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61 Marowak V 1 Comment
62 Palkia Palkia
63 Tyrantrum Tyrantrum Tyrantrum is a fictional creature in the Pokemon Franchise. Introduced in Gen 6, it is a Rock/Dragon type Pokemon, and is the evolve form of the fossil Pokemon, Tyrunt. It is classified as the Despot Pokemon. 100 million years ago, before its extinction, Tyrantrum was an invincible predator with its more.
64 Unown

Don't feed the troll guys.

65 Porygon-Z

This Pokemon took forever to get and it's not even that good, still pretty good though.
Could be better.

V 1 Comment
66 Farfetch'd
67 Nidoking Nidoking

I can't keep these two apart.
I can't.
But remember how good these guys were at winning the game during 1st gen?
Good times... But I've been introduced to competitive play, and... I can't play them, I want to, But I can't...

68 Drapion

If it got better speed it could go beast mode with swords dance

V 1 Comment
69 Swampert Swampert

Why do I keep seeing Pokemon that do have mega evolutions

Confirmed Mega Evolution in gen 3 remakes

70 Rayquaza Rayquaza Rayquaza is a Legendary Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. It lives in the ozone layer, and frequently stops battles with Kyogre and Groudon, two other Legendaries.

Rayquaza is awesome and would be better if it had a mega evolution

He got one it is as good as mega Mewtwo plus he is a tank #raquazamyfavpokemon

V 1 Comment
71 Shuckle

Keep its Defense and Special Defense the same and increase Special Attack, Attack and Speed

Shuckle needs to have more health.

V 1 Comment
72 Pelipper

Huge power dive. TOO OP.

73 Kingdra

It should get boosted speed and the ability primordial sea and it would wreck

74 Vanilluxe

Best ice type in my opinion

75 Chandelure

Chandelure is awesome with his ghost and fire type plus he's a ghost

76 Infernape Infernape V 1 Comment
77 Breloom Breloom

Breloom would be absolutely unstoppable if he had a mega evolution. A speed boost would be my top priority.

Yes, a speedster would be good for a mega. - aarond9010

78 Yanmega

I have the design: a monstrous dragonfly that looks evil and dangerous! Bug/Dragon for typing and speed boost for ability. Give it more bulk and a boost in sp. Atk (speed, you have speed boost) and BAM! My dream comes true. Mega Yanmega is my dream.

79 Cryogonal

He should have a different appearance. Or maybe he will be made out of mist! That would be cool. That would mean he would be able to dodge lots of attacks.

80 Golurk

Come on. He's a huge defending golem with jet boots. What's not to love? All of that strength should be expanded on.

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