Top Ten Pokemon That Should Get a Mega Evolution


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21 Groudon Groudon

It could mega evolve from primal form to mega primal groudon and get the ability huge power along with 150 base speed and better defense

Uh, He doesn't need a Mega. He already has one... sorta.

Duh he got is primal form he doesn't need a mega

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22 Chesnaught Chesnaught V 1 Comment
23 Manaphy Manaphy
24 Delphox Delphox
25 Cloyster
26 Noctowl Noctowl V 1 Comment
27 Xatu

Come on guys, people are just growing onto them, needs to be a fast special attacker

28 Samurott Samurott

They should make one because it would be awesome. I think they should make it more like a samurai.

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29 Hydreigon Hydreigon

Mega launcher dark pulse would be awesome

It needs to be faster than Greninja and have a better ability such as sheer force or contrary.

30 Wailord V 1 Comment
31 Flygon

This Pokemon needs a mega evolution Game Freak you have really screwed up!

Give it better speed so people would have reason to use it over garchomp

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32 Kabutops
33 Serperior

Great Idea we certainly need a grass dragon type I can't believe we still don't have that type combo

A mega of Serperior would be so cool

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34 Greninja Greninja
35 Bronzong
36 Cofragius
37 Scizor

They already made a mega scizor

38 Froslass Froslass V 2 Comments
39 Jynx

Who the hell would want a Mega Jynx? - N64Dude

Mega jynx will literally be Niki Minaj

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40 Torterra

Can't see this happening it would be way too powerful

Actually Torterra really needs a Mega Evolution, and maybe even that wouldn't save it due to one simple fact: IT AIN'T GOT A MOVEPOOL. Okay, of course it does, but what I'm saying is it doesn't have a wide movepool. At all. Mega Torterra might be able to redeem the awesome ecosystem tortoise.

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