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If Goku every encounters a hero stronger than him he will simply discover yet another level of Super Saiyan and become even stronger.

Okay for those who think Goku is the strongest he's not however he actually is one of the strongest
Capable of a universe busting attacks in super saiyan god mode
And we don't even know about
Super saiyan god super saiyan's capabilities or limits

The all time best and favourite superhero.His speed and martial arts ability speak for itself and yes he is "THE STRONGEST SUPERHERO"

Goku would kill Supes. Stop it.

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Okay superman is extremely strong with basically unlimited power in all
Of his stats however if you have a stronger character feel free to post here and explain why
His traveling speed is extremely high capable of much faster speeds than light speed. Unfortunately traveling speed and fighting speed are totally different. An example is superman and Wonder Woman were sparring but Wonder Woman is faster than him in fights. An example is who is faster in a fight
Bruce lee or usain bolt
He can pick up a planet just saying
Literally flew through a red star

Unfortunately superman's powers and limits are extremely controversial because of how long his character existed with multiple changes to his character and powers
So let's just say he's as strong as he needs to be when the story calls.
Who knows probably superman
Is gonna reach a whole new limit to what his power is In a few years,

I am a fan of neither Goku nor superman I actually voted for optimus prime but I think superman should be #1 because Goku can break any limits and supes has no limits

1. He doesn't have unlimited powers. The pre crisis isn't cannon.
2. I haven't seen superman fight at light speed.
3. Batman could beat em.
4. Goku could solo him.
5. I'm sorry you Americans, but get outta here.

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4One Above All

Why is one above all not number one. Dude his name is one above all there can't be anyone stronger than him. I don't care how strong goku is, with a mere thought this guy could wipe him from existence.

His name is One Above All so why is there 17 people ahead of him? This list is so wrong.

He is the strongest in the universe. I mean come people he number one

He ain't nothing compared to Goku

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5Silver SurferV1 Comment
7VegetaV3 Comments
9MLG Shrek

The ogre lord is too MLG for scrubs.

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Hulk has no limit to his strength and he heals 1,000,000x faster than a human

13The DoctorV1 Comment
14BatmanV3 Comments
16WeegeeV1 Comment
17Bill CipherV1 Comment
18Wonder Woman
19Living Tribunal
20SanicV1 Comment
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