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21RoxanneV2 Comments

She became the champion she is equal to Lance

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23Lt. Surge

He spawned the signle best Pokemon fan theory, so he gets my vote.

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You do realize that she might be the strongest Gym Leader Ash has ever faced, right? Or at least one of the strongest! Whatever; the point is, Roxie really rocks.

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He's a ninja... Enough said.

He became an elite four

27GrantV1 Comment

He is so COOL! Even ash had difficulty to win.

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He is the only gym leader in the first 4 generations to not be a first gym leader using rock type.


She is the second hardest gym leader (See Brawly) And definitely deserves to be in the top ten (second. Brawly is really hard! ) Not only do I hate her gym (Until I memorized how to get passed it. ) and her Pokemon. If Brawly wasn't a much harder gym leader, she would get number one.

How does candice do it? I had to do it without a fire type cause it fainted. I was so close to winning! She good!

Candice is such a great gym leader, plus she uses strategy and is easily one of the more charismatic ones. She should definety be much higher on this list.

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32LenoraV1 Comment

One of only two ground type gym leaders and boy did he hit hard, Clay was a trainer you would be hard pressed to beat if you weren't prepared because he had a counter for everything on his team. Plus outside the gym I'm pretty sure he's the most interesting and helpful Gym leader of them all.

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An amazing flying type gym leader she is good at flying plains from what I know she has a big history with flying her grandfather miles was the real gym leader but past it on to her overall she is great gym leader who hard to go against but you will get a liking to her - Tinkerbrat

An amazing flying type gym leader from what I learned is that she knows a lot about plains and her grandfather miles was the previous gym leader of mistralion city overall skyla is a outgoing go getter who is a strong gym leader who you will have a fun time batteling her

She is probably the hardest gym leader in hoenn! And to my opinion hoenn gym leaders aren't that hard

Skyla is so bad! Winona is way better. Skyla is so fat and more fat in the manga

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I love his french accent and his joking after the gym battle. I also love his beautiful milotic it is just amazing.

Juan's awesome he should be in the top 10

Why is Juan so dang low? He used to be the gym leader of Sootopolis, mentors Wallace the Champion, and uses a Kingdra!


For me, a very iconic gym leader and the reason people began to take bug Pokemon more seriously. R.I.P my chikorita

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37WulfricV1 Comment

He's the hardest trainer In the game

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Valerie may not be a strong opponent but she was the first gym leader to show off the new type so that's something

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