Prettiest Disney Channel Actresses

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Selena Gomez - Wizards of Waverly Place
All of the disney stars listed are amazing and extremely beautiful! If I had to say that one of them is the 'prettiest' then I would choose Selena. She is absolutely stunning and always, always, always looks gorgeous.
She is so pretty. 1 She just has that angelic face 2 not only drop dead gorgeous but beautiful internally too. 3 can't stop but every time I see her I consider her one of the most gorgeous faces in the universe. [Lisa Cimorelli also up there] Just plain angelic. NO external flaw
Selena is just an awesome actress, singer and person in general! She is so generous and she always tries to find time for her fans... I feel like Selena really deserves the number 1 spot, but I'm not trying to say that the other stars are bad I like them all but selena is one of my most favorite
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2Brenda Song
Great actress! And absolutely stunning!


3Demi Lovato - Sonny With a Chance
She's just beautiful inside and out. Can't help but smile everytime I see her. Gorgeous nuff said!
Because she's so pretty and an angelic face...
Hope she will be in top 1...
Because she's deserving...
As in
Super duper...
Love you demi...
Demi Lovato is far more prettier than than that Belieber. Really..
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4Ashley Tisdale - The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
The most beauiful woman on the face of the earth
She is so beautiful with a perfect style, and when look at her, I feel very happy!
She is really pretty and should be in the first position
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5Bridgit Mendler - Good Luck Charlie
I love Bridget she is so pretty, not only is not only pretty she is funny, an amazing singer and actress. She is my favorite actress and singer though I also love Taylor Swift!
Bridgit Mendler is perfect. Just... Perfect. She is my role model and I will look up to her forever and always.
Bridget is the best and she should have the crown I mean it can fit her unlike selena her head is too big
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6Peyton List - Jessie
I think she is really pretty
Peyton is my role model I look up to her and she's so pretty!
She is funny sometimes

7Emily Osment - Hannah Montana
Emily osment is good looking but she isn't pretty. She is cute and these people are looking for the prettiest, I'm not saying that I don't like her I think she is awesome! I love you Emily osment!
she and selena are the only prettiest disney actresses, everybody else sucko!

8Miley Cyrus - Hannah Montana
of course all of them are beautiful but miley is more than and most beautiful women in disney that's why she deserves the no 1 spot... those people judge her but they don't know the truth miley cyrus... shes beautiful inside and out... I know because she loves all of her fans...
She is AWESOME! If Selena is that pretty you might as well give her a crown... If it can fit her head! It's my opinion, but Miley deserves to be higher than this.
Okay I get Miley may not be so actractive now but inHannah Montana she was beautiful in everyway I mean selena and her HAVE to be and deserve to be a tie. I used to look up to Miley STEWERT maybe not Cyrus but Stewert for sure
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9Vanessa Hudgens - High School Musical
all of them are beautiful but I like the beauty of Vanessa Hudgens..!
She should be first she is the prettiest one ever have you seen her smile
I like her she is one pretty 24 year old she has a natural beauty
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10Bella Thorne
She is a natural beauty and looks gorgeous even without make up on shes just PERFECT
Man she is dazzling
She has pretty eyes

The Contenders

11Debby Ryan - The Suite Life on Deck
Why the hell is Debby #12, this is the weirdest list I have ever seen.


Haha I agree, this list is pretty funny! This list was made by 4 year olds!
I think Debby is the prettiest
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12Dove Cameron - Liv and Maddie
I think Cameron is the most beautiful actress and she has a fantastic voice! Almost like Selena Gomez. I would put her second!
She is so pretty. Her hair is pretty and healthy, her eyes are bright and sparkly, her face is clear and healthy, she's just all-around gorgeous.
She is so pretty, but I also like Mia T.
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13Ryan Newman - Zeke and Luther

14Mia Talerico - Good Luck Charlie
She's so cute and little.
She is a little cutie!

15China Anne McClain - A.N.T. Farm

16Alyson Stoner - Camp Rock

17Zendaya - Shake It Up!
Miley USED to be one of the prettiest, and Zendaya totally deserves a spot higher than Bella Thorne.
I've had it with these people putting Zendaya lower than these other horrible girls! Zendaya is tthe best singer, dancer, and actress. THAT'S FINAL!
She rocks way prettier than Miley and is a better role model to kids
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18G. Hannelius - Dog With a Blog
G is so so so so so so so so so so pretty! She's also super talented! Great Actress! LOVE YOU G!

19Skai Jackson - Jessie
Beautiful actor awesome and hilarious.

20Vanessa Morgan - My Babysitter's a Vampire

21Nicole Anderson - Jonas Brothers
She is so so so beautiful

22Hilary Duff - Lizzie McGuire
She should be number one! She is amazing, delightful, beautiful, charming! What qualities of a great Disney actress does she not have?!

23Danielle Campbell - Starstruck

She's the best have you seen her on the movie Prom I mean she was way cuter then these girls no offense

I love her. Shes adorable and has this natural look to her. Don't get me wrong, I love selena, demi, and bridgette too. But she has this young looking quality about her and its really cute.

Everyone except her, Emily, and Bridgette are all trying too hard to get people to like them (more) and to be different I mean have you heard their songs lately just saying!


24Chelsea Staub - Jonas Brothers
She is so pretty I reakky wish she and joe were dating and I kinda look Like her... Seriously

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