Top Ten Post-Hardcore Songs

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21The Drug In Me Is You - Falling In Reverse
22Told Ya So - Get Scared
23The Bird and the Worm - The Used
24The Taste of Regrets - In Fear and Faith
25Fading Memories - Famous Last Words
26Nicotine and Alcohol Saved My Life - Deaf Havana

Totally deserves a place in top10

27The Aftermath - Escape the Fate

This is literally my favorite band and the best guitar solo I have EVER HEARD

Amazing and inspirational ETF song. One of the best songs of all time in my opinion. Great instrumentalization and message

28The Show Must Go On - Famous Last Words

Great song. Probably the best Hardcore band after wecar for me

29Smile In Your Sleep - Silverstein
30Born to Lose - The Devil Wears Prada
31My Heroine - Silverstein

Not only the best postcore song, but also the best song there is! There is so much emotion behind this song, mostly for me personally. I love it. - YCLP33

32Broken Frames - Eyes Set to Kill
33Disasterology - Pierce the Veil

I love this song! Especially the way you can relate it to so many different problems. definitely one of the best Pierce The Veil songs out there.

This song is life changing, you have to trust me

I love this song so much I could listen to this forever and never get fed up it never gets old ♥♡♥

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34Your Forever - The Seeking
35Melodies - Secrets

This band is so unique.

3640 Below - Secrets
37The Same Thing We Do Everyday Pinky - Broadway
38Genesis - Secrets
39The Best You Can’t Be - Secrets
40Losing You - Dead by April
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