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1GLaDOSGLaDOS is a fictional artificially intelligent computer system appearing in the video games Portal and Portal 2. The character was created by Erik Wolpaw and Kim Swift and voiced by Ellen McLain.

Can't argue, GlaDOS is pretty damn awesome. You love her and hate her at the same time. I spent the whole game just waiting the next time GLaDOS said something, every time it was worth it to hear her say something else sarcastic and hilarious. She basically manages to carry out the entire first game by herself, being the only talking character. She pretty much manages to do this in the second game, too (with the help of Wheatley).

YES! I JUST PUT GLaDOS ABOVE CHELL! IN YO FACE! Sorry, just had to. glados. best. villain. ever. enough said.

GLaDOS is what kept me playing Portal for more than a year

So I'm GLaD she was here.

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Funniest character since Roman from Grand Theft Auto IV. Made me laugh really hard while playing. Should be either number 1 or 2, definitely.

Portal 2 was an awesome Game,And one of the Bigest Reasons for that was Wheatly And his hilarios Dialog!

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3Space Core

Space space please space ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba space ba ba ba ba ba space

Personally, I think he's just filler. Altough he's hilarious (exceptionally in Wheatley's apology) he's still a tad annoying. But I don't hate him with a passion! At least he's not selfish. Or a pervert (admit it). - Epicsauce45

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4Cave Johnson

Admit it, you cracked up laughing at at least one of Cave's incredibly well written and acted lines. To realise the impact that Cave had on the portal series you have to realise the amount of depth that this character's expositional voice recordings bring to the portal universe. They're funny, insightful and eventually emotionally touching. He fleshed out the backstory of GLaDOS and gave you a valuable look into the past while keeping you entertained and laughing. Simply put, one of the best supporting characters in gaming.

Cave Johnson is the gold of Aperture, think mod he is 'Still Alive'.

Cave Johnson is simply not afraid to let out his emotions and does everything he wants. He's also the reason why my favorite scene of Portal 2 is the exploring underground scene. Through the chapters 6 and 7,Cave Johnson gives you the backstory of Aperture Science-how was it created,what did they get famous for etc. What's not to love? - Epicsauce45


The main character and 'master of the portal gun'.

Seriously, I love her look, and besides that, she's a kickbutt female action star. You feel for her, even though she's silent. She seems so determined and cool. Love her.

6Fact Sphere

Sometimes, I honestly can't tell if what he's saying is true or not

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7Sentry TurretV1 Comment
9Doug Rattman

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11Companion Cube

This game gives you a friend, waits until you love them, then makes you kill them. Cruel

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12Anger Sphere

He's voiced by Mike Patton of Faith No More.

13Ego Core

He thinks he knows everything. apparently, he dated GLaDOS once.

14Curiously Core

Who are you? What is that? Oh what's that? What's that? What is THAT?! Ohh that thing has numbers inside it! HEY Look at that thing! NOOO that other thing. EW what's wrong with your legs? Oh hey! You're the lady from the test! HI HI! What's that noise? It's that a gun? Where are we going? Ohhh what's in here? Do you smell something burning? AH!

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