Top 10 Prettiest Male Kpop Idols


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41Lee Hongki

Those eyes! That's all I'm saying...

42Park Jung-min
43Min Yoongi (SUGA) - BTS

Min yoongi is so talented and pretty please give him more recognition

He looks like a porcelain doll, seriously so pretty, I'm jealous...

Squishy, so squishy... He's so adorable, it hurts.

Suga is adorable, I love him

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44Yook Sungjae - BtoB

Sungjae is so cute and talented!

45Lee Minhyuk - BtoB

He's so handsome why he gets in this place?

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46Jin - BTS

He's so pretty though! Pink Princess for prettiest! (Or like sixth prettiest because let's be honest, Ren, Kevin, Taemin, Heechul, Key...)

WHY IS HE SO LOW?! He is like the prettiest princess I know. he is legit so beautiful. GET HIM HIGHER

He looked beautiful in his red dress. No Joke. He deserves to be up there.

He's so pretty! Where are you ARMY?

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47Kris - Exo

Man, I love my exo's but Kris isn't someone you'd call pretty... He is HANDSOME 4 sure but pretty, how about no. He's so perfect thou...

He is very handsome and his smile is amazing.

! 61... Really? Stop the planet I want to get off -_-

So so so handsome

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48Minho - SHINee

The boy looks like a Greek god. Need I say more?

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49Jungkook - BTS

He is more beautiful than a woman! He one of the CUTEST Kpop idols! He should be at least in the top 20s

He's the most beautiful boy I have ever seen.

His has the smile which I can't resist

He is very nice

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50Jimin - BTS

If we are speaking about prettiest male, I would say Jimin because he has an angel eye smile and his voice is unique. When he dances he liberates an incredible charisma.

Jimin is so cute! He is like one of the most adorable person of the world!

Jimin is legit cute & handsome. He should be the visual not jin

Jimin is too cute, I love his smile

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51Baro - B1A4

He has a cute face and a great voice... Especially his rap on" lonely footsteps"..

He sometimes reminds me of a cute little bunny rabbit! He's so adorable!

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52Gongchan - B1A4

Gongchan is literally perfect, his features are so beautiful and his skin is so pretty, I can't even - kimheechuchu

For me, Gong Chan is the BEST! He is the PUREST MAKNAE FOREVER!

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53Lee Jeongmin

He so cute and has an, amazing voice that's why I love him

54Jinyoung - B1A4

Although Jinyoung were in TOP 50(maybe), I will LOVE Jinyoung FOREVER!

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55Suho - ExoKim Jun-myeon was born on May 22, 1991. Known professionally as Suho, he is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member and the leader of the South Korean boy group EXO and its sub-unit group called EXO-K.

He's such an angel and is just so adorable. Shine on Grandpa Suho :3

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56No Min Woo - Boyfriend

Min woo have a cute eyes and his lips that attract

Minwoo is so adorable! He's even prettier than all the other girls!

Minwoo is so cute like a girl, he also sweeter than a girl! His skin is so beautiful! I love him so muchh, oppa hwaiting! Forever bestfriend

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57Kang Min-hyuk - CN Blue

Cutest of the cutest! His eye smile just kills U! Every time he smiles, makes your heart skip a beat! His drumming is so stylish and you can't take your eyes off him! He is tall and has a really good skin. He is so pretty. He sings so well too. His song "star" from heartstrings makes you fall in love with him the very moment! He can play tge flute and piano too though he is the drummer in CNBLUE! CNBLUE is one Korean band that is totally composed of only pure talent! The other guys are good looking too! But for me, Min Hyuk stands out! He acts so well. He played crucial roles in the hit dramas 'heartstrings' and 'The Heirs' with the other Korean hottie lee min ho! Min hyuk should really be in the top 10. He puts you under his spell from the first moment you see him. Min hyuk is "cuteness personified"! Dot.

Always smiles and he is in a band that is filled with talents (cnblue)
Acted so well in the heirs... !

You see him, you think, "he's cute". But, when he gets behind that drumset, whoah, he has this undeniable charm and charisma.

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58T.O.P - Big Bang

Most people would think T.O. P is sexy and handsome, I also think that but overall, I think he is the most adorable being to ever exist.

Come on people.T.O. P can impregnate you simply by giving you a glance how is he not #1 or at least in the "T.O. P" 10?

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59Jeonghan - seventeen

I definitely do not agree with the arrangement of this poll (I know it's heavily based on other peoples' perspectives) and the fact that the title blatantly says "prettiest male idols" and yet there are celebrities in the Top Ten who are too masculine without any hint of femininity painted on their existence. I'm not being biased here because I belong in a lot of fandoms and several of my other biases are actually in such a high ranking but man, it's difficult to believe that Jeonghan who really defines the unadulterated definition of "pretty" as a male idol is in 61st place. I hope that by the time I return to this survey, he has moved up a significant amount of places because this is insane.

He looks like the spawn of a unicorn he's so beautiful

Jeonghan should be right below Ren. He is so beautiful.

Real beautiful men

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60Sungjong - Infinite

Flower boy. He looks like girl. His leg his eye his body his hand his walking and his VOICE. Wow

SO HANDSOME AND CUTE! He's even prettier than KPop girl groups!

He is prettier than every girl on this planet

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