Top 10 Predicted Worst Movies of 2016


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21Kung Fu Panda 3

The first was amazing! Then the second came... And now the third... Just leave a good movie at piece! - Flowersocks2137

This movie is just awesome. I have to correct you guys - NexusUnterganger639

Best DreamWorks film ever! I loved the story, especially when Po found his father and he found out why Oogway chose him as the Dragon Warrior. There were so many action, this was completely different than the other animated movies, and Kai, the villain is sooo strong that nobody can defeat him except for a true master of chi.

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22BlingV1 Comment
23Yoga Hosers

I saw this at the cinema the same day I saw the secret life of pets (look at my comment on sing to see when I saw it) and I saw the trailer for this. It was okay I guess, nothing wrong with it. - astroshark

25The Brothers Grimsby

The elephant scene is sick and the movie is racist

26The ForestV1 Comment
27Me Before You

It looks so romantic. I am definitely going to see this. - birdechosplash

Looks like a sex movie like fifty shade of gray

28Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party
29Nine LivesV3 Comments
30The Divergent Series: Allegiant

All of the divergent movies suck

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31The Huntsman: Winter's War

This movie SUCKED LITERALLY and fantasy and horror movies suck

I am dying to see this movie. Why is it even on here!? - birdechosplash

32God's Not Dead 2
33Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising
34X-Men: Apocalypse
35The Secret Life of Pets

I might watch this when I have the chance. Oh wait, I do. It's on WatchCartoonsOnline. - Powerfulgirl10

36Pete's Dragon

This movie might suck, but also might not. - Powerfulgirl10

It only has one trailer, you can't judge it.


Awesome movie about a online game of dare. Emma Roberts is fantastic in this movie. This was maybe predicted as worst movie of 2016 ( I never read or heard of this so-called prediction? ) but it is definitively not the worst movie of 2016. It's one of the best movies of 2016!

It looks more like a video game than a movie. - Powerfulgirl10

40The Do-Over

Sandler seriously needs to retire. Nobody thinks he's funny anymore.

I like Sandler, but step down because the beggening is so sexual

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