Top 10 Pokemon Mega Evolutions


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The Top Ten

Mega Charizard X
Just a great DD sweeper and the original.
Charizard is always the best

2Mega Blaziken
SWEEPS! All you need to do is let your opponent switch out on mega blaziken, set up sword dance and speed boost, then spam high jump kick, flare blitz, etc.
He can OHKO Pokemon with a good moveset and high attack.

3Mega Lucario
Charizard is too overrated. Lucario would maim Charizard in a battle, even though it is weak to fire. It GETS AN INCREASED STAB. Do you know what that means? 240 base power close combat. Plus Lucario is faster than Charizard X and would knock it out with a Dragon Pulse.
Mega lucario is so cool and awesome


4Mega Absol
It turns the dark and mysterious Absol into a creature of angelic grace and beauty while still keeping the awe inspiring yet fear instilling look that Absol always had.
Has an amazing design that brings out its inner grace. It also gets magic bounce, an ability that can reflect status moves like stealth rocks.

5Mega Gardevoir

6Mega Alakazam
A much better sweeper than any mega Charizard could hope to be. And the design is just a perfect natural progression.
Plus with five spoons he makes even the toughest of Vannilites shiver in fear.
His design is awesomeness
Having the highest sp. Att of all non-legendaries, being the fastest of all megas, and getting the trace ability makes it amazing! Many of the leads these days have Sturdy, Leviatate, or Prankster, so you can take advantedge of that! Mega Alakazam is defienetly my weapon of choice, because of it's supreme power. EAT YOUR HEART OUT, MEGA LUCARIO!

7Mega Aggron
Mega aggron's defense stat is high and its ability to weaken super effective moves mave him a badass

8Mega Mewtwo Y
Come one is is a force to reckoned with in online wifi battles
Please its overall stat is 780! Higher than arceus!

9Mega Blastoise
Very cool, very cool indeed

10Mega Pinsir
Guys, stop using Talonflame. Use Mega Pinsir, because he is the real deal. Aerilate is amazing, and so is his B-A design. Return and Earthquake wreck anything that is not an armoured bird, a stupid washing machine, or AA-j. Quick Attack maims faster mons. And Swords Dance boosts this guy's power to unimaginable levels. Simply put, this guy WRECKS!

Shout out to Haydunn to making Pinsir cool before 6th gen.

The Contenders

11Mega Gengar
Every one knows that Charizard, Mewtwo, and Grachomp are way overpowered, but they still get a mega evolution, but Gengar deserved one after all the critisism it gets from the manga/anime/mystery dungeon/video games

12Mega Kangaskhan
Come on this thing can attack you twice so just use dissy punch and hit 10 times!

13Mega Scizor

14Mega Gyarados

15Mega Mewtwo X

16Mega Heracross

17Mega Venusaur

18Mega Houndoom
Mega Houndoom as always helped me out in the tightest pinches! Why is it so low on the list?

19Mega Tyranitar
Amazing in all stats. His ability even changes the weather into a sandstorm adding even more so. Defense. Op!

20Mega Ampharos

21Mega Garchomp

22Mega Charizard Y

23Mega Manectric

24Mega Mawile

25Mega Abomasnow

26Mega Medicham
I will put it in my team 2 battle team in Pokemon x and y

27 Mega Banette

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