Top Ten Most Popular Singers For 10 Year Old Girls


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The Top Ten

Taylor Swift
She is such a talented and great singer! I love almost all of her awesome sonGS! ALL OF MY FRIENDS LOVE HER TOO! I mean compared to Lady gaga she is way more age appropriate for 10 year old girls!
Taylor swift's voice is one of the most beautiful voices I have heard.
And she's not only a singer but a Song Writer too. I love all her songs and I love her.
her song are original, and no cursing and you can also hear the words
[Newest]She is the best song artist ever in the history of music
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2Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is awesome! She is a great actor and a better singer than hannah montana and all of those girls. She is individual, unique, funny and doesn't copy the other stars. She is not all weird dressing and she isn't full of herself. I think Selena is rocking!
I personaly LOVE Selena Gomez she is my Idol I think she sets a good example for kids
Not only is she a good singer, but a good role model.
[Newest]Selina is amazing she is one of the first people I have ever listened to and I still do. She is also my role model.
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3Katy Perry
Katy Perry is the best singer ever In my opinion, she should be WAY higher, preferably HIGHER than idiotic justin bieber...

P.S. I am a 10-year-old girl talking here and I know better.
Just listen to her wow she is amazing really she is cool
Katy Perry is an awesome singer and person! She's a way better role model than people like Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga and should be at the TOP of this list in my opinion.
[Newest]! She is my idol

4Demi Lovato
I voted for Demi Lovato because she is an amazing singer and she has a great voice for a teenager If you think I'm lying listen to her songs they are AMAZING! Please vote for her she has cute stylish outfits and doesn't care about the press at all.
Demi Lovato is an amazing singer and should be an inspiration to many young girls. There are people like Lady Gaga and Eminem (even though they are both talented) that shouldn't be on the list because this list is for 10 year olds.
She actually puts heart and soul into what she sings and not about boys all the time
[Newest]I think Demi and this is faith hill

5Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus was great for ten year old girls a year ago, but since she changed her lyrics and appearance, she isn't appropriate for girls of this age. her old songs were better
hi I love nobody's perfect and I got nerve there
What in the world is she doing over here in 3rd position? She should be in No. 1 hands down. Wanna know why, then try listening to ONE IN A MILLION or PARTY IN THE U.S.A. or ORDINARY GIRL. Just try.
[Newest]I like her songs a l

6Nicki Minaj
She is a really good role model for rapping and singing and she has a hole different voice for both of them she is the BEST her out fits are a bit to much though but other wise perfection your awesome as um yeah
Are you stupid!? She is a terrible role model! Just watch the video of anaconda and listen to her songs! This is coming from a 10 year old! I don't understand some people at all.
I love Nicki. She just inspires me she makes me know that I can do things.! Go Nicki.!
So.. Lyrics like "You a stupid hoe" inspires you? We can't be friends


I love nicki minaj and I really would love 2 be like her even though she got fake you know stuff she still a good rapper and singer
[Newest]She can't sing, can't rap, I could go on. Not a good role model for anyone.

Yeh - She is the best singer in the world and she really sings with meaning. She may dress rather weirdly but she can sing like a person that wants to really make people like her. That is what a singer should do! I think people know that.
Love her sings awesome
! She is my favorite singer of all time! All her songs are catchy! My favorite are: Love the way you lie part 2, you the one, raining men ft. Nicki minaj, stay ft. Miley ekko, nobody's business ft. Chris brown, and Love Song ft. I don't know who but its a guy. She is amazing!
[Newest]Shes got such a great voice! Its what inspired me to be a singer

8Carly Rae Jepsen
If your addicted to saying the same exact words every time in a song why not try this song " Call me maybe " By Carly Rea Jepson..
I know I'm a girl and I'm not a les but I love her and her songs
She is the most talented person I've met. And yes I said MET. She is a wonderful singer and deserves to be way closer to if not number one.
[Newest]I love her song call me maybe and

Kesha you rock:-)
Ke$ha is nice and got a great voice
You people are idiots! Ke$ha is not supposed to be for 10 year old's. She talks about drugs, partying, and sex.
[Newest]Ke$ha is awesome! I ❀️You so much you rock also Ariana grande I love love me harder

10K.S. Chithra
She is favourite singer of Children
Who the heck is this women? ~coming from an 11 year old who is suppose to know all these people.
Everybody love her singing way
She no good singer
[Newest]Who is this girl?

The Contenders

11Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson is such an inspiration to see and listen to
I think she is the best because she can any note you give to her and she is the most famous person and I am doing a song from from her for the talent show and the teachers said I had a great talent and she is the best you rock kelly clarkson
I think she is the best singer that is why I am doing a project on her called the wax museum.
[Newest]Kelly Clarkson should SO be in the top ten! Her voice is awesome and so are her songs! She's way better for a ten year old than Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj.

12Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber isn't only for ten year old girls
Justin Bieber sucks. I don't like him. He needs to learn that there were little girls who liked him but when he went bad he practically taught them to do the same thing as him. So he needs to pay attention to his fans and there ages.
Something wrong with Justin beiber. And this is coming from a ten year old!

13Lady Gaga
Lady gaga is awesome! I like her voice but her videos may not be for kids. I highly recommend lady gaga because she a good example to kids that have been bullied and she has a great voice and even though she dresses weird her voice and singing is awesome although some of her songs and videos may have inappropriate words. Hope this helps!...
Kids don't have to watch her videos, in fact best not to, but they can listen to the most kid-friendly of her songs; for instance, Bad Romance, Poker Face and You and I.
She's awesome she expresses her self she doesn't care what people think of her

14Niall Horan
He's AMAZING I LOVE HIM I WANT TO MARRY HIM! If you don't like him well...WHY NOT!

He's blonde hair, irish accent (to die for! ) he's perfecct
Really good singer my sister loves him
He is so no1 I am a ten year old speaking and I am telling you him and the whole one direction have to be no1 or else😑😑😑😑😑😑
[Newest]Niall, you are what my heart needs! :) I love you a BUNCH!

15Harry Styles
Cute funny awesome and nice
This guy is so on not popular same with the other guys from 1d
When did he turn into a girl?
[Newest]I would marry you

16Liam Payne
Liam is an awesome singer and I love his new and old haircut. Who doesn't, right?
I love you Liam, you're the best singer ever and I have a 1D fat head

17Carrie Underwood
Carrie is an amazing singer and you can't go wrong with any of her songs plus they don't have any
Bad words!
uh duh carrie underwood she rocks I like taylor and kelly too and some miley and lady gaga
Carrie underwood rocks! I want to be "Blown Away" HAHAAHA!
[Newest]Good singer for kids

18Louis Tomlinson
I love Louis I can't stand him!
I love Louis his voice is awesome
I love all of one direction

19Bridgit Mendler
Has a great voice and to top it all of, she is an actor for Disney Channel and stars in Good Luck Charlie and other movies such as Lemonade Mouth!
I love Bridgit Mendler she is a amazing singer/actor and a great influence for younger and older children she just has a very friendly aura.
Number 16? Really? At least Bridgit can actually SING. I'm surprised that Nicki Manaj is on the top 10. All Nicki does is shake her stupid butt in the camera. Bridgit however, has a nice voice, I wouldn't say she's the best, but she's really good.
[Newest]She dose have a amazing voice

Adele is awesome! Rolling in the deep, someone like you, set fire to the rain and skyfall are the best. I am a ten year old girl and those are my favourites!
I love her songs and honestly to me she is a good role model too
I love adele so much that if I meat her I would freak!
[Newest]Cool love fire to the rain

21Zayn Malik
Zayn is so cute and he is a great singer people should vote for zayn!
Zayn Malik is the cutest boy in the world people should vote for zayn
You're the only person who is really a gentleman.
[Newest]He is so awesome

22Hilary Duff
I love Hilary Duff!
I am anonymous but just guess who I am by the way I love my fans
I love her! Exotically in Lizzie Mcguire!

23Ellie Goulding
I love her new song it is AWESOME!
Her voice is the best I live her high voice it is very pretty and I wish I could be a good singer like her and plus she is very beautiful
She is an amazing singer with a beautiful voice
[Newest]She is AWESOME. Trust me, she is!

24Cole Parker
He is so funny and a great young actor and rapper!
So cute and funny!
What go higher you stunning guy


25Jackie Evancho
Jackie invites young (er) people to share the stage with her during concerts. She is very encouraging toward child musicians and singers. Children who love good music love Jackie.


Jackie Evancho is proof to every 10 year old that their dreams can come true!
Shocked the world when she appeared on "America's Got Talent" at the age of only 10 years, showing that she may have been the most talanted 10 year old in history.
Now all of 14 years old, she is the perfect role model for kids and adults, being ever-humble, hard-working, and above all striving to be as good as she can be.
Broke Michael Jackson's record as the youngest artist in Billboard 200 history to have a Top 2 and Platinum CD, and also the youngest artist to have their own PBS "Great Performances" T.V. Special TWICE.

26Little Mix
They are sooo awesome, I am listening to change you life right now
Little mix are so cool! I like them so much, I even have got to meet them 3 times! I think they should at least be in the top ten not 29.
Little mix is the best with all those songs people should vote for them my favourite is jade

27Zendaya Coleman
She is such a awesome acrtor and singer what else could she be oh yeah she can be he best girl singer in the worl shes so talented she is silly funny and great
She is just amazing.I love her songs. She can dance, sing and act!
Zendaya id one of the best singers I have ever heard and I love her song "replay"
[Newest]Your such a talented singer and actress

28Cindi Lauper
I love Cindi Lauper!
I love cyndi and time after time it's the bestπŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"πŸ˜"😜😜😜πŸ˜"🎀🎀🎀and I am a ten year old Yeah I love 80s

29Britney Spears
Britney Spears in a in spire's person she is beautiful she is extant at sinning and I really wish you could get back to me
I'm 10 I LOVE HER SO MUCH! Shes cool I like her new album a lot.

He's a great role model. For 20 year olds.
For TWENTY year olds!
He's the best rapper, but not a good role model

31Pixie Lott
She is pure and natural a great singer full of thought hope, and dreams a big contender she is very good and deserves this

32Shreya Ghoshal
She is the worlds greatest singer. She is even extremely beautiful. She is an Indian. Every one in India is a huge fan of her. Her greatness is now spreading to all over world. She is the youngest talent ever. Her melaodius voice steals even a typical kid's heart!
Her songs are so beautiful you'll get lost in the music
I love Indian music

I love pink. She is an insperation.
She's so AWESOME
HAVE you EVER HEARD perfect?
I love all her songs!

34Meghan Trainor
Keep up with your job! You know you got it just keep it up! GIRLFRIEND

Matty B! I <3 you! Keep it up don't let no one judge you just keep on being yourself and keep it up baby boy! You are worlds greatest rapper for me! I love you! Can I be in one of your videos? But anyways keep it up! <3 :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
So Cute and nice! I can't believe he wasnt on here?!?!?
He is cute, awesome, great at singing, and sings good songs. How much more perfect could he be.

36Bella Thorne
Bella miht not be the worlds best singer but at least she gives an example to us 10 year olds that we should try and sing know matter what you dhould try TTYLXOX
Seriously? Number 20 she is better than half of the people in the top ten. What is wrong with people these days (sigh)
Because it like it
[Newest]Bella's songs " Ring Ring " and " Call it Whatever" are awesome

37Jamie Lynn Spears
You are so awesome! Love Zoey 101

38Paul McCartney
From the best band of all time. If you really think Bieber is above him that's just pure foolishness.
What the heck? If a ten year old girl this day and age even KNOWS the name Paul McCartney, I'm sure they couldn't even name John, George, and Ringo.

Paul McCartney's too good to be on this list.
Most 10 year olds don't know the Beatles but I do and I'm 10 and IπŸ’œ them

39Avril Lavigne
Avril you awesome
Avril is an awesome dude shes one of my favorite:);) (like demi lovato)
[Newest]Most of her songs have meaningful lyrics and she puts work into most songs by playing on an instrument and also she has a great voice

She sings really pretty
Beyonce is the best sing ever in the world she is just really amazing I don't know what the world would be like without her
BeyoncΓ© is the best. Even though, her music is not always appropriate. But majority is great
That is very true. Majority kids can listen to. She is also a role model because the know the first lady and Barack Obama and BeyoncΓ© and the first lady are doing a workout video

Michelle also comes on Disney and speaks about health and nutrition. I agree with this person.
[Newest]Who won the world GIRLS

41Olly Murs
I just realized how good of a singer he is. I danced to In dance class his song "Dance With Me Tonight ". The only thing I don't like about it is that it has the "D" word in it. Other than that I love this song, but I need to hear one more of his songs to know that he is a good singer, witch he probably Is.


I'm almost 10 and I love this music.


I love trouble maker

Laugh out loud I love him man

42Jessie J
She is not afraid to speak the truth.

Her songs rock and her voice is fantastic.

She may not be as young but she is wise and she says"you should always speak your mind and be you".

Those are SOME of the reasons why I nominated Jessie J
She is the Queen Divan!
I love price tag make a new one of it please from Paris

I love his amazing songs

44Ali Brustofski

SHAKIRA the best singer EVER I can't get the song "i can't remember to forget you"out of my head. That's how good she is.
Shakira is a world hero she's amazing!
Her music is great

Have you heard his song Gentlemen? It's inappropriate! If you want to know why see the video Kid's React to the Song Gentlemen. And oh, boy Gangman Style is horrible! This should either be the last one or not even on this!


I saw the gangnam style video like 20 times and I have heard that 1/9 of the world has seen it. You are not human until you have seen this video!
I don't really like his music or him its really... ugh!
[Newest]No I don't even like him because of his song

She's original! Not you're boring old pop like everything else.
Her song team is my favorite

48Jordin Sparks
Jordan is pretty and she can sing!
She is definitely my favorite person ever

49Jennifer Lopez
She is so awesome doing her thang!
You vo girl$$$$$$$$$
My fave... Vote please^-^
We are one is awesome track...
All time amazing pop star.
Best singer ever
Never heard better

50Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson is an inspiration to millions of people! I fell in love with him when I was 9 years old. I enjoyed listening to him when I was a little girl and his name got drilled into my head because his music and name is so popular. That's how I had an idea of who he was the day he died. His music has meaning to it, based on reality and things that people can relate to. What he sings is what he means with all his heart. His slow songs such as Heal the World, Stranger in Moscow, Cry etc. Are songs that have feelings that people can relate to and what happened to him. His fun songs all have a story to it like, Blood on the Dance Floor, Billie Jean, The Way You Make Me Feel, Money etc. His music is one of the best in the world.
Love him. Wish he hadn't died so soon😭
Good person. I met one of his family members a centuries ago. Why did he have to dye!? 😒πŸ˜₯πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜©πŸ˜›πŸ˜΅πŸ˜ΏπŸ™…πŸ˜ΎπŸ‘Ί

51Chris Brown
He's buff and sings good so yeah
Chris brown is the best these ain't loyal chris brown is the best in the world

52Jesse McCartney
Jesse McCartney's songs are awesome and cute! He rocks... He must be one top!
I love you Jesse McCartney...
'Beautiful soul' is the best song I've ever heard!

53Cheryl Cole

54Ariana Grande
How is she on no115 have I listed to problem it is even no 3 on the billboard she is my second favorite singer after Selena Gomez
How can she be all the way down here? She should be at lest in the top 5 or 10. I love her songs!
There are no words on how amazing she is. NO WORDS!

55James Hetfield
Thanks. You finally got it right. Please, everyone bow down in respect to whoever added him! THANK YOU SO MUCH!
If 10 year old girls sit the eff down and listen to Metallica they'll become real respected women (at least for me)
I laughed when I saw this. Whoever added this is amazing


56Sadie J

57Flo Rida
A few inappropriate songs but G.D.F.R. is great!

58Christina Aguilera
I love the voice the songs that she up the sleeve dose and one agree with me
I love her voice and the lyrics of her songs, so inspiring!

59Ross Lynch
Ross Lynch is very awesome because he is very nice and kind he is also very cute I hope you like him to
I think you picked nice, songs / singers
He is so cute I just wish I could meet him and his sister is cool I just love the way she always has a smile on her face and I love your song smile I love you Ross lynch.

60Mariah Carey
I love your songs and I have the same name as you

61Megan Nicole
Megan nicole sings covers but she is still amazing.

Megan is so good she should not be 55
I heard one of her songs the other day... It was amazing! PLEASE VOTE

62Luke Krolikowski

63Ed Sheeran
Ed sheeran is awesome his song called thinking out loud it the best dong he has ever done, in my opinion.
Love ed he is my fave love his song thinking out loud and don't
I love his song sing!

64Hayley Williams

65Rebecca Black
Ok even rebecca admitted Friday sucks but to be honest her other songs really aren't that bad.. Their perfect for a girl around this age actually, she sends a nice message to her younger fans :) saturday is a cute song

66Celine Dion
Celine Dion is a old singer but very good! Have you ever heard other ain't no mountain high enough?

67Justin Timberlake
Who doesn't love him?!?!? And I am ten so I know what I'm talking about!
I πŸ’ - home too! Coolest guy singer EVER!
At 57th place... Not good..
Please vote 4 him... Please ^-^
I love him very very much... Ha
He is amazing... Awesome.. Love him very much
[Newest]I love this guy

68Lea Michele
Also known as Rachel berry on glee is so amazing and I really love her

69Robin Thicke
Hell no. He's a sexist hoe.
My dad said I could watch your video then thought blured lines wow I'm not lesbein

70Fatin Shidqia

71Sean Paul

72Jay Z
Your my favorite I love your song oceans

73Enrique Iglesias

I love chris brown Jason derulo and drake my favourite drake song is the the motto
Love your songs you should be no 4
I love your songs drake and I love you and I am 10.

75Ricky Martin
I love the songs and I know his good songs

I love the songs the voice the beauty of her and all the other songs
I am a 10 year old speaking


78Cher Lloyd
She is awesome Cher Lloyd made me a new person all I listen to now is Cher Lloyd songs definitely thumbs up
I love cher lloyd especially her part in Really don't Care since that's my favorite song

79Whitney Houston
I think Whitney is one of the best singers in the world
I love her song it make me cry
I think Whitney Houston is great because she sings a song that I like which is Jesusβ™₯

I love fergie so much😘
La love is awesome

81Amy Winehouse

82Roman Krolikowski
Um how am I on here?

83Lil Mama

84Mayu Watanabe
Really? A "Popular Singers for 10 year old girls" list without Mayu? A lot of her songs are good for girla ages 7-19.

85Bon Scott
AC/DC! BEST BAND EVER! Perfer Brian Johnson though


86Julieta Venegas

87Tiffany Thornton

88Jessica Mauboy
Love her songs. Such an amazing voice

89Phil Anselmo

90Frank Sinatra
Why would any 10 year old KNOW the name Frank Sinatra?

91Sarah De Bono
She is amazing <3 Some of her songs are Beautiful and No Shame!

92Shania Twain
She is the best singer in the world! Everyone should like her. She was number 2 in the world after Whitney Houston and she is what I call REAL country! Shania is really funny and sweet and pretty. Ok, Taylor Swift is ok I guess, but Shania is better.

93Dahvie Vanity
He's an inspiration and he really helps people

94Agnes Monica

Madonna belongs number 1

96Sean Kingston

97Tinie Tempah
I like his songs so yeah his alright

98Jay Sean

99Joey Ramone

100C.J. Ramone

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