Top 10 Primal Fear Intros

Primal Fear is a German metal band formed in 1997 by Ralf Scheepers (vocals, ex-Gamma Ray) and Mat Sinner (bass and backing vocals).
Electric guitar intros (riffs) are very typical in metal music but it's not the only way metal bands begin a song with. It could be anything cool - drums, sounds, screams, even specific vocals (acapella), etc.
The songs on this list are not necessarily their best songs because I focused on the intros only - all types of intros, including riffs. However, their best riffs are on another list.

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1Six Times Dead (16.6)

A very groovy drum intro from Randy Black combined with the riff. I wish it was longer. - Metal_Treasure


A classic metal intro - great riff. - Metal_Treasure

3Black Rain

This song opens with oriental tunes. - Metal_Treasure

4Demons And Angels

Cool interplay between drums and guitars that gets your attention. - Metal_Treasure

5All For One

It starts with almost acapella vox for 1 minute, followed by a cool and long scream, and then the songs explodes. - Metal_Treasure

6Riding The Eagle

A pretty long instrumental intro (1 minute), composed of a riff which is a stand-alone melody and then comes a second riff. - Metal_Treasure

7Never Pray For Justice

Roar of a motorbike engine. It goes with the lyrics:

"We came to rock - we came to rule
On fuel injected speed for you
We're coming home with thunder roar". - Metal_Treasure


It starts with war sounds - exploding bombs, and similar. A very appropriate intro to a thrashy song called "Fear". - Metal_Treasure

9Bad Guys Wear Black

Cool drums and riff, making you wanna listen to the whole song. - Metal_Treasure

10Fighting The Darkness

A beautiful piano intro. One of my favorite songs from them. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11Question Of Honor
12Mind Machine
135.0 / Torn
14Under Your Spell
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