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21Toxic/Flame Orb

These two orbs can be very useful. The toxic orb is most commonly used with a Breloom or Gliscor do to their Poison Heal ability, or with a Snorlax with it's Immunity ability (Which prevents him from being poisoned. ) and then by using Fling, it poisons the other Pokemon. The Flame Orb is commonly used with a Conkeldurr for it's Guts ability, maximizing it's attack, but with a small price of health.

You forgot to mention Clefable with its magic guard ability. Facade is like a hyper beam without taking damage from poison and it also protects you from other status abilities.

22Max Repel
23Black Sludge
24Rare Candies

Forget about the money, money, money,

It's all about money, money, money.

26Macho Brace
27Silph Scope
28Super Rod

Just the fact that you can get hidden abilties and rare items with this thing made me vote for this

30Air Balloon

This is most used with Pokemon like Jolteon, Electivire, Heatran, Empoleon... You get the idea. Pokemon weak against ground-type moves. However, I persoanlly prefer the Shuca Berry, because they'll just pop your balloon and finish it with earth power or something.

31Pretty WingV1 Comment
32Ultra Ball
33Eject Button

This is usally used on Pokemon with a status-using attack. This is commonly used with Pokemon like Sabeleye, Politoad, Rotom, etc.

34Exp Shard

It gives your half exp for your weak or strong!

35Soul Dew

This item is SICK. Doubles Latias or Latios' special

V1 Comment
36Scope Lens

Boost critical hit ratio allowing moves like slash and night slash to be nearly more than 50% a critical hit.

Super Luck ability + Scope Lens + High critical ratio move = X-BOOM!

37Shell Bell

Only useful for aron fear sets so you can spam. No use otherwise, and does not heal enough. However, it is a bit low

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38Helix FossilV2 Comments
39Thick Club

Thick club makes marowak unbelievable strong boosting his attack by x1.5

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40Sacred FireV2 Comments
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