Top 10 Powerpuff Girls Season 1 Episodes


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1The Rowdyruff Boys

This was the Best Episode in Season 1 and the Rowdyruff boys put up one Heck of a Fight really Defeated the Girls in One Hell of Clash.


Most likable episode ever. Buttercup should've gotten whatever she deserves in All Chalked Up.

3Monkey See, Doggy Do
4Mommy Fearest
5Octi Evil

Worst episode ever all because of the angry sisterly spats between Blossom and Buttercup which it just had to make sensitive Bubbles cry easily.

7Boogie Frights
8Uh, Oh.... Dynamo
9Ice Sore

This is a great episode one thing I did not like was when buttercup and bubbles try to stop blossom from using her ice power maybe because they don't have that power they have to that ice power maybe the writers just want them to be annoyed since they don't have it yet there was a book of that episode renamed snow off maybe because the words ice sore was too painful for a children's book


"Once again the day is saved by... Mojo jojo, Fuzzy, and HIM?

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Come on that's like my favourite episode ever!

12Powerpuff Bluff
13Insect Inside
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