Prettiest Male Actors Eyes

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The Top Ten

Jensen Ackles
Oh, hell yes! Supernatural is an awesome T.V. show, and both the actors are pretty hot, Ackles (plays Dean) being the hotter of the two. Great actor, too.

2Ian Somerhalder
What the hell have you seen his eyes... The are just breathtaking
The bluest of all blue...


3Logan Lerman
He is so cute! Especially with those pair of gorgeous eyes!

4Tom Cruise

5Zac Efron

6Paul Walker
Psul should be number 1!

7Chris Hemsworth

8Wentworth Miller

9Jake Gyllenhaal
His eyes are Beautiful and Beyond
Hot guy dreamy eyes

10Taylor Lautner

The Contenders

11Chad Michael Murray
omg just look at them tere wow lol


12Daniel Craig

13James McAvoy
He has the most amazing blue eyes of all actors I know
They are SO blue, it's scary!

14Bruce Willis

15Josh Hartnett

16Jared Leto
Oh my gosh check out jared's eyes, they are so wow, I could sare at them all day, they are so blue and round, they hypnotise you

17Mel Gibson

18Akihiro Sato

19Justin Timberlake
His eyes are AMAZING! Like all the rest...

20Matthew Fox

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