clemont about her past made me really like this pair

They are both gym leaders, and it's better than shipping with ash.

I like this! Citron and Corni are both gym leaders, have relatives shown in the anime, and have blonde hair.

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34 Barry and Dawn

In the games this is a pretty cute ship!

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35 Gold and Silver

I'd say they're perfect for each other

This is another one of my one true pairings (along with originalshipping and pokeshipping)

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36 Red and Blue Oak

Better than Amour. Screw Ash and Serena. - UselessName

They are literally on a honeymoon in Hawaii lol

This is absolutely one of my favourite pokemon ships (along with preciousmetalshipping and pokeshipping). after watching pokemon origins, these 2 have so much chemistry and I instantly put them together. I used to ship but I knew that there's no way that ash will ever be in a romantic relationship as he never ages. there could be a chance that he'all be with misty because she was the first person he'd met on his journey. I'm not saying she's 'first' (because gary is) I'm saying that she has a more higher chance to be in a romantic relationship with ash (if he ever changes). back to the redxblue topic, if you don't believe me then watch pokemon origins and blue looks like he's showing off to red; it's the only ship with the main characters. thank you for reading my opinion and please don't hate on mine

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37 Umbreon and Espeon

Am I the only one who doesn't like this pairing?

Lol I like these two together. They blend well nicely together :)

Black&purple for the win

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38 Red and Leaf

To be honest, I absolutely hate this ship! I prefer red and blue because of pokemon origins and they have more chemistry.

Well, if twins are like 30+% to have a screwed up baby, a gender bent version of a couple...

And in my humble opinion two people who are cloned personality aren't interesting to see as a couple, nor siblings ether, since it's obvious they are going to have some sort of good relationship more than likely. And you obviously can't balence each other out or help each other grow at all if u are exactly the same. But, to each their own

I love this ship! It should be canon!

Ummm... Was the person who added this referring to Red and Green (girl) in Pokemon Adventures?

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39 Froakie and Fennekin

Really cute how froakie cleaned fennikin's tail when he saw her upset and blushed when she thanked him.

They are so adorable together! And anyone who voted for Ash and Serena have to on this one, since these are their Pokemon C:

I think they look cute together like this. But as a braixen and frogadier, they make a cuter couple!

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40 Cheren and Bianca

They are just so cute together and they could balance each other out well

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