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Uchiha Madara / Tobi


Madara has lots of techniques, he is immortal! He has the jutsu and the brain
He fight all 5 greatest nation
Just edges out Minato because of his acquisition of the Rinnegan. Rinnegan, sharingan, intangibility, speed, intelligence, space-time abilities. Madara is the strongest character at the present time.
madara is the most powerful ninja hands down, he was the one ordering pein, itachi and sasuke around. You follow orders from someone who is more powerful. Also he isn't even at his full power yet, scary. P.S itachi will always be my favourite character, RIP.
Have you read the manga recently tobi is not uchiha madara, the real madara was brougth back to life is beating up all of the 5 kages at same time. He has the rinnegan and he can use wood ninjutsu. He is way stronger than naruto.
Funny thing is, Uchiha Madara and Tobi (SPOILERS) Obito are both very powerful, have the rinnegan and a sharingan, and are major characters in the series. ALL HAIL THE POWER OF UCHIHA
Not only is he THE Madara, the legendary renegade ninja who attacked Konoha long ago and put up such a fight against the entire village, but now he's taking on all the Kages at once, he has regeneration from being an edo tense, he's got the cells of the 1st hokage, and he's even got the damn rinnegan! You think Itachi could take this badass down no way.
He is stronger than Sasuke! Sasuke is currently fighting him with the help from Naruto and they are just about even so on his own he would definitely loose!
madara is bether than sasuke and itachi. look around he is kyubis master and master of uchiha clan. sasuke coud not kill I'm even with amaterasu
He's the no. 1 ninja he has greatest sharingann ever in the history of Naruto he has many other techniques to definitely. A strong opponent he definitely. The five kage
With ease no one was able to touch him he has
Time space jutsu, can avoid getting hit by teleporing to a different dimension.
Tobi sucks, take his kanji away and he's just some poop, he is all about the kamui.
Tobi are the best, the best :)
Is very funny to fight with him
His style are very nice
Madara can fight 5 kage at once and summon comets from the sky
Madara uchiha is the strongest character in naruto. He's immortal as long as he has eyes and with the rennegan no one can beat him
Man! He can kick all characters:itachi, sasuke, naruto... Just in 1 peace. B
I voted for madara because he is the most powerful ninja in naruto universe
Tobi can run circles around the rest of the akatsuki members. Tobi kicks ass
Has Eternal Mangekyo sharingan and was the most powerful uchiha ever!
He is the friend of god he have mangekyou sharingan. He brother blind because madara take his brother eye.
Strongest, no questions asked.
Come on, he is the strongest
Uchiha Madara is the one who save sasuke's life between the Kages.. So I agree that Tobi is more stronger than Sasuke.. :).. And he could face Minato too.. :)
Does sasuke can face Minato?
Took on the 5 kage.
I know that tobi is obito and not really madara, but I didn't feel like making a new entry. I want to clarify that this is for tobi/obito and not madara.
The ture leader of akatsuki and the partly the course of minatos
Death. He warp through dimensions and is the guy that sealed all
Of the tailed beast in naruto except for the ten tails. He was able
To seal the ten tails in him and destroy the reincarnations of the
1st and 2nd hokage with ease.

He could quickly heal from a fatal attack from sasuke and naruto
Combined. He is a powerful shinobi.
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