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Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez is a perfect singer. I can give you a list of 10 things she does great 1. She is one of us 2. She has perfect pitch and tune 3. She makes her songs real 4. She is not just a singer 5. She cares about her fans 6. She makes you feel special 7. She doesn't make other people feel bad 8. She doesn't abandon you 9. She makes her songs her own 10. She isn't faking what she says. So don't be lazy tell your friends what I told you and vote for Selena Gomez.
Just love her songs... Her voice is so... Matching with the song like naturally... I love that song... It like... I just like it... Just check it out on YouTube so that you'll be happy how she sings... I also love her clothing its like a normal persons outfit not like lady gaga going crazy... She is really a wonderful singer! She is using her song to inspire people just like Miley did... Speaking of Miley, is she still doing new songs?
Selena gomez is a great singer I could listen to her songs for days she is my favorite singer GO SELENA! Selenas songs are sad happy and fill so many emotions me my bro and my mum love her she has excellent quality and is really good well done selena you deserve to be number 1
She is the best no one can ever beat her she is cool, different, amazing and way, way, way, way, way better than silly Hannah Montana. I mean don't take any hard feelings Miley you just not that good.
Love her
She is the best I have ever heard
So like just vote for her because seriously I love her music and don't hate on her because she is dating Justin bieber
She is very cute and she is appropriate for all 10 year olds. Her voice is an angel in the world. Her voice makes her unique and she has her songs have good style especially like when she sang TELL ME SOMETHING I DON'T KNOW. I think you should listen to her songs
I love her music. She is an awesome singer. I am a 10 year old girl.
"I love her style of music and I think she is a great actor in 'Wizards of Waverly Place' too.
I think shes a great singer and I love all her song I listen to them all the time and I surely have all the demos and I also love the way she dresses and my ipod has but selena gomez songs on. Laugh out loud
She sets a good agsiple of what kid should do but she is a kid herself so here don't allways copy her she minte do somethink bad so yeah some of her song are of.
Selena is awesome she is more better than miley cyrus
I don't like miley
Her voice is so rude but selena so sweet
I vote for Selena Gomaz because she is a wonderful singer good actor and she is smart in Wiards And Weverly Place in the movie and show. And I think she is preaty and her songs are original.
I think selena gomez is a great singer and a great
Actress she is also belives in everybody that they
Can follow there dreams and now cause of her I
Want to follow my dream thanks selena
I love her she is such an inspiration since she inspiried me so much there is a teacher at my school who is really mean to her students so I took all my feeling and told her how I feel and that she should be nicer and the next day she was selena I thank you for that helping me feel like I can do any thing
Selena Gomez is the best she's not like Demi lovato or Miley Cyrus
I like Taylor and Carly Rae too but selena rock I love her songs who says and round and round and fly to your heart
"I like Selena's songs and she is my favorite singer oh and my favorite album by her is stars dance because all the songs are very catchy but over all I love all her songs and I lover her personality too"
I totally love selena gomez she like my all time favorite singer of all time and I would give anything to meet her and I love her style and shes great in movies!
She is really awesome. She is my idol, my role model, and the one who inspired me to sing and write songs. SHE IS AWESOME!
I'm ten and the songs I enjoy are more rock-ish but I still love Selena Gomez. My cousin(12)and friends love her to.
selena rocks! I totally want 2 go 2 1 of her concerts! I agree with you she does set a good example 4 kids. go selena
Selena Gomez is perfect for 10 year old girls! Who doesn't like her! She's an actor and a singer. She's better than Victoria Justice and Elizabeth Gillies. And Justin Biber should be dumped!
She's so cute and a great singer
She is so better then Taylor Swift and K.S. Chithra how is she in 2nd place
She is a WONDERFUL singer and I like all her songs! I think she is a great singer for children
She's so pretty and she looks really kind and she's pretty much the ONLY singer I listen too oh and FYI I LOVE a year without rain from Selena Gomez she rocks!
I love Selena Gomez! I love all her songs and all her outfits and everything about her! I love you Selena!

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