Most Popular Female Celebrities

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The Top Ten

Jackie Evancho
A better singer than anyone else on this list, and also has 3 Top 10 CD's, and just getting started with acting career.
Incredibly talented singer, at the age of 14 has had her own PBS "Great performances" T.V. Special TWICE, with the third one in production.
Also made acting debut opposite Robert Redford in "The Company You Keep".

2January Jones

3Stana Katic

4Christina Hendricks

5Scarlett Johansson
She is pretty plus her acting skills are amazing.

6Miley Cyrus
Yeah man she's all of those things commented on the other singers


Everyone at my school hates Miley Cyrus. But I secretly love her and her music. I think she rocks. Yah.
She is so popular. And it's damn true. Her songs are known by everyone in all over the world. Her latest song wrecking ball sold much copies in a week than anyother singer. She is so hot, her songs are great so I think she should be in the Top.

7Hayley Westenra

8Taylor Swift
She's amazing and especially funny for breaking up with Harry styles! Good choice :) she's a really good singer and is a great celebrity in my opinion!
LOVE TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT! I have 4 of her albums and I especially love her greatest hit "WE ARE NEVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER' Who! Know her like the back of my hand! LOve you Tay!
Your awesome Taylor just like me
[Newest]I live in the neighborhood next to the one she lived in

9Kristen Bell

10Lady Gaga

The Contenders

11Angelina Jolie
she is a beatiful actress, hot and spicy
Jolie Mouth whata bout
No question she is the worldsbeautiful woen she is the who is at the top of this list

12Avril Lavigne
Beautiful rock chick who stands up for what she believes in... What's not to love? Love you Av <3 x
She's an amazingly good singer and an amazing person, I would do anything just to meet her.
Avail or Selena both awesome

13Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston is beautiful inside and out.
a very pretty women who is totally talented

14Katy Perry

Amazing pop artist, evolutive and gorgeous. She inspires thousands of people like me and brings hope in this so so so sad world.

16Aishwarya Rai
a beautiful women and good actor

good singer and even better dancer

18Beyonce Knowles
After Tina Turner she is the most powerful music star all over the World!
Why she is this low on the list! At least be in the top 10!

19Selena Gomez
I think Selena Gomez is the most popular most pretty and most nice
Slow Down the song
She is the most beautiful girl from inside and outside that the worls has witnessed

20Sandra Bullock
"Great very great person and actrest

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