Top 10 Post-hardcore / Metalcore Bands


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The Top Ten

Asking Alexandria
My favourite band, great mix of clean and unclean vocals as well as downright awesome breakdowns
Who in the right mind voted for Escape The Fate?
Seriously! Their screams SUCK!
How can you prefer Ronnie or Craig over Danny Worsnop?
Asking Alexandria are the best band EVER! Danny is the best singer! I want always to be in ASKING ALEXANDRIA!
[Newest]Asking Alexandria is the best band because Danny and Ben making the best song ever

2Bring Me the Horizon
Listen to Sempiternal and you will realise that Bring Me The Horizon should be number one, not Escape The Fate! What is wrong with you people?
Very progressive band. They are not so bounded with any genre than other bands R. In my humble opinion of course.
BMTH! Sempiternal is awesome.. , and Oliver Sykes voice rules
[Newest]Bring me the horizon has gotten me through a lot when I think I should end my life they make me decide that I shouldn't and oli's voice is heavenly

3A Day to Remember
A day to remember has been my favorite band since god knows when. The truly put on a great show when I went to go see them and they put a lot of effort into it and you could definitely tell. That concert really was a lot of fun and you could tell they really care about their fans. A day to remember also has really great music and I haven't met a song I don't like. They have really catchy "screamo" songs and its hard to make "screamo" songs catchy like theirs.
Brilliant growls and the lyrics are so relatable
Amazing vocals and killer guitar riffs
[Newest]Awesome best live performances that's for sure

4Of Mice & Men
These guys obviously deserve to be number 1. Whoever voted for escape the fate, devil wears prada, pierce the veil, or a day to remember, you need to get a life and listen to better music. This band is perfect, without flaw. Every single one of their songs are amazing, except maybe 'the calm'. I can understand AA being first, but still. Vote for these guys!
Are you legitimately dissing all those great bands? I'm sorry, but I don't think my music taste asked for you to hate on it. If that's your opinion, then fine. But my apparently "non-existent" life is fine without you criticizing it.
The emotion Austin puts into his songs and now including Aaron they are the best, Sleeping With Sirens a close second
Of mice and men are the most amazing new band they should be first!
They're genuinely great! Austin Carlile is amazing and so is Shayley, they should most and definitely be first or second after Asking Alexandria!
[Newest]My absolute favourite band! I love all the members. And austin puts so much emotion in his songs.

5Pierce the Veil
I have full respect on every band on this list and to all their listeners who not only love their music but also look up to them as inspiration. I love most of these bands but I've got to say that Pierce The Veil should be really considered in the Top Ten. Their music just speaks so much to me. I mean their songs are very meaningful that almost everyone can relate to it. Unlike other bands who just focus on how good their music should be, Pierce The Veil has its focus on how can their songs speak to their listeners. How can they help these people go through the obstacles of life. They're just one of the best bands, in my own opinion. Oh, and for the record, their music saved my life.
Are you kidding me pierce the veil should be in the top ten. Their music speaks to all fans. They are my only escape no other band makes me feel this was. Nt to mention they don't rely on their lead singer Vic. Don't get me wrong he is amazing but they play beautiful music the two guitars playing with Vic and Tony is awesome and Jaime on the bass. My goodness have you ever listened to Bulls in the Bronx the music is beautiful! Who could forget Mike playing the drums he completes the band perfectly. They are nothing but amazing.
Pierce the veil is so amazing and tons of people hate on them cause of stuff like he sounds winy or all this okay one he just has a high pitches voice and he can probably hit a lot of notes that people who hate on him can't so and just I don't know maybe just the point is don't waist time of your day trying to bash on people's music just don't bother listen to what you want to and well keep listening to pierce the veil because honestly pierce the veil helped me through so much and just they saved me okay so just don't
[Newest]This band should be on the podium for sure!

6Memphis May Fire
Such an amazing band, Matty's screams are solids and his cleans are some of the best in the metal scene
Respectable position for this band but still does deserve more credit, Matty has amazing clean and unclean vocals and still holds the record for the most "clean" growl in my books.

Memphis May Fire!
Matty's cleans and screams are some of the best out there. their lyrics are very relatable, and motivational. My favorite band
[Newest]They are just plain awesome

7Escape the Fate
They are the best in my opinion. They write unique music and not just generic open string chugging like most bands in the genre. Monte Money is an amazing guitar player and with Craig's vocals, it's truly amazing. They have guitar solos in most of their songs which I really like. The vocals are very diverse. Craig sings and screams. In some songs such as "This war is ours" there is a section before the solo where he lightly sings to acoustic guitar. Just an amazing overall band.
Amazing band, Craig is an unbelievable vocalist, relatable lyrics, amazingly talented band. The best. Deserve to be #1
ETF is way more better than Asking Alexandria, why? Give me a break, Asking Alexandria is way too overrated, and why do you people listen to some of their non-meaningful songs? Some of them are a big total garbage; on the other hand, ETF, they make a bunch of good and meaningful songs, which totally deserves to be the first, not AA.
The fact that you said "way more better" just shows that you're mentally challenged. Listen to The Death Of Me, then say that AA write non-meaningful songs. I am not saying ETF are bad, I have no positive or negative opinions towards them, but you are insulting AA for no good reason.


8Black Veil Brides
I don't think they are an emo band... No! They are just another rock band... I really good one, yeah they wear make up and stuff.. But so did kiss, and no one called them emo! I LOVE black veil brides, all their songs! They're amazing! All their songs have meanings and it's so inspiring I love them and I love than a lot... I love them,... I think you get it now but seriously... I love them
They may not be Emo but lyrically they are way better than the bands higher in the list. Andy Biersack and Ronnie Radke are both the best vocalists right now, without a doubts I feel both bands should be higher up
They are the best the best the best the best! Andy's voice is just too good and their music is really inspiring! They deserve to be way up!
[Newest]Hands on the best band ever :3

9Sleeping with Sirens
Well I heard their latest album feel, it didn't had much screams but kellin's clean vocals are just out of the world, some lyrics were emotional and meaningful, overall nice band. Deserves a listen
Sleeping with Sirens should be on the top 1, I mean really kellin's voice is one of the thing that made the band awesome. Also if you watch him getting featured in King for a Day by Pierce The Veil you will see his scream are so perfect.
Kellin Quinn's voice is unique - there is no-one quite like him. Until like some people, there songs have meaning and inspire many people. The band is overall - AMAZING ;-;
[Newest]Best band by far... listen to if you can't hand or if I'm james dean you're Audrey Hepburn

10We Came As Romans
Insping with perfect lyrics. This band has gotten me thru so much. Isn't that the point it music to inspire a mood within you. Love love love this band number 1 by far
Good band great vocals and their music has meaning to it
Great band, so underrated. "Hope", "Fade away", and "Beliefs" are all very well constructed songs, fits the post-hardcore genre better than many of these bands!

The Contenders

This is the absolute best combination of clean lyrics with screams. The lyrics are powerful and hit home. I also love Asking Alexandria but some of their lyrics just are garbage.
Perfect example of clean and screams... Ps their instrumental skills are unmatched. Fact, not opinion
They're the best. And there's nothing more to say.

12A Skylit Drive
The instrumentals to me are up to par with other bands in the genre, what sets them apart is the powerful vocals from the ever so talented Jag, Brian White is amazing at what he does, and Cory lights it all up with his deep growls. They mix and meld to perfection. There is no other band who could compare, in my opinion.
Their lead singer Michael has one of the most unique voices
Overall great band. I love all their albums

13Bullet for My Valentine
Bullet For My Valentine is hands down better than all that bands of top ten...
The best band ever
My opinion onBullet for my Valentine... they rock

Alesana is an amazing innovative band with unique screams that's more than your usual growl. It's something different. The members of Alesana put so much into their lyrics and the story along with the album, hate, love, lust, malice, remorse, fear. I am a big fan of every other band on this list but Alesana has to be the most unique and chill inducing band I have ever heard.
Great band! There melodic choruses give me chills no matter how many times I hear them. "Lullaby of The Crucified" is a great example.
They have Heavy Instruments and poppy choruses and may have created a new genre. I believe they should be in top 10's because no other band is found to resemble them. Another thing is they have a good bone-chilling stories in their albums

15August Burns Red
Best metalcore band in my opinion. REALLY strong lyrics not about sex/drugs or money or all of these cliches. Unique in their genre, they are one of the only metalcore bands that everybody can relate too (Some of the members aren't tattooed or stretched). Really great band, they should be first!
Nothing much in common with post-hardcore, but one of the best metalcore-bands. if you drop all bands who use commonly clean vocals (like trivium/as I lay dying etc. ) then this band is truly the best! Closely followed by Parkway Drive.


Only good Metalcore band.

16For Today
Awesome breakdowns with good lyrics and they ALWAYS stand for their faith
For today no what they want in life and that is to spread the word. And it just happens to be by wrighting some of the best songs in metalcore

17The Devil Wears Prada
Best band ever. Technical geniuses. Nothing sounds like The Devil Wears Prada do, you will never hear anything as good. Defs worth getting into if you like any kind of metal. You wont regret it.
Mikes Vocals just are phenomenal, backed up with Jeremys Cleans...just amazing. Chris' guitar skills are great, and his riff writing experise really shows in the albums. Not to mention Dans drumming ability. Just an amazing band!
First of all, some bands in the list doesn't deserve to be in it. I hate posers who think and say PTV are metal and hardcore, are you serious? STFU. The Devil Wears prada is The Best Band Ever because most of the MetalCore or hardcore music fans grew up on their music. The Lyrics are just Amazing!. I don't know why they're at #7 though! , and why is BMTH at #3! Are you kidding me?!. The Devil Wears Prada and BMTH should switch ranks!

18Crown the Empire
These guys should be much higher on this list, 23? Should be top 5 at least, not only do they incorporate heart and soul into their incredible music, but they write some of the best music I know. All their albums together are one big story, plus the Johnny trilogy, absolutely incredible. all in all, my favorite post-hardcore/metalcore band by far,

My Top 5:

1. Crown The Empire
2. The Word Alive
3. Stick To Your Guns
4. Memphis May Fire
5. Bring Me The Horizon
Crown the Empire are the greatest band I know. Everything they've ever produced is pure gold and I'm surprised they aren't much higher up this list!
They are have a amazing sound!

19The Amity Afflication
Favourite band ever. These guys are such inspirations and I would suggest this band to anyone who likes either metalcore or post-hardcore. Joel writes the most amazing/meaningful lyrics you could ever imagine. Both clean/unclean vocals and the guys who play the instruments are skilled and amazing. If you've never heard them, go look them up now, you won't be disappointed.


These guys are awesome, best post-hardcore band ever, highly recommend listening to. They should be totally number 1!
These guys aren't posers when it comes to songs about suicide, they've been doing it from the beginning and haven't just jumped on the bandwagon. Also they are aussie, what more could you ask for?

20The Word Alive
Tyler Smith the vocalist for the band has a terrific range of pitch when it comes to his unclean's. His clean vocals are also very, very strong. He is arguably the best post-hardcore/metalcore vocalist who does both the clean and the unclean vocals. The instrumental talent in this band is astonishingly high, this includes technicality, speed, formulated rhythm and more. The lyrics are phenomenal, they have depth, meaning, well designed allusions everything you want.

These guys are the best band in post-hardcore/metalcore music right now, their new album "Life Cycles" drops July 3rd.
Their melodic side blows other bands away. Should be in top 10!

21Falling in Reverse
Falling In Reverse is literally the best post hardcore band there is listen to the song Its Over When Its Over, Alone, Fashionably Late, The Drug In Me Is You, Self Destructive Personality, and Raised By Wolves they are literally the best songs ever
Oh my gosh. This is legit an amazing band. Honestly, ETF is for 11 year olds. If you want music that actually has meaning and emotion, check out Falling in Reverse.
Falling In Reverse should definitely be on the top of this list. ! Their songs have so much meaning and emotion behind them, and songs like "I'm Not A Vampire" and "Fashionably Late" are GREAT songs to dance to. Plus, their singing is amazing. !
[Newest]Amazing and they should be higher on the list.

22Parkway Drive
Great post hard core band wild eyes, carrion, romance is dead, sleepwalker are all amazing songs, their atlas album is 👌 could listen to them for hours
This is not really a post hardcore band.

23Outline In Color

24Suicide Silence
This band isn't even post-hardcore or metalcore there deathcore and this should be number one because there lyrics are very good and clever and there musical style is amazing amd Mitch's screams are phenomenal. This band to me is the best. They lead all the other deathcore bands anyway

25Dance Gavin Dance
Most original band out there right now. Will Swan re-invented the genre with his detailed riffs and Matt Mingus kills it on the drums every time. Jon Mess's screams are very unique, and continue to get better. Plus, Jonny Craig and Kurt Travis are two of the best vocalists out there. If you have not checked this band out, please do. You won't regret it.
They're one of the only post-hardcore bands today that actually steps out of the boundaries, they're also one of the few that even have complex solos and jazzy rhythms, they definitely deserve top 5 if not #1
Since Jonny Craig left they've been sub par but when they did have they were amazing! Downtown Battle Mountain (not2) easily is the best album ever made!

26Like Moths to Flames

27I See Stars
New demons is epiC, digital renegade was flawless. What more do you want. They deserve top 10

28As I Lay Dying
Amazing lyrics, Amazing screams and growls. Beautiful clean vocals, what more can you ask for?


The best post hardcore band ever, with the vocals of shane told, how could they go wrong? All it takes is a minute to listen to their songs, just choose one, any one, after all, you got nothing to lose.
Favorite band ever. Their sound is like a perfect melting pot of all the best qualities of metal, punk, and alternative. Definitely check them out if you haven't
These guys make music for people... and not like other bands that make music for girls that want to be a little different...

30Ice Nine Kills
Has not one but TWO really talented Screamers and AMAZING CLEANS. Very Catchy songs. Very much recommend
They should be higher There just amazing and great with everything they do

31Avenged Sevenfold
I love Avenged, but they are NOT Post-Hardcore. Sorry.


This band has helped through so much they are so inspiring, awesome music.
Such an amazing band. "Forever and Never" is an awesome song. Come on, they need to be higher.

33The Color Morale
New album "Know Hope" is a fantastic listen. Great breaks between vocals and screams. Lyrics have great meaning. Instrumentals are on point. An incredibly strong band.
These guys shouldn't be this low. They're one of the greatest bands of this era. Also great live performances.

34Killswitch Engage

What, Eluveitie a metalcore/post H band?

They should be in the top 5 with memphis may fire, a day to remember, the amity affliction, pierce the veil, and dead by april
Easy one of the best bands in this genre, Tyler carter and Michael bohn are perfect for each other and create an incredible sound!
Tyler and Michael are Bae

37Woe, is Me
Great screams and great clean vocals. What else can you ask for? They're a great band and they make amazing lyrics.
They should be number one, great vocals awesome growls, screams etc they deserve to be up there with the best like asking Alexandria and A day to remember.
Fame over demise. Enough said.

38All That Remains

39Bury Tomorrow
Too far down, obiously the best ever, the albums are incredible and all vocals are amazing... Boss live too.. Also a badass livin the Vida loca cover, just saying

40The Defiled

41Ends With A Bullet
Very good band, I like a lot



Chiodos are a band has a different sound than the other post-hardcore bands. Craig listens to different types of music to draw inspiration, rather than the genre they play. He also has some of the best vocals in the industry and it shows that his Charisma alone should put this band at the top of the charts. When he left the band their popularity went down with release of Illuminaudio. The whole band is talented and they show the ability to break the cliches of the genre.
Different than the typical post hardcore band. They give something new other than toned down guitars, breakdowns and typical Over use of screaming

45Oceans Ate Alaska

46Despite My Deepest Fear

Why has no one voted for these guys? They have some amazing riffs and Dallas' voice is godly. Their really isn't anything they aren;t good at.

48Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

49Honour Crest

50Miss May I
Awesome bands they're the best
Are you people out of your minds? Not only is this band more aggresive than all the bands currently in the top ten, but these guys actually know how to "properly" mix melodic clean vocals with aggresive deathmetal/post-hardcore growls/screams

51Capture the Crown
I personally love Capture the Crown! They grew to fame so quickly after just posting a magnificent music video on YouTube! This song titled "You Call That A Knife? This Is A Knife! " is my second favorite song and I have played it roughly over 1300 times! This band deserves a higher placing on this list, in my opinion, because they are very talented artists, have a very good outlook on life, (which seems irrelevant to music, but its not. Without a positive outlook, you fall into the negative and end up failing yourself). They are also very inspired people from my perspective.

I told you to live your own life. - Capture the Crown

52Modern Day Escape
Listen to Maybe "Holding Hands wasn't Such A Good Idea" on "House Of Rats" and then you will see why they should be number 1 they are an amazing and very underrated band.


53This or the Apocalypse

54Motionless In White
How is this band 232? It's a lot better than most of the ones above it and the band is inspired by Marilyn Manson, what more could you ask for?
How is Motionless In White so low that's just stupid they should be higher
How is motionless in Wichita not on the list there badass
[Newest]Big band I love it

55At the Drive-In
In terms of lyrics and sound At The Drive-In pretty much kills everything out there, their album relationship in command is seen as one of the most influential rock albums of the decade. So why not just give them a try?
At the drive in are the greatest post harcore band ever. No one can match their intensity, (especially in their live shows) combined with their genius singing. Cedric and Omar are such good pair and the drummer and bassist are pretty talented to


56Attack Attack!
Come on, They should be in top 10's
Though they disbanded their music is still fresh as new
Their self-title was most amazing and best way to enter the world of post-hardcore music

They pretty much set the tone for all modern posthardcore, great songwriting and unlike every other band on this list don't use the same generic formula


58Kingdom of Giants
These guys are awesome and most people have never heard of them (sadly)
These guys are so underrated. They deserve to be higher.

59Hawthorne Heights
Definitely should be in top 10. best band ever with more of punk styles and less screams...

60My City, My Secret
I love their sound

61Dead by April

62Breathe Carolina

63The Plot In You


65After Midnight Project


67Oh, the Irony

68Fit for a King
Great band to see live.
Very tallented band, respect.

69For All I Am

70I Am Terrified


72I Set My Friends on Fire

73Snow White's Poison Bite

74Upon This Dawning

75The Classic Struggle


7736 Crazyfists





82Eskimo Callboy

83Casket of Cassandra
Just an amazing band and with the best female screaming ever

84Norma Jean

85It Dies Today
Deserve to be on the list. Top 10 for me for sure. Now that they have the original Singer back I expect something similar to caitliff choir and hear them be amazing as ever.

86Bury Your Dead

87Glass Cloud

88Oh, Manhattan


90In Alcatraz 1962


92This Love

93Mercy Screams

94For Tomorrow May Fall


96A Hope for Home


98A Lot Like Birds

99Funeral for a Friend

100Saccharine Trust

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