Top Ten Pokemon That Need an Evolution


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It is strong already. Why must it need another evolution? - Kiteretsunu

2AerodactylV1 Comment
3Zangoose & Seviper

Who would want to see one of the most hated rivalrys get an evolution

4Arcanine & NinetalesV1 Comment
5SableyeV2 Comments

It should become ground/fighting with the bone doing the fighting

Ehh... most of the ones on here don't need an evolution like nineties and aerodactle. But marowak would definitely have a cool evolution. It's would be like when its grown up and by then, its matured and gotten over its mother so it removed the scull over its head and we get to see its true identity - itz_izzy

Marowak is sad enough. To have it evolve into some Dragon/Ghost thing named Drabone or some Dark/Ground thing named Skuller, then I would never play Pokemon again.


Me think JYNX NEEDS a evolotion. Look. Just look at it. Weird ain't it?

8Eevee Evolutions

Everybody loves Eevee just because it has all these evolutions but Eevee is so lame and literally everything in the Pokemon universe can kick its butt in battle.

I want a dragon, steel, and fighting type for gen 8

I'm expecting they'll make Fighting, Rock and Steel Eeveelutions next.

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He has good a great look but it still has a lot of unlocked potential

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Who knows, maybe if it evolved, it wouldn't completely suck.

Dunsparce is a pethetic excuse for a Pokemon it needs to evolve and now

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He was great when I first got him in a trade in gen 1 but later in the game and threw the generations he went down hill


It's one of the worst normal Pokemon in Hoenn and it has one of the worst base stat total it would be a help to this weakling


Unown evolution will learn more than hidden power A MOVE ALL Pokemon CAN LEARN BY TM!

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Of course a fairy pikachu ripoff it's base stat total is exactly 431


It can become like a Pegasus with wings


The evolution of Shuckle should be Chuckles.

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