Top Ten Pokemon That Should Get a Mega Evolution


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41 Hoopa Hoopa
42 Keldeo Keldeo
43 Luxray

Electric dark all the way bra it would be the best mega guys

It would definitely have the best mega ever!

Another Powerful Electric type Mega!

44 Zoroark

The master of illusion becomes the god of illusions

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45 Unfezant
46 Heatran Heatran V 1 Comment
47 Octillery

Turn it into an anti-tank cannon (Steel) and give it more definitely+SP.definitely to even out the low Speed. Make it the second Water/Steel to exist in Pokémon History

48 Dugtrio
49 Sableye Sableye

Sableye is going to get a Mega in the gen 3 remakes

50 Golem

Golem needs help. 4 (water + grass) + ground + ice + fighting + slowness = Arceus help him

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51 Goodra Goodra Goodra is a fictional creature in the Pokemon franchise. Introduced in the 6th gen, Goodra is a Dragon type Pokemon. It is the evolved form of Sliggoo and the final evolved form of Goomy. Classified as the Dragon Pokemon, Goodra is a very slimy, yet affectionate Pokemon, and likes to hug its trainers, more.
52 Salamence Salamence

Salamence is a hard core badass. Its only downfall would be its x4 weakness to ice. That being said, making a mega salamence would be their chance to fix that.
Oh yeah, and it would just be absolutely wicked

Guess what? Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire came out and gave METAGROSS AND SALAMENCE MEGAS!

All pseudo-legends should get mega evolutions.

I can't believe you people. It is the best

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53 Lugia Lugia V 3 Comments
54 Magikarp Magikarp

It would be good for those people who keep magikarp cause of their defense.

Seriously no way he would crush god

Mega Evolution is for fully evolved Pokémon. Though Gyrados got one I think Magikarp doesn't need one, or deserve one. - aarond9010

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55 Deoxys Deoxys

If Rayquaza got a mega evolution, I don't see why Deoxys shouldn't get one, since they are natural enemies, they they should have the same strength, but now Rayquaza totally over powers Deoxys!

It should get stance change as its mega ability along with fighting type and a STAB close combat.

Deoxys may have one of the most op Megas in Pokemon. It would have a large speed sp. Atk attack defense and sp. Definitely - aarond9010

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56 Meloetta Meloetta
57 Typhlosion V 1 Comment
58 Granbull Granbull

Mix it with dark, add spikes to its back and tail, some more fangs, a longer tail, black paws, more ears?

59 Pyroar Pyroar V 1 Comment
60 Zangoose

As long as seviper also got one. Seriously guys... Zangoose has a great move pool... Give it a bit more bulk and a bit more speed and it could wreck.

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