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The fan-made games are the next step for Pokemon fans. And you'd be impressed on the good quality of some of the rom hacks around the internet. Feel free to help the list on growing by giving your opinion, or add a hack you can't find here!

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1Pokemon Light Platinum

The best and the first ROM hack I've ever played!

Some might say this one is the best, well I give it a number 3 - ManuelMetal

It has 2 new region to explore and also we can face Ash it is totally a beast game

Really amazing

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2Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon glazed is the best game I have ever seen.Pokemon glazed have new region and 5 that game has every legendary Pokemon from region 1 to 6.

Would recommend only problem I see so far is the fact you have to glitch to get the legendary beasts but that aside this hack is the best so far.

I could almost say this was a legit Pokemon game. I loved the game, found it better than Light Platinum. It's not as monotonous as Light Platinum, the pace is very good, you can actually get amazing Pokemon at the start of the game. The plot is very good and the people and setting is awesome. 5/5

Best and toughest

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3Pokemon Adventures: Red Chapter

The Best! Since I've read the manga I've felt that was how the anime should've been and this hack is just as entertaining. - ManuelMetal

I read the manga. I loved it. Played this game. Loved it more.

Amazing easily the best rom hack, story is great and the game is long, can't wait for the next beta/update

This is awesome

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4Pokemon Ash Gray

Following the footsteps of anime star ash makes it awesome and certain according to my the best of best hacks

Well, after I come out from the ruins where you find aerodactyl the game freezes!

Anime to the core, follows it like salt on chips

Gotta catch em all

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5Pokemon Omega Ruby (Gba)

What there should be download links

I think this is one of the best hacks I played

Foggy Huffington the same thing as a whole new level benefiting from your computer is not a problem for me to do the needful at the end result was the best way to

How to download

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6Pokemon Liquid Crystal

Follows the plot of Pokemon crystal but what made me like this hack so much is that it still has the night and day system but in real time by that the time on the computer, phone, and etc. - waterlover

I think it's great I love the new things added as well brings back memories

A very good hack that I have truly had fun with! It add some cool things to the original and add the better motor from firered

Best game ever

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7Pokemon Eclipse

It has a good plot and graphics. Although I wish more people will know this game more - waterlover

Though I haven't played much of it, I can honestly say this is one of the best games I've played! I mean come on, you get a shinx as a starter! Who doesn't love Shinx?

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8Pokemon Dark Violet

Great hack, amazing story great music... Only bad thing is that it isn't finished but if it were it would definitely be number one

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9Pokemon Dark Cry

I love it because you get mew. and it has great graphics. Go, Pokemon Dark Cry!

It so cool that you can see every legendry

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10Pokemon Dark Rising

Hard game. But still has a good story. A boy who's in search of his kidnapped father starts a journey to save him alongside his Dragon Pokemon! - ManuelMetal

This should easily be number 1! I've played many other hacks and this one is by far the deepest story line with great graphics and its actually a challenge to beat. The second dark rising is just as great and I can't wait for the third. BEST HACK BY FAR!

Oh my god will this game rip your heart out and stomp on it if you don't level grind your ass off and play very strategically. One of the first Pokemon games that I actually found challenging. 9.5/10

Love almost every thug about this

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11Pokemon Shiny Gold

Gold was one of the first games I played it just brought me back to my childhood it has a few changes pretty cool

Pokemon shiny gold how do I download it

I heard this was the very first Pokemon hack ever... It's a remake of Pokemon gold in a firered rom. Before the HeartGold was made! - ManuelMetal

First hack I ever played and it was revolutionary since heart gold wasn't out at the time.

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12Pokemon Snakewood

Probablly the only Zombie Pokemon hack you'll find. That's it, I said ZOMBIES! A brilliant, original idea like that deserves a top 10 place. - ManuelMetal

This ROM hack is insane in a good way. It starts off with zombies, but then it gets weirder. Trust me, you will come out of this experience a changed person. Also, patience and calm is needed.

This rom is just so dark and stressful, it fills you with that feeling of insomnia.

To good to pass up

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13Pokemon XYZ

It's so super duper game, I am a fan of this game.

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14Pokemon Fire Red

A funny parody of the FireRed version. Mostly it's script editing but there are several world changes as well. - ManuelMetal

Sorry, this was supposed to be Pokemon M.Y.A.S.S. But they've censored it! I know fire red isn't a hack ok? - ManuelMetal

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15Pokémon Sweet

Amazing! It has pretty much infinite rare candies as well as new types and type advantages!

It's a cute game if you are a curious cat and want a little challenge well this hack is for you it is a great game - waterlover

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16Pokemon Ruby Destiny Life of Guardians

Excellent rom hack with great story. The story changes depending on your in-game decisions.

Tons of new Pokemon, amazing storyline, a new map, and everything you could possibly want in a hack, as well as crazy legendaries and possibly the most difficult battles ever faced in Pokemon! (Battling Dark Lugia, the Ruby Destiny, and others are mind-boggling)

Great game with multiple storylines. Very emotional

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17Pokemon Adventure of Green

This game is amazing!

Pretty cool rom.

The starter is jigglypuff Lv5.It learn drain kiss which is FAIRY type.Jigglypuff is my favourite Pokemon.This version have fairy type.

18Pokemon Fusion

Pokemon fusion game is way cool game. And I don't have this game.

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19Pokemon Victory Fire

Coolest hack ever that show's mega evolution

Played all kinds of hacks but this is the one I liked the most

Not really that good. doesn't allow catching any Pokemon for a long time, translation is quite a bit off, encounters with other trainers feel weird, and there's barely any information on the internet (movesets, evolutions, availability of Pokemon...) Its playable though.

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20Pokemon Flora Sky

Best best amazing! Love to definitely

It's a must play, in my opinion, but the map is messed up, and there are just a couple of mistakes, but no bugs. Great game.

A really good hack, but sometimes you get lost and don't know where to go next.

Awesome game

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