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The Undertaker
Even as a heel, everyone will still love him. One of very few, only few wrestlers can play heel and be popular: Undertaker, Randy Orton, Edge, Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk. Not including Cena because he's really never a heel.
The Undertaker is indeed the most popular and greatest wrestler of all time. His legendary 20 plus career that he has behind him, his undefeated streak at Mania, and all his title runs are just the start of his legacy. Nobody plays their character and gimmick as well as he does. He has earned respect, which makes him the most respected wrestler, and the leader backstage.


This isn't the most popular wwe wrestlers, this is the best of the popular characters, and if there is anybody who deserves to be at the top, it is the Undertaker, why is he so great? He has been in the business longer than anybody else and still wrestles, Hulk Hogan is in the business but doesn't wrestle, The Undertaker has been everybody's favorite and that's because he is genuine to us, he has only been in the wwe
[Newest]He is the best and will be the best forever.
More comments about The Undertaker

2John Cena
No one in the wwe dare to beat john cena because all knows in wwe that cena's power is uncontrollable and unmeasurable, victim}batista, edge, rko, and...



who doesnt kno who john cena is


The Chain Gang Solider never gives up and never backs down from any challenge. He's got a streak at wrestlemania of 3-0. HE IS THE PROTOTYPE


[Newest]He is the man who got many knockouts but he stood up


3The Rock
Not the best but definitively the most popular Wrestler ever. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has made his imprint on popular culture through his wrestling accolades, movies, and the entertaining industry. The most entertaining person to watch. As far as wrestling is concerned he is definitely in the top 5.
Well I have listened many to say The Rock is famous for his best mic skill but I watched his almost all wrestling & noticed he was not only best at mic but his wrestling skills really impressive. The Rock is not only best at mic, accept it Jabronies The Rock is also best into the ring & of course The Rock has the guts, ability to take any challenge to single & many together & defeat them anytime. THE ROCK is the GREATEST wrestler of all time.
every single time he gets in that ring and on the mic the whole atmosphere just rises, and he makes hairs stand up on the back of your neck! amazing character
[Newest]What do yo do..? It doesn't matter what you do... :D

4Stone Cold Steve Austin
I don't know Why people gonna refuse a person who got the persona to take a company like WWE which ranked 17 at his time and single handedly he take the company to the first position who made rock a real super star... He is the only super star in the history of WWE who had won only 6 times for WWE championship. But still popular than both hogan... Rock... Hitman... Ric flair... Undertaker and even his time 1996 -2001 he made every super star to work hard to compete him. He is the creator of Rock & WWE without him... I think no body can give that 100% thing to this game.
The guy was so popular he got millions of people to buy a shirt that only had the word "what?" on it.
yeah should be number one he was big for ratings one night monday night raw scored a 9.2 in the ratings I think the most ever. Now it only gets about a low 3's or higher 3. all because of the pg ratings and the stupid celebrity guest host looses a true wrestling fans. I sure do miss the attitude era


[Newest]Stone cold is the most popular ever and if not for him WWE would have lost the monday night war. Still sales as much merchandise as anyone.

5Hulk Hogan
When wrestling was at its pinnacle, there was NO ONE as popular as Hulk Hogan. Could he wrestle? No. Could he play the part? Absolutely. Put any ten wrestlers in a line-up, world wide, and more people would know who Hogan is than anyone else in the history of the sport... With the simgle possible exception of Andre the Giant.
Not the greatest but easily the most popular wrestler ever,


What you gonna do brother when me and my 24 inch pythons run wild on you!
[Newest]Should be #1 but most his fans don't know how to use a computer.

6Triple H
He is the Chief Operating Officer. HE STILL IS THE BEST INRING SUPERSTAR ALIVE. The universe stand tall when TRIPLE-H took the sledge hammer and
Pounded it on the DAMN nash's jaw and send him to fiery hell.
He's won basically every title! Beaten basically every opponent! Legends like The rock and Undertaker have fallen at his feet! He has got Charisma, strength and the perfect look for a wwe superstar!
He been wrestling for 20 years now he defeated Undertaker, John Cena, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, and Stone Cold he beated almost every top dog Past and Present


7Shawn Michaels
He is my favorite guy ever I have my favorite bands and guitars and stuff but him he is more than a roll model to me but me is my favorite gut ever wean he quit I was heartbroken and sad I just can't get used to him being gone there well never be one like shawn michaels never! Shawn is better than all these wrestlers he should be number 1
He is just the main event you have to just watch when ever he plays. He was the guy to watch every time he wrestled. He would bring new things to the wring he was just great.
Shawn Michaels is the show stopper, Mr. Wrestlemania, He deserves to be at least above Non Wrestlers like John Cena. Did we forget who he is?
Come on Guys!

At least he's one half of D GENERATION X.
[Newest]He is the best he is no. 1 No other wrestling can even dream of being HBK no undertake no cena no rock no one

8Rey Mysterio
He is amazing to watch and he has always been my favourite wrestler and always will be the high flying energetic guy that makes people love the wwe.
All the kids in school have this guy as favorite.
Rey Mysterio is the fastest and littlest man out there and he makes it look so easy


9Randy Orton
I'm like in love with guy. Not just because he's sexy but his also because he has amazing skills in the ring. Should be #1.
I am very happy about you won M. B
The legend killer, says it all

Batista is the strongest because he great khali's home turf :the Punjabi match. Batista 's definitely #1! Because he said khali " You don't know what it's like to be in a cage with "the animal".
He is super dude. He deserves to be in the top 10 and who the hell is The cuban "ass"asin
one of the best and most deserving world champ..
[Newest]I love him but John Cena better

The Contenders

One of the if not strongest characters ever, literally picked everyone up and in less than a year and a half since his debut in wcw has captured a following like no other, listed win streak of 174. Great entrance theme, great in ring ability, great finisher. No one else comes close. "Who's next? "
He beat undertaker brock lesner big show batista john cena randy orton. He's the best wrestler, he can beat HBK H. But now he's not in wrestling. I miss him very much. I think one day he will come and beat everybody in wwe
He is real giant in WWE. No one can beat him in right way to the ring. His power can unstoppable one in the ring. He is best in WWE.

12Bret Hart
He whooped austin in his prime over and over by brute hatred. He was great for the business and he has beat all the greats.. Austin undertaker Michaels flair sting goldberg.. On and on..
The best there is... The beat there was... AND... The best there ever will be...
The Excellence Of Execution

Great wrestler. He is the king of all masked fighters and when he unmasked it was a shock to people. But he got a lot of attention
Kane is known for his destructive nature, whenever Kane comes out every one is scared and other wrestlers don't wanna mess with him


Kane is strongest, toughest, scariest monster to step in the ring with his terrifying mask and his red and black suit Kane can destroy anyone who dares to step in the ring

14Big Show
I love the big show. He should be one of the top ten

29-time CHAMP is totally awesome. The Rated ARE Superstar was the first Mr. Money In The Bank, has a streak at Wrestlemania of 5-0 and is stronger, faster, smarter, quicker, awesomer and more agile than anybody in the WWE


If you're talking WWE you're talking about Edge. The guy was super passionate about wrestling; it's sad that he had to retire. His performances were so engaging that I had goosebumps whenever I watched. I will never forget the classic "SPEAR. "
Edge put his heart and and soul into wrestling he was the ultinate bad guy then he could be the ultimate face he did everything for the fans and the only way he can't now is because of his injury other wise he would be wrestling right now

The Icon. He and The Undertaker are the two best things that happened to the wrestling business.
People would tune in to WCW just to see what Sting would do, and his feud with nWo changed wrestling for ever.
Charismatic, entertaining and arguably the epitome of WCW when it was at its peak.

17The Ultimate Warrior
The benchmark is beating the hulkster in terms of popularity and hogan was really the man.. It was only UW eclipsed him.. He should be #1. His memory will stay forever even if he only wrestled in a short period of time unlike the guys above
Best entertainer, his popularity in the late 80's was incredible

Captian Charisma - It sad that the WWE try to hold down his popularity!!!
This guy deserve more than what he gets.. he's one of the best around
He is great at what he dose but deserve a story line like edge got

19CM Punk
He is good at all wwe people's
Best in the world enough said
The best in the world
[Newest]The longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era. Enough said.

20Andre The Giant Roussimouf
The original super heavyweight,may his soul rest in peace

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