Best Pot Noodle Flavours

I bloody love Pot Noodle, a perfect day for me is home alone, pop to the shop and grab a Pot Noodle so... Here is a long overdue list of the best flavors of Pot Noodle.

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1Bombay Bad Boy

This is just a slightly spicier version of Original Curry but bloody lovely anyway - LedRat

I like to mix a Bombay bad boy with a curry pot noodle, I call it the ultimate warrior

Wish it was hotter.. I always add curry powder to it

Don't be racism

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2Original Curry

Best Pot noodle flavour ever although never tried Bombay bad boy yet

This doesn't even taste like curry. It just tastes like nice stuff - McCheeseman

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3Chicken & Mushroom

I hate Mushrooms but love this flavour. The best hangover food or when feeling down with a cold!

You know where you are with this one

You know where you are with this flavour. An original & one of the best!

It just is the best one...

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4Beef and Tomato

One of the originals and one of the best can be boring but I enjoy it when I have it on an occasion - LedRat

I think this is the best pot noodle by far

Best thing that's ever happened to me

I am eating it right now

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5Sweet & Sour

I love chicken and mushroom and beef flavoured pot noodles because they are not spicy they taste just right for me

This one is in my stomach right now, where my bad boy was moments before

Best by a country mile although - irritatingly - less easy to find.

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6Chinese Chow Mein

They are all so good. But if I could only eat one flavour would be this one. (Don't forget the extra splash of soy sauce)

Definitely my favourite, love the little pieces of carrot!

This was my first flavour and still my best

Best flavour no doubt

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7Milk Flavour

You wanna know my tip? To get my kids eating healthy, I tip a Milk Flavour Pot Noodle into my mouth, leave it there to cool, then get my kids to eat out of my gob. We call I Pelican Tea Time in my household.

Do not use any pot noodle to anally rehydrate yourself. It burns and is embarrassing when you tell the doctor what has happened. Trust me. My friend told me this.

The milk flavour pot noodle won the best pot noodle award in the annual pot noodle award ceremony I, president of the pot noodle kingdom, present in my home designed to find the best pot noodle of that year judged by pot noodle experts qualified from the pot noodle university of Woking.

Those Bombay bad boys hurt my anus. The milk is kinder to my anus. Milk 1 Bombay bad boy 0.

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8Chilli Beef

This is by far the best pot noodle going, but it seems hard to get hold of need to start selling it in more places

The BEST flavour no doubt, a surprisingly hot and satisfying heat super tasty

It tastes just like the famous crispy chilli beef from the Chinese takeaway.

Can not get hold if any anywhere

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9Sticky Rib

Not sure about this, some may like it but I don't - LedRat

I love sticky rib flavour it tastes SO GOOD

Om nom nom, the sauce packet is what makes it

The best pot noodle on the planet

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10Jamaican JerkV4 Comments

The Contenders

11Cheese and Tomato

I used to love this pot noodle when I was a kid bring it back

PLEASE bring this back Pot Noodle, It was well lush!

Bring back this flavour I used to love it as a child

I want a latte flavour pot noodle please

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12Southern Fried Chicken

Just like being in the Deep South, they love them over there!

Really don't like this but it's gotta go on the list because there's only 10 flavors on the shelves - LedRat

Really nice, this is the best hangover food, I LOVE IT!

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13Brazilian BBQ Steak

It was made to celebrate milk flavour pot noodle

I think it was made especially to promote the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brzail

14Monkey Phlegm

Great taste, slides down a treat.

Best flavour out there MEBDBWNBEBEN I'm ejaculating thinking about that mucussy goodness

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15Piri Piri Chicken

Probably the worst flavour I've tried, far too hot

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16Sausage Casserole

By FAR the best pot noodle made, the taste is orgasmic.. please don't ever stop selling these

I prefer it with cold water, the sausageness of the sausage comes out more

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17Garlic & HerbV1 Comment
18Cheese and Pickle

Very tasty for all those people out there who love cheese and pickle eat up yum yum in my tum

19Doner Kebab

Amazing... By far the best pot noodle, it combines both of my favourite foods! Sad to see this go please bring it back

Very classy, nice for a romantic night in

20Mac & Cheese

It wasn't bad but I would say that it's the worst one I've ever tried

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