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61Mark - Got7V5 Comments
62Kai - Exo

He is very hot and very cute when he smiles.

He really doesn't define "pretty" because it implies a sense of femininity but I think he's pretty in a way that makes him look extremely attractive and picturesque.

He has the most beautiful smile I've ever seen

Kai should to be in top 10, he is really handsome.

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63BamBam - Got7

Bambam you're the cute member in Got7.He's so adorable and funny.Saranghae

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64Hyunseung - B2ST

I mean guys lets be real here! How can you not, I can't even breath when I look at him

He is prettier than me. Wrist also so skinny than girl. Delicate hands

You all must know how pretty he is!

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65Jo YoungMin - Boyfriend

Youngminnie the cutest human I've ever seen. Prince chrisma and cutie pie fighting! Jo twins forever

For, one can beat him...prince charisma forever in my heart! Vote for him, bestfriend!

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66Kim Jong Hyun - SHINee

He's literally so attractive that I've cried. And I'm a dude lmao. 10/10 would marry ;3

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67Lee Gi-kwang
68Park Yoo Chun - JYJ
69Seungri - Big Bang

He is the cutest panda in the world. Nothing and no one can beats him.

Seungri is so cute and handsome, I thought he was the best looking the moment I saw him ^^ - PopeSeungri

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70Jaehyo - Block B

His eyes is so perfect!

71Taehyung - BTS

He has the prettiest eyes and his boxy smile is so cute. He should be way higher on this list.

Taehyung is beautiful, from his perfect jawline to his three moles. He's adorable when he smiles and it makes you want to smile along with him. Even his eyes, nose, and lips are perfect (no pun intended). Not only that, but on stage he display a powerful charisma that draws your eyes to him. All in all, Taehyung has the whole package going on for him! ^^

HE SHOULD be on the top 10 hands down

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72Kim Sung-kyu

He's damn cute especially when he is angry, his eyes are adorable! The way he sleep is also cute! Fluffy hamster

He's so cute! Fair skin and hamster cheeks don't you just wanna make him yours? Vote for him... Infinite love for Gyu! Gyu oppa, hwaiting... Saranghae

73Changmin - TVXQ
74Xiumin - EXO-M

He looks like a girl... When I gave to my classmates his picture they said if it's a boy or a girl... Xiumin's face is like a doll

He is cute specially with his different faces

He's this cute little squishy thing! I love him so much!

He is his smile and laugh...Xiumin fighting!

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75Yoon Bomi - A Pink

Although I agree that Bomi is extremely gorgeous, she actually happens to be a female so whoever placed her here, I hope it's just a joke.

Are you kidding me she's a girl no offense butis that a male list or female list - k-poppy

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76Onew - SHINee

Vote vote vote! He is the cutest leader of SHINee. Cuteness Overloaded!

Did you guys watch their variety show where all of the SHINee members crossdressed? Onew is exceptionally pretty!

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77Ryeowook - Super JuniorKim R yeowook (29), better known by the mononym Ryeowook . He is a South Korean Singer, Actor and Musical Actor . more.
78Changjo - Teen TopV1 Comment
79Thunder Mblaq
80Himchan - B.A.P.

I love Himchan. He's amazing

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