Top Ten Most Popular Singers For 10 Year Old Girls


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The Top Ten

Taylor Swift
She is such a talented and great singer! I love almost all of her awesome sonGS! ALL OF MY FRIENDS LOVE HER TOO! I mean compared to Lady gaga she is way more age appropriate for 10 year old girls!
Taylor swift's voice is one of the most beautiful voices I have heard.
And she's not only a singer but a Song Writer too. I love all her songs and I love her.
her song are original, and no cursing and you can also hear the words
[Newest]Is a really good singer and a good role model
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2Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez is awesome! She is a great actor and a better singer than hannah montana and all of those girls. She is individual, unique, funny and doesn't copy the other stars. She is not all weird dressing and she isn't full of herself. I think Selena is rocking!
I personaly LOVE Selena Gomez she is my Idol I think she sets a good example for kids
Not only is she a good singer, but a good role model.
[Newest]I love Selena Gomez she is so amazing she is the best singer EVER!
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3Katy Perry
Katy Perry is the best singer ever In my opinion, she should be WAY higher, preferably HIGHER than idiotic justin bieber...

P.S. I am a 10-year-old girl talking here and I know better.
Just listen to her wow she is amazing really she is cool
Katy Perry is an awesome singer and person! She's a way better role model than people like Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga and should be at the TOP of this list in my opinion.
[Newest]Katy Perry rock how many do agree with me if you have knot seen her then do it now!

4Demi Lovato
I voted for Demi Lovato because she is an amazing singer and she has a great voice for a teenager If you think I'm lying listen to her songs they are AMAZING! Please vote for her she has cute stylish outfits and doesn't care about the press at all.
Demi Lovato is an amazing singer and should be an inspiration to many young girls. There are people like Lady Gaga and Eminem (even though they are both talented) that shouldn't be on the list because this list is for 10 year olds.
She actually puts heart and soul into what she sings and not about boys all the time
[Newest]She is a great singer and has a great personality

5Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus was great for ten year old girls a year ago, but since she changed her lyrics and appearance, she isn't appropriate for girls of this age. her old songs were better
hi I love nobody's perfect and I got nerve there
What in the world is she doing over here in 3rd position? She should be in No. 1 hands down. Wanna know why, then try listening to ONE IN A MILLION or PARTY IN THE U.S.A. or ORDINARY GIRL. Just try.
[Newest]I agree with the first comment

6Niall Horan
He's AMAZING I LOVE HIM I WANT TO MARRY HIM! If you don't like him well...WHY NOT!

He's blonde hair, irish accent (to die for! ) he's perfecct
Really good singer my sister loves him
He is so no1 I am a ten year old speaking and I am telling you him and the whole one direction have to be no1 or else๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
[Newest]I want to meet him. Alexia

7Harry Styles
Cute funny awesome and nice
This guy is so on not popular same with the other guys from 1d
When did he turn into a girl?
[Newest]Love Harry so much!

You people are idiots! Ke$ha is not supposed to be for 10 year old's. She talks about drugs, partying, and sex.
Kesha you rock:-)
You are the best for your song TIMBER me and my cousin loves your songs
[Newest]I agree with the first comment. A lot of these shouldn't be on here such as Katy Perry, Have you seen her music videos?

9Nicki Minaj
She is a really good role model for rapping and singing and she has a hole different voice for both of them she is the BEST her out fits are a bit to much though but other wise perfection your awesome as um yeah
Are you stupid!? She is a terrible role model! Just watch the video of anaconda and listen to her songs! This is coming from a 10 year old! I don't understand some people at all.
I love nicki minaj and I really would love 2 be like her even though she got fake you know stuff she still a good rapper and singer
I love Nicki. She just inspires me she makes me know that I can do things.! Go Nicki.!
So.. Lyrics like "You a stupid hoe" inspires you? We can't be friends


[Newest]I want to meet you. Alexia

10Liam Payne
Liam is an awesome singer and I love his new and old haircut. Who doesn't, right?
I love you Liam, you're the best singer ever and I have a 1D fat head
I want to meet you. Alexia

The Contenders

11Carly Rae Jepsen
If your addicted to saying the same exact words every time in a song why not try this song " Call me maybe " By Carly Rea Jepson..
I know I'm a girl and I'm not a les but I love her and her songs
She is the most talented person I've met. And yes I said MET. She is a wonderful singer and deserves to be way closer to if not number one.
[Newest]I want to meet you. Alexia

Yeh - She is the best singer in the world and she really sings with meaning. She may dress rather weirdly but she can sing like a person that wants to really make people like her. That is what a singer should do! I think people know that.
Love her sings awesome
! She is my favorite singer of all time! All her songs are catchy! My favorite are: Love the way you lie part 2, you the one, raining men ft. Nicki minaj, stay ft. Miley ekko, nobody's business ft. Chris brown, and Love Song ft. I don't know who but its a guy. She is amazing!
[Newest]I want to meet you. Alexia

13Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson is such an inspiration to see and listen to
I think she is the best because she can any note you give to her and she is the most famous person and I am doing a song from from her for the talent show and the teachers said I had a great talent and she is the best you rock kelly clarkson
I think she is the best singer that is why I am doing a project on her called the wax museum.
[Newest]Just look at her baby

14Louis Tomlinson
I love Louis I can't stand him!
Louis is mine and my friends fave guy singer
I love Louis his voice is awesome

15Zayn Malik
Zayn is so cute and he is a great singer people should vote for zayn!
You're the only person who is really a gentleman.
Zayn Malik is the cutest boy in the world people should vote for zayn
[Newest]I want to meet U. Alexia

16Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber isn't only for ten year old girls
Justin Bieber sucks. I don't like him. He needs to learn that there were little girls who liked him but when he went bad he practically taught them to do the same thing as him. So he needs to pay attention to his fans and there ages.
Something wrong with Justin beiber. And this is coming from a ten year old!
[Newest]He is so so so so so cute. I love you and want to meet you. Alexia

17Lady Gaga
Lady gaga is awesome! I like her voice but her videos may not be for kids. I highly recommend lady gaga because she a good example to kids that have been bullied and she has a great voice and even though she dresses weird her voice and singing is awesome although some of her songs and videos may have inappropriate words. Hope this helps!...
Kids don't have to watch her videos, in fact best not to, but they can listen to the most kid-friendly of her songs; for instance, Bad Romance, Poker Face and You and I.
She's awesome she expresses her self she doesn't care what people think of her
[Newest]I want to meet you. Alexia

18K.S. Chithra
She is favourite singer of Children
Who the heck is this women? ~coming from an 11 year old who is suppose to know all these people.
Everybody love her singing way
She no good singer
[Newest]Who is this girl?

19Carrie Underwood
Carrie is an amazing singer and you can't go wrong with any of her songs plus they don't have any
Bad words!
uh duh carrie underwood she rocks I like taylor and kelly too and some miley and lady gaga
Carrie underwood rocks! I want to be "Blown Away" HAHAAHA!
[Newest]Carrie Underwood is a great country singer. She is also very cute

Adele is awesome! Rolling in the deep, someone like you, set fire to the rain and skyfall are the best. I am a ten year old girl and those are my favourites!
I love her songs and honestly to me she is a good role model too
I love adele so much that if I meat her I would freak!
[Newest]Cool love fire to the rain

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