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Im trying to find the best female singer alive and I wanted to ask you to help me ... here are the singers still in the race. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

K.S. Chithra
Chithra knows what kind of power to made the songs superb and she has all kind of power in her voice
Chithra oo Unbelivable power she has in her voice
Chithra has real power in her songs. She give full engery to words by her voice either is joy or sad

2Christina Aguilera
She the best powerful voice of the world. She can sing every song. She is just an amazing woman and a gift for people. When I listen a song that covered by xtina I just feel bad for the real singer of that song because she sings it more emotionally, deeply, well and powerfully and I just freeze. Yes she had bad memories in her life and she was criticized but never never gave up and always stood lover her in every way. Somebody doesn't wanna believe that a woman can be so strong. Talented and successful as you they criticize her but bitchs please admit she is the BEST female voice of our generation and please don't compare her with britney spears or katy perry or beyonce. Beyonce is so good too but she is a black person this is normal for her but xtina is not maybe that's why somebody doesn't wanna admit her voice. Whatever, christina your fighters always stand by you as you said you are beautiful in every single way! Love u!
Christina aguilera is such a powerful women. When it comes to her strength and individuality I look up to and have a lot of respect for her.
Her voice just has that raw power that make everyone fall for her. Her powerhouse voice and the levels she can reach with it is what makes her outstanding and unlike no other.
[Newest]Nobody compares. Vocally powerful. Godly gifted woman. You can feel her passion in ever word. Beautiful woman as well!

3Agnetha Faltskog
She's the girl with golden hair from ABBA, thank you for the music Agnetha.


4Beyonce Knowles
She has such an amazing voice. Very wide range of things she can do with. Go high, go low, sass, emotion. Not only is she great at singing she writes almost everything that she sings and that's talent! She can also dance so.
A vocal Queen! She doesn't need a nation; all her power is compressed into her vocal cords!
She can really sing her ass off.
[Newest]She is beyonce... That's it

5Mariah Carey
Mariah can hit high notes including whistle register that any other singers in the list can't do.
5 octave voice range! And she can hit the high notes and THEY DON'T HURT YOUR EARS! That's gotta be enough to put her at the top
The Best on her dang oh and what about Betty Wright the two queens of Whistle Register
[Newest]She is my idol and I like her voice so much... A perfect voice I have ever heard.

6Celine Dion
Celine Dion has a very powerful voice on so many levels, she can belt out a note and then chance to softly sweet notes again, that's power. And she's always ready for anything, any song, any genre, any style!
Most powerful voice in every level. So much control. Never off key. If you don't believe me listen to her song The Power of Love. Oh and I'm a white guy. Best in the world right now hands down.
There's no one who can beat her voice. It's just out of this world.
[Newest]Her control and power is incomparable to anyone else on this list!

7Amy Lee
She belts out some of the most exhausting notes with so much power and sensuality, totaly the most powerful.


She has the best singing voice for gothic rock, she gave me goosebumps
She really has very powerful voice, even sounds better live

8Nita Blanc
Tremendous power; with more choreographical training, focus toward audiences and showing appreciation for the applause, Nita Blanc will become a performer to be considered among the best. The performance for the 10th aniversary of The COR Foundation in Amsterdam (Netherlands) resulted in lots of whistles (considered positive in this part of the world? ), cheers and applause. Adding two clips on YouTube, one 19-second and the other a 52 or 53-second clip of Empire State of Mind 2, made popular by Alicia Keys, actually has passed one million views--remarkable considering she is from such a small country with little exposure to the world of music! Noting those clips, once she learns to forgive and thank the judge for providing his honest opinion and helping to make her more popular (the clips are popular in part due to the judgement), she will create positive energy which will help her career!
Nita is relatively unknown but has clarity, power and "beauty" in her voice. The "locks" at the end of her songs are incredible (take a listen to her covers in her "losblanc channel" on Youtube). She participated in Holand's Got Talent 2010 at the age of 13. She has sung
in Denmark for the COR Foundation, in Scotland as a chorus member, the Netherlands, and has lived in Argentina, The United States of America, Syria, and according to her channel, is presently living in the Netherlands. A nineteen-second clip of her cover of Alicia Keys' smash hit "Empire State of Mind 2" is approaching 1 million hits on Youtube, although she is still virtually relatively unknown!
Sorry about the mention of COR Foundation in Denmark... Got Copenhagen, which is in Denmark, mixed with Amsterdam, which is in The Netherlands. It appears Nita is getting sponsorship on her videos (featured), so she is on her way!
All her devoted fans must be proud of her! Might she not realize just how high she is ranked in various "The Top Tens" polls?!?! Would be nice to catch her expression of surprise in a T.V. show!
2013 ri13chi 17-and-Under Virtual Awards Most Powerful Singing Voice Alive -- WINNER: Adriana (Nita) Blanc

9Floor Jansen

10Leona Lewis
Having a great voice is one thing, having an emotional impact is another.

Leona Lewis brings a level of emotion to her singing that can't be taught, learnt, copied or fabricated. It's there or it's not.
Leona it's there!
Leona Lewis should be in the top five of this list; she not only has beautiful note control, but also has a lot of power behind those vocal chords.
She is so good at singing with a very powerful voice and love the songs she make

The Contenders

11Jennifer Hudson
Oº°˚˚°ºĶ no Whitney then it's Jennifer

12Demi Lovato
She has a powerful voice with a four octave range and a full voice that can get three octaves above middle c, her voice can be dramatic, emotional, rocker o mainstrain.
Demi is so inspirational, and she sings about her life so whenever I hear her songs I can feel her passion.
"Demi sings fiercely even if audio or live her voice never change...

13Kelly Clarkson

The best voice ever!
She is seriously so good

15Aria Tesolin

16Charice Pempengco
Charice is the powerful voice in Philippines

And Philippines is the country best in singing
I've never heard anything like her, in my opinion she is better then Whitney Huston.

17Anastasia Newkirk

18Aretha Franklin

19Ann Wilson

20Perrie Edwards

21Sarah Geronimo

22Tarja Turunen

23Florence Welch
Florence has the greatest voice I have ever heard in my life! Her power and her range is absolutely stunning! She has the most control the biggest lungs and yet people don't know who she is! She needs more recognition!
Why isn't Florence higher on this list? Her voice gives me goosebumps!

Please listen to her before voting!

24Gladys Knight

25Alicia Keys

26Rhema Marvanne

27Jennifer Nettles
Great range. Lots of feeling.

Her voice is so powerful! Why ain't her even on this list?

29Ariana Grande
She is amazing and can sing so high she breaks glass (that's good) 😜

30Jolina Magdangal

31Julie Anne San Jose

32Jonalyn Viray
Best belter in the world... Simply the best

33Courtney Love
How is she not the very first on this damn list
She screams POWER

34Zendee Rose Tenerefe
Zendee is the singer of Youtube entry "Random Girl in the mall blows everyone away at the karaokemachine singing Whitney Houston."

35Jackie Evancho
Perhaps not the most powerful, as Jackie is just a petite 14-year old, but very possibly the most beautiful human voice ever recorded.

36Regine Velasquez
Just watch her videos and you will know how powerful her voice is.
Regine have rare voice of all time. She can hit super highnotes


38Rachelle Ann Go


40Frencheska Farr

41Alison Goldfrapp

42Sasha Allen

43Lady Gaga
The biggest pop star of all times

44Chaka Khan

45Miruna Pinzaru
Miruna Pinzaru is an upcoming female artist with tremendous vocal power.

46Lzzy Hale
Lzzy Hale doesn't have only a wonderful voice.
She has it all: emotion, real live performance... And, of course, she plays GUITAR baby
Simply perfect!

47Wendy O. Williams

48Simone Simons

49Hayley Williams

50Idina Menzel
Has one of the best voices on broadway.

51Katy Perry
I don't know, she can shout well, she has a really strong voice, but she's usually kinda off beat. Love her though, she ROCKS!
I don't know, she can shout well, she has a really strong voice, but she's usually kinda off beat. Love her though, she ROCKS!
I don't know, she can shout well, she has a really strong voice, but she's usually kinda off beat. Love her though, she ROCKS!

She simply rocks and her voice is totally unique... My best!

53Barbra Streisand

54Miley Cyrus
She may be something else but you have to admit, SHE CAN SING!

55Karlijn Verhagen

56k.d. lang

57Minnie Riperton
No, Minnie Riperton will always be the best besides Christina Aguilera.

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